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Irish Dudette
I want a reunion too! icon Oh and hello again people. for some reason it always seems like I'm talking to myself. Omg the comments page echoed...oooh tumbleweed!
Date : 24-11-2008 @ 12:39:29
mr caspartt
wow some people commented. in fact three people comemented since i was last hear that almost matches the total number of people who posted here at its peek. while i am here i will shamelessly plug my site for those of you haven't seen it
www.caspartt.co.uk icon
Date : 03-11-2008 @ 16:57:20
creepy shit, a matter of hours. good work Tom!
Date : 23-10-2008 @ 17:11:13
Hi Gabes! Im still watching all of you... I like the idea of an actual reunion though
Date : 22-10-2008 @ 14:24:18
Hi all, feel as if at a reunion. Awesome. Im going to check back to see how quickly someone responds. And that doesn't count Tom who Im sure sees all the messages coming into the site! Hi Tom! icon icon
Date : 22-10-2008 @ 10:14:07
Irish Dudette
Why with the sad face Caspar? Don't worry, be happy, don't worry , be happy na na! icon icon
Date : 02-09-2008 @ 11:08:37
mr caspartt
Date : 31-07-2008 @ 19:38:39
Irish Dudette
Has everyone moved to milkybar land? Can anyone give me directions?
Date : 25-06-2008 @ 10:51:46
mr caspartt
sorry to say it has been ages since i looked at hardrockin but i am glad i did i intreged by the comment by Val who is this? icon
Date : 04-05-2008 @ 09:04:48
Heya guys, seems the hardrockin crew are diminishing lol Where has everyone gone? I only appear from time to time but I have an excuse... I'm Irish! icon icon
Date : 27-03-2008 @ 10:41:31
icon Here is to entering what appears to be The Boy's Club. It looks like there are only 4 of you who use this comment board. Are you guys Rock N' Rollers or tied to the Entertainment Industry in some other way?
Date : 16-03-2008 @ 02:22:35
So I've heard...
Date : 14-02-2008 @ 06:40:53
I still come all the time
Date : 11-02-2008 @ 12:44:46
Nope they don't icon I have a gadget on my google homepage which displays the latest comments, this is the first time it has changed in ages!
Date : 04-02-2008 @ 10:12:40
mr caspartt
leo was right no-one ever comes here anymore do they icon
Date : 03-02-2008 @ 12:10:35
mr caspartt
Fun fact: Space Invaders was so popular in Japan it caused a shortage of the 100 yen coin.

Date : 15-12-2007 @ 08:27:27
mr caspartt
too good not to share this. ipod add on watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOp3lkDaYOk
Date : 08-11-2007 @ 17:21:52
I'm in London on Friday and saturday nights if anyone wants to meet up for a drink let me know. I should be meeting a friend from uni for a drink in New cross on friday night. He's from southampton and has just started working in Brockley, how random is that?
Date : 05-11-2007 @ 17:15:20
mr caspartt
would be good if you can keep the pictures and act like you know game up some people aren't on facebook so it might be a good idea to leave th comments page too
Date : 09-10-2007 @ 19:47:26
Yo Guys! Been very quiet around here lately. Thinking of just downing the site to something abit more simple, where you can view the pics and nothing else! Seems like a waste having all these links and stuff on here, half of which doesn't work, or maybe integrating into facebook. What do people think?
Date : 08-10-2007 @ 13:20:08
Does anyone still use this? Off to france for a week but there's another pub quiz next sunday. Be cool to see people there if anyone's around...
Date : 05-10-2007 @ 19:50:12
Oh haven't seen farrar either but I think I'm seeing him tomorrow. You around tomorrow caspar?
Date : 17-09-2007 @ 18:12:44
I love bigging up supposedly everyone on here and then someone appears who hasn't been ehre for ages! Hey leonie (if that is you) hope things aer cool. Me, I'm back in london havnig graduated frmo uni. BLoody weird.

Talking of being back in London, I'm putting on a pub quiz this sunday in town. People fancy coming? And caspar, are you back yet? Still haven't seen you!
Date : 17-09-2007 @ 18:12:12
Yo niggas! guess who?! bringing you the madness from N.Ireland! What you all been at? icon icon
Date : 15-09-2007 @ 17:06:50
did i miss anyone out?
Date : 06-09-2007 @ 13:27:40
Going to lee's birthday thing instead, could've been fun notherwise if only for the potential of spending the night with mr skinner (the tall one obviusly, though I'd still like to slap the small one) and mr gerrard. No caspar, not in that way. Talking of caspar, the boozed-up tenerifian lad, I didn't have a party so you didn't miss anything just a little poker night. I can maybe have something at my house some time soon but rest assured you won't miss it. And it's jsut a vague idea to go to america, I haven't even looked at unis yet, so probably won't be for a year or two, if at all. Oh and peter, twas i, the caped crusader (obviously). While I'm at, god to see you for a bit gabriel, and hope to see you soon farrar, sorry haven't seen you yet. And tom, it was great spending the night with you on saturday icon.
Date : 06-09-2007 @ 13:27:09
I've just been told by my brother that the hatcham askeans thingy with free wine and food is on friday. Was anyone thinking of going to this?
Date : 05-09-2007 @ 07:19:59
mr caspartt
i had a blast from the past today. got on the train to go into London for a meeting and Georgia was on the train. we talked for a bit and she told me that Leo is gonna go to America to study. whats this all bout how come you haven't said anything about that to me? you owe me money and you is running of to America?
Date : 22-08-2007 @ 20:05:01
petski - another retaction
having re-read the email is see that there is infact a question to answer, oops. your deepest appologies
icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon
Date : 18-08-2007 @ 16:09:31
sorry I didn't respond to the email gabe (although technically speaking it contained no question to be answered), the 1st sounds good for me. As to this masked figure of the night known only as "the man who always has parties", I'm in and out of London until the end of september so have the pary when ever you feel like it, you caped crusader you.
Date : 18-08-2007 @ 16:05:24
you know what.. a response would be nice.. i sent out an email about my party to pretty much everyone (sat 1st september) and have not had one single response... I am most upset. I'm in town from 30th August to the 5th September, though I will be knackered that first night. As much as it pains me, I don't mind too much if you schedule your party outside that time, it would only be fair to the C.
Date : 16-08-2007 @ 19:14:39
mr caspartt
if you do while gabriel is here i will miss two parties he is having one when he is back at least let me go to one icon
Date : 16-08-2007 @ 19:05:34
the man who always has parties
yes it's that time of year again when my mum goes away and I have a party (if you can't guess who this is then you're an idiot). I want it to match up with gabriel and peter ideally, so what date would that be? Oh and farrar sorry didn't reply to your message was in london but wasn't sure if i was going to make it, then my phone died on me
Date : 16-08-2007 @ 14:57:50
Petski - with appologies to the fine people of egypt whom I never intended to offend and have found very friendly and helpful
I should be back in London on the 29th of August. I intend to go back to the excavation I did last year in hampshire during september (I want to get to the bottom of the hole I was digging last year) but will be flexible on dates and can always miss a couple of days
Date : 14-08-2007 @ 16:23:42
I agree on the party front. But Gabriel: how dare you insult my sophisticated sense of humour. I've always felt of all people would be aware of my sensitive and kindly nature, particurlarly when it comes to maters of humour. Now I'm going off to sulk and watch videos of disabled people falling out of their chairs...
Date : 08-08-2007 @ 11:52:58
mr caspartt
i will be away till the 6th of September but i don't have anything to do after that till October.
Date : 08-08-2007 @ 06:44:24
1st: don't insult my country and it's drivers.
2nd: car crashes aren't funny. except to leo. obviously.
3rd: are you and everyone else back at the begining of September?

I'm thinking of a homecoming party
Date : 05-08-2007 @ 13:13:00
I've been finding egyptian driving entertaining.
The current number of crashed vehicles (seen in under two weeks) stands at 7 cars, 4 trucks and 1 bus.
Date : 05-08-2007 @ 11:57:02
mr caspartt
nice to hear you are having fun some of those details gave me a good laugh icon
Date : 01-08-2007 @ 15:06:47
Far from Ice Cold in Alex (no reference to the doctor)
Greetings from alexandria. I just inished my first week of work on site and all is going pretty well, apart from having to take a day o bcause of heatstroke and half the sit being illegally bulldozed. Anywy, there is still tones of archaeology and another guy on the dig got heat stroke far worse than I did(he shat himself) icon.
You'll all be pleased to hear that on friday night I found myself drinking in the only gay bar Alex which was possibly the nicest drinking venue I've been to so far.
The old egyptian guy who drives us out to site in the mornings told me I look like king Faruq (last king of egypt for those who haven't bee reading up on their modern egyptian history) and I'm still tring to work out if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
I'll keep people posted of sny interesting developments.
Date : 01-08-2007 @ 14:15:31
you were defintely drunk there caspar
Date : 29-07-2007 @ 14:56:52
mr caspartt
ah ok
Date : 22-07-2007 @ 09:50:01
Yes, the company who holds the site moved it to an American server, hence the time difference. Will sort it out soon
Date : 22-07-2007 @ 08:49:16
mr caspartt
the date is wrong too it is the 21st not the the 20th icon
Date : 20-07-2007 @ 21:29:42
mr caspartt
just noticed tom that the time thingy on the comments is wrong as i left the last comment just before this one which i being left at 02.28 compare this with the time it says
Date : 20-07-2007 @ 21:28:43
mr caspartt
i had a discussion with fwaaaa earlier today about whether i was drunk or not and i think i can say that i am actually quite drunk as i walked into a conversation between my sister and her boyfriend and my mum when i arrived home about Switzerland's involvement in the 2nd world war and generally when i am drunk i am open to interesting conversation. it carried on down various paths including customer service complains from my sister and me. in which i kept saying "we" when referring to sainsburys and then correcting my self saying i no longer work there. basically fwaaaa i change my statement i am quite drunk due to the fact i have only eaten a mini baguette with cheese and a packet of crisps today so after four pints the effects are quite noticeable. not that i see anything wrong with it as i have enjoyed staying up four an extra hour talking with my sister and my mum as i don't usually see then any more due to working time but anyway this is turning into a drunken ramble as a final note i shall say thank you to firefox's spell check for making this make sense to other people i hope by getting the words right
Date : 20-07-2007 @ 21:26:12
mr caspartt
sorry i am getting quite good at leavingblank comments i was trying to say i got my results today i got a B. woo me
Date : 06-07-2007 @ 10:23:03
mr caspartt
Date : 06-07-2007 @ 10:22:10
The Doctor
There 'were' a lot of spelling mistakes in that last comment. icon
Date : 01-07-2007 @ 09:00:23
mr caspartt
sorry there was a lot of spelling mistakes in that last comment icon
Date : 25-06-2007 @ 07:20:38
mtr caspartt
i never had anything to do with stocking shelfs
Date : 25-06-2007 @ 07:18:06
But what about us?! We the middle class of New Cross need our supply of Organic Milk (and lets face it wine) to be well stocked. You have not though of the consequences of your actions!
Date : 25-06-2007 @ 05:15:07
But what about us?! We the middle class of New Cross need our supply of Organic Milk (and lets face it wine) to be well stocked. You have not though of the consequences of your actions!
Date : 25-06-2007 @ 05:15:07
mr caspartt
no-one has commented in ages so i thought i should announce that today i quit my job. in four weeks time i will be free (and poor). the look on the managers face was great! he was asking if i could do any overtime and i said that i was to busy to do overtime and then said i was a bit busy to do my normal shifts and gave him my letter. hehe. turns out a load of other people have resigned this week too plus two of the people i do week nights with are leaving, sainsburys is screwed they deserve it. icon
Date : 23-06-2007 @ 18:30:35
i'm back in london on the 14th if anyone wants to do anything
Date : 07-06-2007 @ 03:45:36
Caspaar happy birhtday, sorry day late, just finished exams.
Date : 25-05-2007 @ 13:05:10
mr caspartt
that is a cool cake not quite as good as the one i had on my 18th cos that had toad on
Date : 24-05-2007 @ 17:55:18
Damn, that came up quite big.... oh well!
Date : 24-05-2007 @ 10:02:03
Happy Geburtstag! Here's a Cake: icon icon icon icon
Date : 24-05-2007 @ 10:01:33
Happy Birthday Caspar!!
Date : 24-05-2007 @ 06:08:30
I'm back guys, looking forward to seeing you all
Date : 22-05-2007 @ 17:29:48
I'm back guys, looking forward to seeing you all
Date : 22-05-2007 @ 17:29:48
mr caspartt
the queens tickets arrived today so you and peter need to give me money icon
Date : 19-05-2007 @ 10:55:11
got an exam. no good. and i owe you dollars. will sort out after exams. too mucfh work at mo
Date : 16-05-2007 @ 13:11:09
I'm working till 8 o'clock, so I could do an evening thing.
Date : 14-05-2007 @ 14:40:33
I'm back then and looking forward to it
Date : 12-05-2007 @ 13:10:26
mr caspartt
who is around on my birthday (24th of may) i don't want to do anything big till the summer but i would like to go to the pub or something
Date : 11-05-2007 @ 15:24:35
mr caspartt
sorry bout Charlton Peter icon
Date : 08-05-2007 @ 16:01:12
Oh and good luck Gabriel with your last exam.
Date : 07-05-2007 @ 11:32:21
Sounds good, but I won't be able to go on Holiday then. I thinking of taking my summer holiday in Septmeber. Plus the hotel might be chea, but how will the flights to St Petersburg cost?
Date : 07-05-2007 @ 11:31:10
thats sounds cool but I'm away for most of the summer from mid-june and will be working at my dads school for the rest of it. Sounds good though.. I want to be in lanzarote / novgorod now - only one more exam tho..
Date : 05-05-2007 @ 18:32:06
mr caspartt
not sure where novgorod is but i can't go anyway i have already paid for a large part of going to Lanzarote with friends from uni this summer
Date : 05-05-2007 @ 18:17:06
Does anyone feel like coming to novgorod this summer. I've found a two star hotel where we can stay for 12.50 a night with breakfast. It looks a hell of a lot nicer than that place in paris was.
Date : 05-05-2007 @ 15:31:02
I thought you'd like that
Date : 04-05-2007 @ 11:29:15
mr caspartt
Date : 04-05-2007 @ 00:14:04
here's a funny joke some on sent me:

A man and his wife are awakened at 3 o'clock in the morning by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push.
"Not a chance," says the husband, "it is 3 o'clock in the morning! He slams the door and returns to bed.
"Who was that?" asked his wife.
"Just some drunk guy asking for a push," he answers.
"Did you help him?" she asks.
"No, I did not, it is 3 o'clock in the morning and it is pouring out there!"
"Well, you have a short memory," says his wife. "Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down, and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!"
The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out into the pounding rain. He calls out into the dark, "Hello, are you still there?"
"Yes" comes back the answer.
"Do you still need a push?", calls out the husband.
"Yes, please!" comes the reply from the dark.
"Where are you?" asks the husband.
"Over here on the swing!" replies the drunk.
Date : 01-05-2007 @ 08:13:53
has anyone seen this website:
Date : 30-04-2007 @ 13:27:50
mr caspartt
yeah they have hoodies with C.U.M.S written on it
Date : 29-04-2007 @ 22:00:31
i think will gormley is a member of the chrisitan union music society. C.U.M.S. He he he. , almost as good as the netball one
Date : 28-04-2007 @ 19:18:26
No it is a geek thing.
Date : 19-04-2007 @ 10:57:26
mr caspartt
not sure if you normal people have heard of cosplay or not it is a thing geeks do where you dress up as a character from some type of geeky thing be it a book or film or game etc. i found quite possiable the best cosplay outfit ever some people made transformers outfits and they can transform from vechile mode to robot mode
Date : 19-04-2007 @ 00:14:34
are people pub quizzing it tomorrow?
Date : 15-04-2007 @ 00:07:17
but he should have checked it was cool with the gods before launching them down the big pit.
Date : 12-04-2007 @ 17:55:43
mr caspartt
no he couldn't spartans were soldiers they couldn't let someone just come in a say they rule over them. especially as the athenians had already refused and there was a big rivalry between them
Date : 12-04-2007 @ 10:53:51
I just saw it too, it was ace.. Much better than I thought it would be. I prefer it to troy and gladiator.. To be fair though, he did kind of deserve to be fucked up. He was a bit arrogant, he could have just submitted rather than pushing those guys in to the gaping hole. But wicked nonetheles!
Date : 10-04-2007 @ 23:38:59
mr caspartt
just saw 300 with Peter at the imax it was big. on a side note they had a make up and effect supervisor called Gabriel De Cunto.
Date : 06-04-2007 @ 01:16:16
mr caspartt
for all you know he makes coffins and was delivering it and it didn't have a body in it. or was there people in black walking behind him
Date : 05-04-2007 @ 00:22:55
Hello all from Denmark, I am sending this via the internet in my hotel room, which is connected to the tele. The wonders of technology. Copenhagen is very nice, a bit nippy and very expensive, 5 for a pint of beer! IOh saw an interesting thing today. A man on a motor bike drove past my house, he had a coffin attached to his sidecar. Too cheap to us a hearse I suppose.
Date : 04-04-2007 @ 23:35:22
mr caspartt
good news i got QOTSA tickets! i only got three cos only leo and peter seemed interested.
with the service charge and postage it is 45.75 each.
Date : 03-04-2007 @ 14:00:26
is the quiz tuesday? I might be seeing my sister then. Unloess we do the sunday one
Date : 29-03-2007 @ 17:50:28
It will be good to see you at the quiz Leo. And poker and whisky, how civilised!
Date : 27-03-2007 @ 12:46:00
I'm back for one week. I smell a victory...oh and this weekend me and gabe are in town, so friday greewnich (union) saturday mine for poker? Don't worry if you don't wanna play poker there'll be whisky to amuse yourself with...
Date : 27-03-2007 @ 03:46:17
mr caspartt
since fwaaa came back our quiz outings have been going very well. we got into a tiebreaker which we rightfully should have won one week, which the other team made end in a roll over. the following week we came first in the first round but then had a horrible second round. then this week week we came first in the first round again scoring 20 out of 22 and went on to get into another tiebreaker which we lost out on because the other team got closer on the guess the year question
Date : 21-03-2007 @ 01:22:16
I sense an ellie pattern here...you'll be running it in five yeras time. Congrats
Date : 20-03-2007 @ 14:03:06
well done young man
from gabe
Date : 20-03-2007 @ 01:04:06
I have just had a job offer from the South Bank. Working in the box office! Full Time. Very pleased, as you can imagine it is a very Fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kind of job.
Date : 19-03-2007 @ 11:36:04
Just letting people know I'm back in London but only until thursday as I've got work to do tha that needs the library in Southampton. If anyone feels like doing anything this week or next week when I'm back let me know.
Date : 18-03-2007 @ 10:52:01
I've always thought i had a nondescript nose. Hmm. Back for mr arafa's homecoming, hopefully by then he'll have calmed down, so that's the end of this month. And what's all this about fwaaaaaaaaaaa dropping out? I want answers people!
Date : 08-03-2007 @ 01:11:53
mr caspartt
saw a guy at work that had longish hair and leo's nose. icon when you back in london leo?
Date : 05-03-2007 @ 23:24:41
Had a dream that farrar was my history teacher. He was damn good, but it was a bit awkward being my frienda nd teacher at the same time. And i'm no longer a stoner student caspar, I stoppeed smoking weed a while back now, I just meant it was unmemorable...
Date : 23-02-2007 @ 11:14:07
I'm glad to see that Peter has found someone who finds the same tings romantic. My Valentine's Day was spent eating a gingerbread house.
Date : 23-02-2007 @ 10:49:27
I would just like to make clear i ate chinese FOOD, not a chinese person. human meat is too expensive for a poor student to buy, moe is me.
Date : 22-02-2007 @ 09:12:46
I played risk, watched a couple of films and ate a chinese
anyway, i'm back in london this weekend and have a free house on friday, i thought i might try a game of poker again if people are up for that. talk to people tomorrow.
Date : 22-02-2007 @ 09:11:27
mr caspartt
well my valentine's day was spent at work trying to manage the masses of people that buy thing at the last minute for their "loved" ones. i have never seen the checkouts so full it didn't help that we were under staffed. i guess other people had much nice valentine's day apart from leo seeing as he can't even remember what he was doing, good-for-nothing stoner student
Date : 22-02-2007 @ 00:05:54
People! THere's not enough going on here? How was everyone's valentine's day? Can't even remember what i was doing, it was that exciting.
Date : 21-02-2007 @ 23:06:23
I too send my greetings and regards. Playa tom, I miss you. Did you have a good time? Gabe
Date : 18-02-2007 @ 17:28:50
mr caspartt
hey tom sorry very busy at the moment so i can't come to you party you should have said it was your birthday sorry we missed it we will have to have a piss up when you get back.
Date : 17-02-2007 @ 13:17:53
Just dropping in. No can do tom, i should be working, but sites like this mean I'm too behind to leave my hovel in brighton. Woe is me. If only moe is me
Date : 03-02-2007 @ 18:46:05
thanks for the invite, but aye won't be able to come, bugger
Date : 31-01-2007 @ 13:41:37
Yo everyone!

Now i know it is unlikely that many people will be able to come, but i am having a house party in my hosue in Canterbury on Saturday the 17th for my birthday! You are obviously all invited to come! But i do understand that its very far for most of you to come!
Date : 28-01-2007 @ 16:53:52
i should be back in london on thurday and friday nights if anyone is going to be around and up for doing something.
preferably on the friday as i will be finishing some exams on wednesday and intend to spend thursday thoroughly hung over. i'll text the usual suspects nearer the day but thought i'd give people a heads up
Date : 28-01-2007 @ 16:50:34
i almost forgot,
very droll caspar
Date : 27-01-2007 @ 16:15:14
petski - as seen on tv
yes you may well have seen me at charlton pompey. those were the best seats i've ever had at a football game - the goal was scored right in front of us - but it was the shittest stand i've ever sat in - not even a roof.
Date : 27-01-2007 @ 15:44:45
mr caspartt
i can talk about Moe if you want to i found some sound clips, while doing my last project, that are of all the prank call that Bart and Lisa make to Moe's tavern i thought they were quite good. i am guessing that is the Moe you wanted to talk about unless you have met a new Moe that i don't know icon
Date : 26-01-2007 @ 01:20:34
I miss y'all.. We don't talk no moe.
Date : 25-01-2007 @ 20:30:28
mr caspartt
sorry bout the last comment what i was trying to say was if it was a home game there is a high chance it was peter cos he has a season ticket
Date : 24-01-2007 @ 00:31:57
mr caspartt
Date : 24-01-2007 @ 00:31:00
The Doctor
Did I see Peter watching the charleton game? The camera flashed over a part of the crowd and there was a dude that looked like him cheering along.....could be wrong....though rarely am...seriously.
Date : 23-01-2007 @ 19:14:12
whilst on youtube i also checked out the 1978 star wars holiday special.
if anyone was in need of proof that george lucas being a money grabbing whore is not a new thing, look no further
Date : 22-01-2007 @ 17:50:57
mr caspartt
the mad tv one was good but nothing can beat:
he says move
she says no
he says move
she says no

Date : 20-01-2007 @ 15:24:26
you think thats good check out the mad tv parody
Date : 19-01-2007 @ 20:19:46
If the R Kelly original wasn't funny enough, try South Park's piss take. This is the episode that Issac Hayes, aka Chef, left the show over.

Date : 19-01-2007 @ 01:15:58
jesus christ
thats fucking hilarious
what a plot twist - i think it deserves an oscar for something
Date : 18-01-2007 @ 15:40:50
Some magic from Youtube. A friend put me on to this, it is from R Kelly's rap opera, so funny.


I was watching old Nigella Lawson cooking sketches and some of the comments were so rude. "fabulous breasts. licking her muff" I thought that was a bit strong!
Date : 18-01-2007 @ 01:58:47
Zelda Soundtracks... I am truely in heaven Gabes...
Date : 16-01-2007 @ 12:11:46
Caspar, you are the biggest pedant I know, keep up the good work! Oh, and while you're at it, here is fun:
Date : 15-01-2007 @ 09:33:38
The persuit of ha penis
Date : 15-01-2007 @ 09:31:50
mr caspartt
oh what was peter's dream about?
Date : 15-01-2007 @ 08:37:48
I think Will Smith would prefer Peter's dream too.
Date : 13-01-2007 @ 13:16:08
mr caspartt
i think i would prefer leo's dream to gabriel's icon
Date : 11-01-2007 @ 13:51:46
that's so weird, I had exactly the same dream... except the peter was replaced by will smith singing lets get jiggy with it. and he was naked. It was great
Date : 10-01-2007 @ 23:33:14
Perfect time, peter. I have been thinking about you. Had an amazing dream where england lost two cricket series in a row to SRi Lanka and New Zealand. I was depressed until you suddenly appeared with your arms spread open singing "everythings not lost" by coldplay and we burst into song together. It's my favourite dream of the moment
Date : 10-01-2007 @ 23:26:40
its nice to know yuo've been missed
Date : 09-01-2007 @ 23:19:01
mr caspartt
yey peter is back on hardrockin
Date : 09-01-2007 @ 00:09:47
Petski - testing, testing 1,2,3
i'm supposed to be writing an essay so i thought it would be a good use of my time to fuck about with my pop up filter. i think i've got it
Date : 08-01-2007 @ 22:12:37
This one goes out to Anna: I tried to call you but you weren't picking up - Happy Birthday.. Hope tonight was great fun - can't believe you're 21.. Speak soon (and happy new year too)
Date : 03-01-2007 @ 01:23:12
happy new year guys!!
i can hardly stand.. really.. but hope you are all well and had an amazing one last night! see you soon!
Date : 01-01-2007 @ 17:42:32
mr caspartt
i see leo has had the same thoughts as me to saving time later happy new year everyone!
Date : 31-12-2006 @ 19:43:29
leo in edinburgh
I've managed to bust through the porn clogging gabriel's mac to leave y'all a message. I'm sure hardrockin' will as always be like the telephones and totally jammed come new year's so i'll leave my message now.have an amazing new years and i'm disappointed i can't share it with more of you in edinburgh as you'd all have made a great protection shield from the 90mph winds we are looking forward to up hear. But see y'all soon, and have a good new year
Date : 31-12-2006 @ 17:26:03
happy xmas everyone.. hope you have a wonderful day
Date : 24-12-2006 @ 17:29:06
mr caspartt
wow i am leaving a comment on hardrockin from my wii. completly unnecessary as my computer is right next to my tv but it is cooi
Date : 22-12-2006 @ 13:30:44
mr caspartt
all postcards to be sent to
Date : 22-12-2006 @ 00:24:17
Nice One Gabriel!

You can also send your comments on a postcard!
Date : 21-12-2006 @ 22:04:54
while you're waiting guys, those who can't actually post messages because of firewalls can try out my crafty homegrown tip:
1) load your web browser, it shouldn't matter which, tho I've only tried this using mozilla.
2) go to preferences and turn off 'use proxy settings'
3) load the hardrockin comments page
4) find the comment you want to reply to and scroll up so that it is at the top of the page
5) use a knife, fountain pen or screwdriver to etch your response into the screen, exactly where you want to see it displayed for other users to see.

The advantage to this method is that it requires no knowledge of HTML or other cumbersome programming lanuages. happy hunting!
Date : 21-12-2006 @ 19:18:00
Well i have had to remove the new comments bit because of the amount of spam we have been getting, i have removed 12 messages in 2 days!

Ill try and come up with another solution soon!
Date : 21-12-2006 @ 14:57:36
and quality spam at that.. I'm flattered
Date : 21-12-2006 @ 01:18:54
Well that seems to have opened us up to some spam....
Date : 20-12-2006 @ 18:57:37
Great work!
[url=http://ufyzxjgc.com/ejps/adnd.html]My homepage[/url] | [url=http://tmieppqp.com/zuln/zoer.html]Cool site[/url]
Date : 20-12-2006 @ 12:41:03
I have noticed that a few people have problems with the comment popup. Rather then make instructions on how to fix all the different popup blockers there are out there, i have made an alternative comment posting page which does not use a popup! (Its on the left)

Date : 17-12-2006 @ 17:17:57
mr caspartt
i don't think his firewall will let the comments window open so he can't leave a comment
Date : 16-12-2006 @ 17:50:47
on the subject why does peter never grace these message boards?
Date : 16-12-2006 @ 01:28:57
mr caspartt
peter said that the glasses made it look like gabriel when he played. weird thing is i didn't make the hat and hair and stuff my friend did so it is completely random
Date : 16-12-2006 @ 00:42:40
oh man caspar you have wii? Is it good?
Date : 15-12-2006 @ 01:49:06
nearly pissed myself laughing at that post... cheers matey... I created a mii on caspars wii today. The likeness is uncanny. I was boxing and everything. oh, and guitar hero is the boss..
Date : 15-12-2006 @ 01:27:19
only just saw that now. it's awesome. The funniest thing to do is start with the glasses (the square ones) and then it looks like gabriel. After that everything looks amusing. I think we should find the best look and campaign for gabriel to grow/wear it
Date : 14-12-2006 @ 15:46:04
mr caspartt
i forgot i never told everyone about that properly
Date : 14-12-2006 @ 12:15:14
A few weeks now farrar....
Date : 11-12-2006 @ 20:52:40
I might be a blind fool, but how long has the Act Like You Know game been on Hardrockin?
Date : 11-12-2006 @ 14:38:03
mr caspartt
i think tenacious d's film was wicked but then i am a big tenacious d fan so it was easy for me to like it. however i don't any reason why anyone should not like it.
Date : 10-12-2006 @ 18:08:41
I've heard bad things about it. I'm not sure. I wouldn't want to ruin my enjoyment of School of Rock. Hope everyone has seen Casino Royale. It is fantastic. Oh I want to see Pan's Labyrinth before Christmas. There isn't anywhere in crappy Leicester that's showing it.
Date : 09-12-2006 @ 16:28:26
I want to see the new Tenacious D Film!
Date : 09-12-2006 @ 14:09:58
mr caspartt
thats weird i just watched nacho libre
Date : 09-12-2006 @ 00:24:07
Just watched School of Rock on film4. I think it's even better than I remember it.
Date : 09-12-2006 @ 00:11:47
mr caspartt
tis a good video i have it on one of my aardman dvds
Date : 29-11-2006 @ 19:00:07
Thats cool!
Date : 29-11-2006 @ 17:28:15
Yes sorry... icon

Date : 29-11-2006 @ 13:30:14
mr caspartt
thanks for sharing fwaaa might have helped if there was a link
Date : 29-11-2006 @ 11:49:58
I love Nina Simone, so i thought i'd see what youtube had to offer me. And i found this song with great animation. This is very much for Caspar.
Date : 29-11-2006 @ 00:57:23
mr caspartt
i remember when i had to wait for browsers to open. i think i would really miss broadband if i lost it
Date : 28-11-2006 @ 00:06:02
aye fwaaaa. good point. Also, part of the fun is in constantly checking the site: "has there been an update" i repeat to myself, everytime i wait for the browser to load. All the while trembling with anticipation
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 21:44:22
Good point farrar!
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 21:30:19
Personally I would not. It is easier to check Hardrockin than check my email. With hardrockin there is no business about logging in and such.
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 21:26:03
Also guys, some feedback on this idea. Would anyone bother using a feature that made Hardrockin email you if a new comment was posted?

Just a thought! if there is not much interest i won't bother obviously!
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 21:02:06
You are correct Gabriel. I may remove the amount of clicks under the pictures so nobody will know how far away a certain picture is from being Number 1
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 20:59:56
it's an organic process.. if one picture gets looked at a few times (by pervy people, maybe) then people see it, and wonder why it's interesting. This is the begining of a vicious cycle of clicking and gives you the answer to why this particular picture is the most looked at.
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 20:05:39
Ah so thats who's been looking at her so much!
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 18:11:32
Probably at least twice a day.
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 13:35:14
mr caspartt
Gabriel how many times have you looked at that picture of Carlotta?
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 12:53:24
Just to let you all know, the most popular picture box (as seen on the front page and several others) Actually works now! So the most viewed picture does actually appear there. However, clicking on this picture does not increase the amount of times it has been viewed, it has to be viewed through the gallery for this to happen. icon
Date : 27-11-2006 @ 10:22:47
That would be cool! Or maybe we should go into London and watch it happen there? Seeing as the transport is free in the evening
Date : 25-11-2006 @ 20:03:22
Well i'm back in London on 16-17th. So i'll be at the pub quiz on tuesday. It would be good to see Tom and any other late returners later in the week. I'll be staying London for New Year. I can't afford to go up to Edinburgh. Living in a house is more expensive than i thought. And one still needs to drink. Maybe we could persuade Peter to have a New Year party at his house, though that may have to be after hell has frozen over.
Date : 25-11-2006 @ 18:57:12
Im coming back about the 19th/20th i think.

New year? Im hoping something will happen in London, but i can't go far because i have the fly on the second. There must be something happening in London!
Date : 25-11-2006 @ 18:36:38
I'm coming back about the 16th December.
New year? I've invited people to join me in Edinburgh. So far it's Me, Lee and his girlfriend (ahh, my mind's gone blank as to her name!!) I need to know soon so I can get people street party tickets!
Date : 25-11-2006 @ 18:21:27
When are people returning to London for Christmas? Also what are people's plans for New Year?
Date : 25-11-2006 @ 18:07:51
sorry for the hassle Tom. I really appreciate the effort you made in accomodating my large...

Penis / Love truncheon

Sorry, my modesty was broken!
Date : 23-11-2006 @ 17:08:30
Shoot you? gladly :-) come to ed first tho...
Date : 23-11-2006 @ 16:57:50
yes i misspelt year's. So shoot me
Date : 23-11-2006 @ 16:32:10
fwaaa the best way of doing that would be to join facebook where you can then go my page and click "photos of leo" and find approximately 84 pasges of me gallivanting around in my uni environment. Not that it should be used as a replacement for this. I prefer hardrockin as all the comments are together, and it means nosy people can't spy on you.

Oh and what's the thought's on new yera's at gabriel's in wee edinburgh??
Date : 23-11-2006 @ 16:31:32
Looks like ill have to add some code to accommodate people with large...

Names / Writings.

Sorry, my enter was broken!
Date : 22-11-2006 @ 22:45:09
mr caspartt
gabriel is worried that he has broken the comments page by leaving a comment with one long line in it. thus making the bit at the side with the last comment it huge giving the appearance that the page is fucked i have done this before and it is quite easily fix by simply leaving another comment which is what this is
Date : 22-11-2006 @ 01:44:16
deep breath

sorry but my space bar is broken
Date : 22-11-2006 @ 01:35:17
mr caspartt
"...the way you right it looks lkie you rote..."

1) the way you are using right it is spelt write however grammatical that should be wrote
2) i spose these two are more typos then mistakes lkie should be like and rote should be wrote

i shouldn't really say anything because i probably make mistakes all the time but i noticed it so nevermind
Date : 22-11-2006 @ 01:32:07
Sorry about that. This is the message i meant to leave.

I've had an idea. How about a photographic display of the hardrockin faithful in University. I have some cracking photos from a fancy dress evening in Leicester. It would good to see people in their Uni environment.
Date : 22-11-2006 @ 01:07:24
Date : 22-11-2006 @ 01:04:39
Date : 21-11-2006 @ 23:21:16
mr caspartt
gabriel your spelling is quite bad
Date : 21-11-2006 @ 18:36:20
The henry thing... No idea who he was, had never posted on the site before, and never came back so it would seem! I'd say it was a joke, so some old sad guy who is missing his youth!
Date : 21-11-2006 @ 17:07:10
Yes Gabriel you are right, however painful it might be to say so.

On the old subject, here is my contribution.

I am also not the whizziest of students and have a great tendency to be lazy. But I do like my subject, in fact i love my subject. I may not always read in the direction i should, but so what. All knowledge is precious. Enjoy the expreience. You are living in an interesting city,
something that can't be said for fair Leicester. There are many people for whom University is merely a way of obtaining the credentials of a good job. Hopefully there are other things about Uni that make up for the worst parts. As a friend said of her course, "Physics is the price i pay to be here".

I do wonder what others make of this site?
Date : 20-11-2006 @ 19:07:47
fwaaaaa, that was a joke, just in case it sounded nasty....
Date : 20-11-2006 @ 18:13:05
oh, and by the way, it's pennys/penny's worth (i.e. one penny). the way you right it looks lkie you rote penises. too my untrained eye..


sorry, couldn't resist
Date : 20-11-2006 @ 16:23:29
Fascinated Hardockin Community
be our guest
Date : 20-11-2006 @ 16:21:34
no way is it too late...
Date : 20-11-2006 @ 16:20:55
Who would he report us to? I think it must have been a joke. Is it too late to have my pennies worth on Gabriel's angst?
Date : 20-11-2006 @ 12:18:53
This guy called henry posted right back at the beginning. Found it quite funny, but do you know tom if he was joking or a real visitor?
@I am surprised at the way teenagers act, I thought this generation was a positive example for those of the future but it seems I was wrong. If this is what the youth of today are like then we can only pray that your children are born with a bit of sanity and hopefully some common sense- I think you should be ashamed of yourselves and I have a good mind to report this website as it could potentially have a very negative influence on impressionable minds". I sense it was a joke
Date : 20-11-2006 @ 00:17:57
I think you put it very well tom. Agree totally
Date : 18-11-2006 @ 22:27:25
Im going to answer the question as quickly as possible.

I hate a few of my modules and i can't even see the point of doing them. But i know at the end of the day i have to do them to pass the degree, even though they seem pointless and disorganised.

But at the end of the day, we are here to pass our degree so we can get better jobs and to better ourselfs. The fun part comes with Uni life itself, not just the course. It would be nice if i enjoyed every part of my course, but i would see that as a bonus, not a reason to take the course in the first place. Although, you wouldn't pick a course you absolutely hated would you!
Date : 18-11-2006 @ 18:27:07
`I should have used more paragraphs in that last one
Date : 18-11-2006 @ 13:24:24
Capar was that last bit innuendo? Seriously, it might be harder for me to answer the question as overall i do like my course. However, i've had some crappy modules, and they've often been a combination of incomptence (as I perceive it) a general can't be arsed-ness or the fact that basically the subject area doesn't suit me (i didn't like doing normal history rather than the more abstarct history i normally do). I think however, all you can do is attempt to make the most of it, find aspects of it you do enjoy and focus on them and follow them up more. Often if a course is boring me i just won't put that much attention to it and work out cynically how i can do that and still come out with an ok mark. Then i have free time to focus studying on areas that interest me, or just go out and socialise more. But at times when i have felt frustrated with my courses i've just gone to the library and found something that interests me and focused on that more for the time being. Maybe if therer's other things you like you can set up societies or whatever that focus on those things to distract from the shitty-ness of your course. And worse comes to worse, you can be REALLY cynical about the whole thing and think "well it's not too bad...and once i get a degree i can have more freedom in what i want to do in life". So yeah overall, i'd say of course you have a right to moan and get stuff off your chest (it makes us all feel better) but if you do best to look at your courses from a positive side and really try and find what interests you about them you might be able to enjoy them more.
Date : 18-11-2006 @ 13:23:54
mr caspartt
my comment was to do with fwaaa's comment not yours. don't get paranoid. i am sure you are just having one of your crisis moments it is getting into winter now you can't be getting much sunlight up there at the moment. try to calm down a bit get on with some work and hopefully it will pass.
in a seriousness if you still feel like shit have sex with someone that always perks you up
Date : 18-11-2006 @ 13:09:06
I have a serious question for people studying:
first, are you happy on your course? If it's not perfect, are you content that it's at least going ok (do you have reasonable expectations)?
second, if you're not happy on your course, is it because you don't feel it's style suits you, or is it because it is incompetently administered? Is learning to live with difficulties on a course all part of the experience and indeed part what the qualification we get at the end shows?

what i really want to know is, does anyone else wonder if the problem is with them or the course? I find it quite distressing because I'm not an ace student, I don't LOVE my subject and I can be a bit lazy. But in part is it the fault of the people organising it (and so I have a right to moan and a duty to try and change things). Or do I just need to put in more effort to mould myself to best suit the structure of what I'm asked to do...

That's lots of questions, but thoughts would be appreciated :-)
Date : 18-11-2006 @ 12:17:01
yes, yes it is huge. i can only presume thats because i said things stink? thanks for the diagnosis:-)
Date : 17-11-2006 @ 16:48:06
mr caspartt
hahaha huge nose
Date : 16-11-2006 @ 14:21:39
help me. things stink
Date : 16-11-2006 @ 13:09:31
I saw someone at Uni today that had dyed blue hair, in the same colour as Caspar used to have. He was dressed like Caspar too. He was tall, but on closed inspection he had a huge nose.
Date : 15-11-2006 @ 16:25:46
I love how I say that no one else posts and then anna instantly posts for probably the first time ever.
Date : 14-11-2006 @ 22:47:22
farrar was it just my computer or was that whole gollum acceptance speech accompanied by lts of background noise (repeating gollum, gollum, gollum)?
Date : 14-11-2006 @ 18:55:24
This site is awesome, a new comic everyday. If you get a minute, browse back through them (start at current) and post your favourite here. I love it..
Date : 14-11-2006 @ 14:04:30
mr caspartt
haha that lord of the rings thing is well funny.
i think you must be right tom i upgrade my firefox so it must be something to do with that
Date : 13-11-2006 @ 23:18:53
Wow I haven't seen any of you in aaaages! Sure you're all fine, if any of you reply to this message I won't see it because I won't remember, but love to you all! xxxxxxxx
Date : 13-11-2006 @ 23:16:16
Leo F Allen
we are an elusive crowd. what happened to all our other friends. I swear there were more of us than this
Date : 13-11-2006 @ 21:15:07
in the computer lab at the mo farrar so i'll check the link later.. whatever happened to mrs lawes brown? I was excited that we had more folk on the page!
Date : 13-11-2006 @ 16:17:07
Very funny. Must be one of those MTV movie awards spoofs. Try this. You may have seen it before, but it is still very funny.

Date : 13-11-2006 @ 11:50:34
this is for caspar and everyone else who watched lord of the rings tonight
Date : 13-11-2006 @ 04:25:06
this made me cry
Date : 13-11-2006 @ 03:42:28
Cut this crap about spell check. You should all go to see Starter for Ten. It is very funny, and it just gives you a warm feeling inside. Would be an excellent date film, one that both parties will enjoy. Plus it has two of the most beautiful women you could want to see on film. No, not that kind of film!
Date : 13-11-2006 @ 00:17:57
Erm.... I didn't put any spell check on the comments thing... Thats probably built into whatever web browser you are using, or a Google Toolbar Update
Date : 12-11-2006 @ 21:03:03
It's been there 7 weeks
and that double monopoly idea is great. parallel worlds, where you can be both rich and not rich.... and where you can own all the browns in one world and all the purples in the other

Oh and i love that old kent road is the shittest square
Date : 11-11-2006 @ 21:13:16
mr caspartt
just noticed that tom has put a spell check thing on the comments how long has that been there
Date : 11-11-2006 @ 19:21:41
mr caspartt
my sister played monopoly the other day and did this weird thing where they put two monopoly board together and you go round in a figure of eight
Date : 11-11-2006 @ 19:21:00
Scrabble is indeed the way. We didn't have enough people for Articulate, so we played Scrabble instead. I didn't win.
Date : 11-11-2006 @ 17:25:39
scrabble is the only way foward. Though we stil haven't played a game we bought called election. it's like monopoly, but with political parties. It's old so we all want to be either the s.d.p.s or the communists, being susssex students
Date : 11-11-2006 @ 16:42:36
dude thats nothing.. sad is when you can't even get out of your own flat.. I've played intense monopoly games with my flatmates more than once in a week... and I always fuckin loose.. i reckon i must be self destructive because I'm thinking of buying risk as well...

Date : 10-11-2006 @ 15:52:46
Thank you Gabriel, much better now. Work just got me down. The weekend calls. I am planning a team board games evening. A team of Physics friends, a team of Medics and a team of Arts people all playing articulate. More than a bit sad, but should be fun.
Date : 10-11-2006 @ 11:47:49
amen. i can relate.. hope you feel better soon fwaaaaaa
Date : 10-11-2006 @ 03:19:45
Bored googling, I can definatly indentify with that. Sleep calls now, but today has been a tiresome day, achieving nothing in its course. Sorry that sounds very bleak, but i've had a shitty day. We all have those.
Date : 10-11-2006 @ 01:55:10
mr caspartt
that is werid i am sure i left a comment yesterday but it is not here and i don't remember what it was i was going to say. sorry i should really be saying this to my self not leaving as a comment oh well it is done now
Date : 09-11-2006 @ 19:07:44
I quote mr caspartt "sorry fwaaa this is kinda not moving on to a new point. i found out that tom laws-brown goes to my uni." 10/6/06 Clearly that came up whe this guy googled his name, as people do when they feel bored and/or self-centred. Mystery over, surely
Date : 07-11-2006 @ 15:39:26
hmm indeed.. the mystery deepens...
oh, and tom blatanlty you're working for the secret service. It's freaky how you can call up data like that on anyone and everyone!

Hello to all!
Date : 07-11-2006 @ 02:07:15
mr caspartt
why would someone be googling for tom laws-brown?
Date : 06-11-2006 @ 23:56:10
After further investigation, it would appear a Google search for Tom laws brown led them directly to this page... So who knows
Date : 06-11-2006 @ 21:41:36
Not a clue... All i can tell you is that they use NTL, so they are probably in a major(ish) city! Doesn't look like they have posted from that computer before
Date : 06-11-2006 @ 21:39:53
mr caspartt
tom (hardrockin tom) do you know who left the comment under the name of mrs tom laws brown?
Date : 05-11-2006 @ 18:48:22
Sorry, I don't think I do... why?
Date : 04-11-2006 @ 23:56:15
Mrs Tom Laws - Brown
who here knows tom laws brown????
Date : 04-11-2006 @ 17:12:54
is that guy in the video david katten? It looks like someone jezz knows
Date : 02-11-2006 @ 19:23:37
caspar you are a human monkey. that video is ridiculous. i thought those days were behind you now...
Date : 02-11-2006 @ 17:44:37
mr caspartt
why thank you i am sure that videos from my trip to berlin will be on youtube shortly
Date : 02-11-2006 @ 13:09:48
I see Caspar you have your jackie chan style stunt on youtube. It is impressive.
Date : 02-11-2006 @ 11:17:49
not long enough. about two weeks.I'm waiting till i can grow a full beard, and then take off the berad to leave a tache. that's the plan anyway
Date : 26-10-2006 @ 18:36:58
Pele indeed... guys, to compliment Alex's 'fro, I'm developing my facial hair. I currently have a goatie and a pathetic tash.. 2 weeks and counting. How long did yours last Leo?
Date : 24-10-2006 @ 17:57:34
Pele indeed... guys, to compliment Alex's 'fro, I'm developing my facial hair. I currently have a goatie and a pathetic tash.. 2 weeks and counting. How long did yours last Leo?
Date : 24-10-2006 @ 17:57:31

That's funny
Date : 24-10-2006 @ 17:55:11
mr caspartt
i didn't know gabriel was down in brighton with you
Date : 24-10-2006 @ 13:26:58
leo and alex the bassist
Hey dudes this is alex and leo chillin slightly pissed at alex's party. It is hardrockin, like this site. Bingo. Alex is growing an afro. Pele. We hope you are well. We are reminiscing about old times. Why doesn't everyone join us? Someone I cannot say wants someone to get naked. He is a perv
Date : 21-10-2006 @ 01:02:23
Yes that was it!
Date : 19-10-2006 @ 12:18:30
mr caspartt
no one ever used it we all just use the comments page. i think fwaaa's comment sums up most people's knowledge of the forums. wasn't it just tom, gabriel, leo and myself that had accounts on it?
Date : 18-10-2006 @ 23:14:33
If anyone actually wants to make use of them, ill upgrade them and get them running again, but otherwise ill leave them disabled
Date : 18-10-2006 @ 10:04:34
Lol, yes, it was under the forum link on the left!
Date : 18-10-2006 @ 10:03:48
We had forums?!
Date : 17-10-2006 @ 18:05:45
Meh.... im going to take it down, no one uses it anyway!
Date : 16-10-2006 @ 13:10:19
mr caspartt
haha you need to change your settings so they can't make loads of accounts like that
Date : 16-10-2006 @ 10:31:28
Now thats what I call spam
My god has anyone seen the forum lately.. Hardrockin got a deluge. I hate spam. No. 1 argument for being veggie..
Date : 16-10-2006 @ 00:48:09
Me too! and its slow and shit! WOOO
Date : 14-10-2006 @ 16:49:45
I have home internet access! Broadband woo.
Date : 14-10-2006 @ 13:06:11
mr caspartt
sorry fwaaa this is kinda not moving on to a new point. i found out that tom laws-brown goes to my uni. Also on the subject of seen people while in london on wednesday i saw paul whitehouse. we wanted to get him to do an act like you know but he was on the phone so we had to leave it.
Date : 06-10-2006 @ 22:50:45
I'm not bored. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm not bored. I enjoy hearing about small people I don't know. It makes me feel large and impressive.

Today was a great day. No it wasn't - I'm lying.. but my room is sorted now, which is a start!
Date : 05-10-2006 @ 18:44:59

I'll stop this now as it must be very boring for everyone else.
Date : 05-10-2006 @ 15:26:44
mr caspartt
i just realised i can't remember tufty's real name
Date : 04-10-2006 @ 23:06:39
mr caspartt
to be honest fwaaa i would expect the freshers to be the age of tufty and little ben as they have just finished their A levels and therefore will be moving on to uni. you have to remember you took a year out
Date : 04-10-2006 @ 23:03:56
mr caspartt
he has 16 year old freshers cos scotland is messed up and they stay there for four years
Date : 04-10-2006 @ 23:01:05
Yes sorry the last reference will have been lost on most people. The only reason they came to mind was that i saw some people who looked like them. Freshers as young as 16! Here they don't look that young. As for silver foxes, i can't comment. That is more your specialist subject gabriel.
Date : 04-10-2006 @ 15:25:20
thank you caspar
I'm sure some of them aren't that young. We have freshers of every size shape and age here in Scotland. Some as young as 16, some as old as 26. Hell, there's even a few silver foxes in my philosophy and feminism class.
Date : 03-10-2006 @ 18:08:45
mr caspartt
Tufty and Little Ben were people in my younger sisters year so two years younger then me and three younger then you gabriel
Date : 03-10-2006 @ 13:15:28
from gabe
Date : 02-10-2006 @ 21:38:18
who the fuck are tufty and little ben?
Date : 02-10-2006 @ 21:38:02
That is impressive. Must watch Shaun of the Dead, haven't seen it in ages. First day of freshers today. I'm feeling very old. The first years are the age of Tufty and Little Ben.
Date : 02-10-2006 @ 14:05:20
aha! back on internet. and back to uni soon. hope you've all been good
Date : 02-10-2006 @ 00:40:34
mr caspartt
after a little bit more surfing this morning i found out the address of the pub and i gave had a visit. it is behind all saints church (the one where the crazy millwall priest is from. it is all boarded up sadly but it was till fun finding it.
Date : 30-09-2006 @ 18:27:49
mr caspartt
fuck me i just found out (as you can see by the time thingy quite late in the evening) that parts of shaun of the dead were shot in NEW CROSS! http://www.eatmybrains.com/showfeature.php?id=14
Date : 30-09-2006 @ 02:11:39
mr caspartt
you just quoting a crappy song or have you lost your licence
Date : 29-09-2006 @ 22:41:14
hello to all in LDN..
Riding thru the city on my bike all day
cos the filth took away my liscence
Date : 29-09-2006 @ 11:10:18
Won't be able to make it for the quiz. It is a friend's birthday do. Just try and get as many people as possible. Good Luck
Date : 25-09-2006 @ 15:29:36
mr caspartt
yeay! we did a bit rubbish without you
Date : 21-09-2006 @ 16:17:16
So the Quiz jackpot is now 120, hmmm. I might make an appearence. Uni is very quiet so a flying visit might be in order.
Date : 20-09-2006 @ 15:20:54
yesyes.. i'm dumb, you're all smart..
well done
Date : 19-09-2006 @ 14:29:19
Even I had worked out that 'The Doctor' was Alex. And I was bambozzled by Leo writing as Ken!
Date : 19-09-2006 @ 11:51:41
mr caspartt
which one of our friends calls him self the doctor and dressed up as said doctor at one fancy dress party?
Date : 17-09-2006 @ 18:11:01
who is the doctor? I'm confused...
Had 30 freshers in my flat last night, it was really good fun. Thors mate conducted ALL his conversations through an improvised megaphone (i.e a stolen traffic cone). Hilarity ensued
Date : 16-09-2006 @ 15:38:51
mr caspartt
why did no-one else follow up the doctor's invitation to go to the clockhouse on friday. it was his birthday don'tcha know.
i had a very nice time talked to people i haven't seen in a long time.
Date : 16-09-2006 @ 03:05:35
He always came across as a bit of a tosser. I go back to Uni this weekend. I might not have seen as muc of you guys as I'd have liked, but it was still funny. See you all at Christmas, if we don't meet before that.
Date : 15-09-2006 @ 22:56:14
Zane Lowe: (n) (pronounced zane low), an idiotic wanker with ego problems who thinks twatting around behind decks is the highest form of rock and roll.

He played at uni yesterday. What a cock. :-)
Date : 15-09-2006 @ 15:24:15
Assisting eh icon icon icon
Date : 12-09-2006 @ 16:42:38
Gabriel McArafa
I would obviously... but I'm too busy assisting freshers. Alas, or as I prefer to say, bugger
Date : 11-09-2006 @ 19:31:18
The Doctor
Clockhouse on friday from seven thirty if anyones bothered. Bingo
Date : 11-09-2006 @ 12:03:19
mr caspartt
i love it i put an item up for sale on ebay this afternoon and i though well it will be a while before anyone bids on it, i might not even sell it but i came back from work and i already had a bidder! yey!
ps RIP Steve Irwin "Crocs Rule"
Date : 05-09-2006 @ 00:59:41
mr caspartt
you really can't take a simple little joke can you gabriel you have to keep on going
Date : 04-09-2006 @ 02:39:45
As hard as it is to tear myself away from boning Ms Trenchard Turner*, I just wanted to say goodbye.. I'm off to Ed again tomorrow morning. Good to see everyone, however briefly!

*and bollocks you don't care caspar... We did it in your bed last night and boy, it wasn't pretty
Date : 03-09-2006 @ 23:47:25
mr caspartt
nice try gabriel but the fact that i don't care if you did anything with my mum, if anything i feel sorry for you. you on the other hand clear don't like the fact that you told the world that you are a twat.
Date : 02-09-2006 @ 19:22:09
Caspar's Mum
I know you're at twat Gabe, you just can't help it.. It's because I rocked your world so hard last night you lost half your braincells. Oh, and thanks for the rim job.. xx
Date : 02-09-2006 @ 16:57:14
Hmmmm, its funny that i can tell where that last message was actually posted from...
Date : 02-09-2006 @ 16:57:01
hello everyone, gabriel here, just thought i would tell you all that i am a twat!
Date : 01-09-2006 @ 21:54:40
mr caspartt
also peter is leaving to dig a big hole in the ground on saturday so we shoudl do something before he leaves i am working on wednesday and thrusday so it will have to be friday
Date : 29-08-2006 @ 15:17:59
mr caspartt
thanks for your confidence in attractive girls liking me fwaaa. peter said something about leo being back on saturday
Date : 29-08-2006 @ 15:15:50
She may have a boyfriend, but as with anything on the internet she may not have been as she seemed. Maybe she was an ugly girl using a hot girl's photo. That isn't so much of a loss. Does anyone know when Leo is back?
Date : 29-08-2006 @ 15:09:36
mr caspartt
just got a random message from a hot girl on myspace but then found out that she is in a relationship oh well
Date : 29-08-2006 @ 12:41:02
Samuel L
thats all we need snakes on crack
Date : 24-08-2006 @ 01:36:31
did y'all hear that in an Arizona screening of Snakes on a Plane a couple of pranksters actually put snakes in the cinema... I knew I wasn't being paranoid when i kept my feet up at my chest for the whole 2 hours.
Date : 23-08-2006 @ 17:40:28
Pictures from Farrars are up icon
Date : 22-08-2006 @ 01:39:17
no one knows
Date : 17-08-2006 @ 23:26:20
*Mystical Music* Who knows....... icon
Date : 17-08-2006 @ 10:40:09
mr caspartt
tom is your comment in reference to me?
Date : 16-08-2006 @ 23:34:39
Your time will come...
Date : 16-08-2006 @ 10:07:01
wow i think this might be a record for longest stint without a comment. Back very briefly but in brighton sorting out housing. Away again on thursday so won't make farar's party. Till my triumphant return...
Date : 15-08-2006 @ 20:06:41
mr caspartt
well at least i am climbing up things not falling off walls
Date : 15-08-2006 @ 17:53:06
In reference to you climbing up lots of things. I have heard that its good pay if you join a circus
Date : 15-08-2006 @ 10:50:19
mr caspartt
tom is your comment in reference to the video or the lemar videoing the naked lady?
Date : 14-08-2006 @ 23:15:26
Anyone want to go to TDK Cross Central Festival? Sat 26th / Sun 27th in Kings Cross Freight Depot.. Raving all night! Give me a shout...
Date : 14-08-2006 @ 18:57:58
you are crazy caspar, as long as you know that. We will get you help one day...
Date : 14-08-2006 @ 18:52:38
mr caspartt
here is me doing jackie chan up the side of my SU bar
Date : 13-08-2006 @ 18:28:40
mr caspartt
well exploding cinema was strange firstly nuru was in two of the films. also being dressed as a pirate in a deserted car park watching a naked lady roll around on the floor while a man dressed as a lemar videos her has got to be up there with the weridist things i have done!
Date : 13-08-2006 @ 01:58:20
Exploding Cinema, Peckham multi-storey car park, 8pm Saturday 12th August (http://www.explodingcinema.org/)

A visiting friend of mine, Igi and I are def going, Caspar's up for it... anyone else fancy coming along? I'm probably heading out afterward to a club up in town (or Camberwell). Get in touch!
Date : 11-08-2006 @ 16:13:03
clapping noises
Date : 10-08-2006 @ 01:30:45
mr caspartt
i completed the new siper mario game! icon
Date : 09-08-2006 @ 15:34:07
It will be on Friday 18th. I fear Leo will be away, but most importantly so will my Mum.
Date : 04-08-2006 @ 15:32:54
mr caspartt
yeah well enough of that fwaaa when is your party?
Date : 04-08-2006 @ 11:47:22
Even if it isn't that much faster, its been the longest discussion on here for some time, we should be afriad
Date : 04-08-2006 @ 10:18:58
The Doctor
But pointless. Faster insofar as much as two seconds maximum and in adition doesn't mean anything. But enough of that. Party....Bingo
Date : 03-08-2006 @ 16:06:48
Well, if you write go og, then its quicker because your finger is already over the o key, making it quicker. Thats obvious really
Date : 03-08-2006 @ 09:11:40
mr caspartt
me climbing around a train with no legs
Date : 02-08-2006 @ 01:59:24
mr caspartt
i am confuse surely the fact that go and og have not only the same number of letter but also the same ones, means that one cannot take less time to write then the other icon
Date : 02-08-2006 @ 01:44:43
Its a quicker version of go, you love it really
Date : 01-08-2006 @ 17:21:23
mr caspartt
what does go go og mean? icon
Date : 31-07-2006 @ 17:18:21
Good, i would like another party... go go og
Date : 31-07-2006 @ 16:13:05
Yes there will be a party at mine. But as yet I still don't know the date. It however does look like Leo will be away on holiday at that time.
Date : 31-07-2006 @ 10:52:56
mr caspartt
oh yeah! we should have a party to celebrate (hint hint farrar)
Date : 29-07-2006 @ 16:50:05
By the way guys, we just hit the 1004 pictures mark! Celebrate!
Date : 29-07-2006 @ 14:04:13
mr caspartt
everyone my picture are up now so go look at the renamed leo's 21st birthday pictures.
Date : 29-07-2006 @ 12:08:11
Thats true, thats a much better name icon
Date : 29-07-2006 @ 11:50:44
It was Leo's birthday, Tom. Not just "Another" party.

Some good photos.
Date : 28-07-2006 @ 09:05:54
By the way guys, Pictures from Leos are up! icon
Date : 27-07-2006 @ 19:53:15
mr caspartt
i have just worked 10 and half hours out of the past 19 hours! 6pm to 10.30pm last night then sleep then 8am to 2pm today icon
Date : 25-07-2006 @ 14:50:53
mr caspartt
i will have a look though the ones i took before my camera's battery died to see if i have any worth putting up and i will send them to you.
Date : 24-07-2006 @ 23:09:25
Yes i did caspar, putting them up tomorrow, some were quite amusing, but didn't get as many as usual
Date : 24-07-2006 @ 16:40:44
mr caspartt
this is wicked you have to watch it
Date : 24-07-2006 @ 13:29:31
mr caspartt
you get any good pics at leo?
Date : 24-07-2006 @ 00:10:04
Date : 21-07-2006 @ 09:35:21
mr caspartt
everyone must act like they know
http://groups.myspace.com/ActLikeYouKnow icon
Date : 19-07-2006 @ 02:48:05
mr caspartt
leo has changed his party to saturday
Date : 17-07-2006 @ 16:41:55
Nice one... Just, dont put boring stuff on there, the internet has enough mindless rubbish
Date : 17-07-2006 @ 16:30:04
mr caspartt
i have a myspace thingy now
don't really know what to do with it if you have one make it look like i have friends and give me some clues what to do with it icon
Date : 17-07-2006 @ 00:40:30
mr caspartt
woo! i got the wireless stuff to work i have broadband back!
Date : 11-07-2006 @ 19:04:20
mr caspartt
i have some beer left over from the castle i was going to suggest someone had a party so we can drink it. looks like leo is ahead of me.
Date : 10-07-2006 @ 13:24:29
Friday the 21st sounds awesome! Im 100% there!
Date : 09-07-2006 @ 22:09:12
big up big up big up. I is 'eading to the hood for some serious partay-time in my crib.

Sorry don't worry i haven't started speaking cod-gangsta just thought i;d shout out to my posse (all right i'll stop) that I'm heading home tommorrow. I need to settle in and i start work on tuesday but once i'm sorted definitely meet up and sort out arrangements for the party i'm going to have for my 21st. I'm thinking, friday 21st july, lots of booze,my place. Sound good?
Date : 09-07-2006 @ 16:46:09
mr caspartt
don't worry it is actually me.
just spend a week living in a castle when i should have been finishing my work for this term great fun!
i learn how to juggle with clubs. it is a lot hard then it sounds. i also tried to learn how to ride my unicycle (that is even harder) didn't get very far.
so are people back in london for the summer now? if so when's the party? icon
Date : 07-07-2006 @ 18:35:46
Ok i finally sorted it, at work of all places! It seems those warnings were because of a site change i made, and i fixed it by making another change instead of removing what i added, well now it finally works, sorry its taken sooo long, but i've been a bit baffled
Date : 07-07-2006 @ 16:18:19
test 123
Date : 07-07-2006 @ 16:16:11
Date : 07-07-2006 @ 16:04:03
mr caspartt
Yeah sorry about that, the warnings were obviously warnings....., Im looking into it
Date : 07-07-2006 @ 16:00:17
mr caspartt
You still have not sorted out the name thing. Bad Tom.
Date : 02-07-2006 @ 14:54:40
mr caspartt
Yes Happy Birthday Gabriel for yesterday. Enjoy being 21.

Greetings all from Sweden. It is hot, and suitably swedish, by which i mean it is expensive. No, should great fun. Good to get away from the UK. Leo you are back next week, good. Look forward to your birthday do. Tom when are you back? I get back next saturday so see guys in the week.
Date : 02-07-2006 @ 14:54:07
mr caspartt
Happy birthday to gabriel!
Date : 01-07-2006 @ 14:39:52
mr caspartt
tom you making people steal my identity
Date : 29-06-2006 @ 17:05:16
mr caspartt
okay now i see why it seems like caspar's talking to himself, the name thing's screwed. Tom!! Get on it mr keating. Oh and why have you a new phone? Don't say the homies finally got you? (last two messages from leo)
Date : 29-06-2006 @ 12:56:16
mr caspartt
thought i'd stop it from sounding like caspar was talking to himself by adding a comment. I'm going to be making my triumohant homecoming on the tenth or the eleventh of this very month and will be around for the rest of july. I'm planning a party of some sort for my twenty first, we could have it mine though i'd quite like to go up to one tree hill. We'll see. When;'s everyone else back?
Date : 29-06-2006 @ 12:55:00
mr caspartt
check this out funny it be
Date : 29-06-2006 @ 10:13:45
mr caspartt
who is using my name?
Date : 28-06-2006 @ 17:39:28
mr caspartt
Garrr, I didn't see those warnings, Garrr, Removed they be...
Date : 28-06-2006 @ 12:30:12
mr caspartt
yey i have broadband!

ps tom you need to sort out the add comments so it doesn't have all these warnings at the top so you can see the submit button.
if anyone is having trouble with that use the middle mouse button to move down or use the arrow keys
Date : 27-06-2006 @ 23:23:58
mr caspartt
when to a zoo yesterday to do some life drawing. zoo was a bit crappy. the reason i am writing this comment is because while going down the motorway two of my friends managed to link up their PSP's while in two different cars! technology today is amazing linked street fighter a 70 mph! icon
Date : 22-06-2006 @ 15:19:13
gabe the muzungu
hi guys! a short one from here in rwanda... we've had a week now and i think i know whats what. lots to say but here's the imortant bits:
- the food is beans, rice and chips - full stop.
- i shower with a bucket of cold water.
- i shit in a bucket.
- if you drink fanta orange ur a virgin, coke ur a slag.

- im having fun.
- i miss you all.
- my email time is almost gone.

Date : 05-06-2006 @ 13:38:45
Okay I assumed you had i was just trying to cheer you up. Talking of which, follow this link for the strangest arnie video ever. It worries me he's in charge of the sixth biggest economy in the world, it really does... http://www.youtube.com
Date : 29-05-2006 @ 18:36:18
mr caspartt
leo you think i only just hear about the new controller. i thought you knew how much i liked nintendo?
i can't believe they are going to call it Wii icon
Date : 26-05-2006 @ 14:00:53
shit I haven't checked hardrockin in ages! Typically then involves forgetting someone's birthday. I'm back from July 10th but my exams finish on June 16th so I'm free from then we'll definitely throw you a proper party when everyone's back. Anyway happy birthday caspar and I wouldn't worry about so few people being there, you know if it was the holiday there'd be loads of people, it's just bad timing. Oh and have you seen the new nintendo thing? Its got a little remote which you can use like a tennis racquet in a tennis game or a sword in a fighting game. It looks amazing
Date : 25-05-2006 @ 14:58:29
mr caspartt
i need to have a proper party when people get back cos having 5 people turn up to your birthday drink is a bit of a let down
Date : 25-05-2006 @ 14:53:31
I had not Caspar, but i have an exam that day. Hope Africa is fun Gabriel, and see you when you get back.
Date : 18-05-2006 @ 15:07:56
mr caspartt
don't know if anyone remember but it is my birthday on the 24th
Date : 18-05-2006 @ 10:05:20
dudes and dudettes:
I am back on Friday the 19th May. I'm back for a week and I'd love to see as many folk as poss before I go to Africa on the 27th. How does a tuesday 23 or wednesday 24 or thursday 25 in the pub sound?
Date : 10-05-2006 @ 18:52:18
thanks for the infos guys. muchos gracias! I'm off to do my environment exam right now, so can't write more! later!
Date : 09-05-2006 @ 14:16:55

Officially it is illegal to stream MP3's without permission. A PODCAST containing copyrighted material is even worse. But... Unless you become very well known, you aren't likely to be caught, and even if you are, then there is normally just a warning to shut down. Unless of course the site or company you are streaming from has a license...

Also, another way around it, is if you are broadcasting only to an enclosed group (say Uni Students in your town) Then it becomes legal if you make sure that only people in your user base can listen to it. (Thats what we were told at my radio station)

Hope that helps!
Date : 09-05-2006 @ 00:03:58
To Alex: Maybe, depends on work...but everyone else will be there i'm sure

To Gabriel: I'm not sure, but lots of people do it so i doubt you'll be prosecuted. There was something recently though about stricter laws on internet radio pushing out alot of mainstream british broadcasters. Try searching that story in the guardian archive mainly

Date : 08-05-2006 @ 18:40:31

Sorry, you might as well have written in Chinese.
Date : 08-05-2006 @ 11:19:16
techheads? are you there? i have a question:

I want to stream mp3s online. a radio show. some are voice clips I've recorded, but most are just mp3s from cds and stuff. would it be illegal to stream these online via a poscast or otherwise?

Just recorded 30 mins of radio show for darroch court
.. it rocks!
Date : 07-05-2006 @ 22:11:09
Hello.How is everyone?
Leo-You playing footy this thursday?
Date : 07-05-2006 @ 13:56:09
Sorry forgot about the baby photos. Let it run on til the summer, i still want to sent in mine. Maybe more reminders. Maybe email out to people.
Date : 06-05-2006 @ 14:18:07
To Caspar, very soon, sorry!
To Leo, You were the only one to submit anything, so i guess because everyone else is lazy, then its off!
Date : 05-05-2006 @ 14:18:47
what's going on with the baby photo competition?
Date : 04-05-2006 @ 19:45:30
your so harsh with your comments caspar.. straight to the point. tut-tut how are you?
Date : 04-05-2006 @ 19:16:10
mr caspartt
tom i gave you pictures ages ago why haven't you got them online yet? icon
Date : 04-05-2006 @ 13:41:48
wahay! essays galore at the moment. Epistemology it is at the mo. though ended up bunking off for a while to watch apocalypse now. what a film...
Date : 04-05-2006 @ 03:03:08
as you can see, it's taken me 2 days to think of that one. all things considered i'm rather pleased ;-)
Date : 30-04-2006 @ 21:41:51
come back? You're a come back!
Date : 30-04-2006 @ 21:41:09
mr caspartt
gabriel you need to find a new come back rather than just repeating your self over and over and over again
Date : 28-04-2006 @ 14:42:42
yeah i agree with gabriel on both fronts. sorry didn't see everyone more. and the last might on one tree hill was awesome icon
Date : 23-04-2006 @ 16:46:49
I had great time back home over the last few weeks everyone - it was almost as good as shagging caspars mum..
Date : 18-04-2006 @ 00:30:36
mr caspartt
probably around the same time i was shagging your mum
Date : 17-04-2006 @ 19:07:43
caspar, since when have I been shagging your mum?
Date : 13-04-2006 @ 00:43:19
mr caspartt
gabriel since when have hardrockin been spelt as two words with a G on the end?
Date : 12-04-2006 @ 16:21:04
We were talking in the pub last night about doing a hard rocking trip sometime... Maybe this summer we could get a cottage somewhere for a week and have some countryside fun! Either that or go to another city for a weekend. I suggested going for a youth hostel in Newcastle - which is meant to be ace - but maybe Manchester would be a better idea.. I had so much fun when I was there checking out the uni!

I'm thinking in mid-late august. What do y'all think?
Date : 07-04-2006 @ 21:33:56
Hey Tom, not sure if I'll be able to come but I'm going to try. Have a family meal earlier and not sure when it'll finish...
Date : 07-04-2006 @ 21:31:26
I am back this coming Sunday! so anyone who is up for it, Lets do the Ye Olde Sunday Quiz in forest Hill!
Date : 05-04-2006 @ 21:56:38
leo struggles back from europe
god, sorry no contact guys been ill since back, still recovering today. don't ask what it was, don't know, but at least it wasn't alcohol related! Still like to see eveyone, but got to work out when best as i've got to spend time at dad's on my essay where there's a free pc. I might be free tomorrow evening but then again i might be getting a lift to north london. I should be back next week sometime so we could do something then when caspar is back.
Date : 05-04-2006 @ 13:39:23
mr caspartt
i still don't like the time thingy cos now i look like i have nothing better to do at 12.30 then leave a stream of comments to my self icon
Date : 30-03-2006 @ 00:37:32
mr caspartt
we had the most stupid thief ever at work today.
i was standing around the checkouts not doing much (as per usual) and i heard something glass breaking. all the cashier looked up expecting a customer to be going "oh sorry" but there was nothing. then one cashier looked round the till and saw that there was a smashed bottle of vodka between a guys legs, when she pointed this out he said "oh, how that get there"
turned out he was pissed as hell so we told him to leave and he stumbled though the door. we then saw that he had tried to nick the dirty cheap white label vodka which is only bout 3!
Date : 30-03-2006 @ 00:35:34
mr caspartt
don't think the wording in that last comment was right i don't know queen victoria i know that she was born on the same day as me
Date : 30-03-2006 @ 00:27:49
mr caspartt
only person i know that is born on my birthday is queen victoria.
Date : 30-03-2006 @ 00:25:57
leo goes to europe
sorry real rush the last one,almost missed the train, but now in warsaw. It's a strange city, still looking worse for wear after world war two, but some nice bits too. Am leaving tomorrow but i think i'm going back with my friend to cambridge for a little bit before i get back in town. See everyone soon!
Date : 29-03-2006 @ 19:19:33
Hi guys!
Please excuse the shameless self promotion, but I'm sure you'll all be really excited about it!
Your old favourite band The Dominoes are playing at Dulwich Hamlet Football Club on Fri 7th April. There'll be comedians and other fabulous bands AND there's cheap drinks AND it's open till 4am!
Also we have a new guitarist so it'll be more rock n roll than ever before!
It's quite possible this event will sell out so if you wish to purchase an advance ticket at the bargain price of 5 please do get in touch with one of us. We'll be at The Clockhouse on Thursday from 8pm if you're interested!
Thanks for reading!
Date : 29-03-2006 @ 00:08:17
off to warsaw. this sec. so muct rush
Date : 28-03-2006 @ 15:23:09
You have much better Birthday bed fellows than me. All I have is Prince Andrew and Leslie Ash! Not such a good party. Any way, where in Europe are you now Leo?
Date : 28-03-2006 @ 12:32:03
slash, haile selassie, monica lewinsky, fran healy, the guy from sum 41 and harry potter. Incredibly, they all happen to be guests in my "dream dinner party". I'd love to have a massive joint party with them. And i'll seriously consider that as a birthday party. What an idea
Date : 27-03-2006 @ 09:45:28
I checked your birthday out Leo, and as you probably know, it's quite the day in history. Very cool.. very cool:

We have Haile Selassie's Birthday (very appropriate)
Then obviously SLASH was born, 20 years before your good self. (What a precedent - no pressure!)

less than 10 years later, in 1973, out pops
(and this is where it gets decidedly less cool)
... Closely followed by THAT FRAN FROM TRAVIS (also 1973)... musical prodigy STEVE JOCZ (er.. sum41 drummer?) got 'in too deep' in 1981 and finally...

Leo, all the mysteries of your glasses are explained, DANIEL RADCLIFFE was born on your birthday...

I think you should invite them all to the next hardrockin party. Or maybe make them the dresscode. ACE

See you when you get back!
Date : 26-03-2006 @ 16:35:28
I had something humerous to post, and I will in a minute. but I'm going to observe a respectful gap first cos of leo's last post.
Date : 26-03-2006 @ 16:27:50
leo goes to europe
Went to auschwitz today. Really weird and depressing. Glad i went but glad it's over
Date : 26-03-2006 @ 15:21:02
leo goes to europe
update 2. First: farrar to you i recommend you read my post on 08-02-2006 @ 23:56:43 (I'm defintely warming to this date thing btw) which announced to all and sundry my intentions, unlike caspar. Anyway, am now in prague following long and uncomfortable trip on train from prague overnight. My friend ended up losing her tent, leaving it on the train, so they are now begging the polish police for a statement while i write this (i've done the errands they set me to do). Prague was good, spent the last day just relaxing in cafes and doing not very much. Went to a moroccan place (following the hardrockin goes to europe tradition of eating at places having nothing to do with the local cuisine) and smoked shisha (not weed, just flavoured tobacco) and watched a belly dancer, which was quite funny, A fat one came up and forced us to join her on stage, after struggling with the basic moves was tempted to break into some leo dancing/air guitar but thought it might be a little inappropriate. Back to krakow, unfortunately we changed our minds at the last minute so i can't now say that i am writing this from the "bling bling hostel" which is a great name. Krakow as far as i can see it is as strange town, quite beaten up and still recovering from communism/world war two. It's quite dirty but interesting and really foreign feeling, which i guess is what you want from a foreign city (obviously). globalisation hasn't hard here yet, which is a relief, though tourism has. There are posters advertising auschwitz as "the site of the greatest mass murder in human history" which to me feels like a wrong use of the word "great". We'll be heading there in sunday. Should be intense. Catch up soon. Off now to a little bohemian cafe/english bookshop for some relaxation following all the stress of today... Alright, sorry i'm rubbing it in, but remember how tiring paris was??
Date : 25-03-2006 @ 16:27:25
i always thought that was your normal day caspar. you crazy arts students...
Date : 25-03-2006 @ 16:14:26
mr caspartt
had an interesting day today igy woke me up at about 11.20 to ask me if i wanted to spend the day as a rock star hitting an imaginary dolphin with a guitar
Date : 24-03-2006 @ 19:36:27
mr caspartt
er .. yeah .. (cough) going to new york..
Date : 24-03-2006 @ 19:31:51
As someone who did not know you were going to Europe... WOW. You lucky sod. Sounds like you are having a great time. i am stuck in Leicester doing end of term essays instead.
Date : 24-03-2006 @ 16:34:04
leo goes to europe
hey guys just dropping a line from prague. Hitch is going great and getting on well with my hitchees. We had a bit of a problem early on when we failed to get any hitches for about a day but eventually got all the way to luxembourg. That was when we got picked up by a luxembourgian called kevin (!) who asked us twice without us even asking. He then drove us back to his friend's house in the centre of triar in germany (birthplace of marx, I'll have you know) blasting out queens as we went (hence gabriel's post, always great to meet fellow queens fans). We stayed over at the american's house and had a bit of weird night with me getting a little too stomed, and one of my friend's getting sick from food poisoning and spending the whole night hurling which was rough. Because of this we couldn't do any more hitching and had to get a train to frankfurt and now prague. Prague is amazing by the way, a bit like paris but older and somehow grander and more mysterious. We went to the communist museum yesterday which was brilliant, and was conveniently located in between a casino and a mcdonald's. It was ridiculously biased against communism, with all these postcards taking the piss and pieces like "marx was a philosopher who justified terror...a romantic poet with tendencies to apocalyptic titanism...the implementation of his ideas demanded the death of a hundred million human lives." Like saying hawsking's is famous for his wheelchair. Then again.... today went to a castle and just generally chilled. having a grat time but can't wait to see everyone will be back early april we 'll all have a big get together/party/piss up/love in then and revive the spirit of hardrockin. Yeah!

Oh and I concede the date debate
Date : 23-03-2006 @ 17:21:10
mr caspartt
tom when you get back i have some photos that deserve to go on hardrockin
Date : 21-03-2006 @ 19:35:04
Das QOTSA!!!!
Wow Leo
I just got your text . I can't reply because it will cost too much but that sounds amazing! Who are you travelling with and where have you been so far?
Oh and can we still reach you @ breathe?

Date : 19-03-2006 @ 21:24:39
I'm with you. The date thing was a good call. It doesn't annoy me at all and I find it pretty usefull. But then, I am pretty anal...
Date : 18-03-2006 @ 23:17:04
Gabes: Ill remember that if ever saving someones life. Caspar and Petski, i would remove the time bit, but its actually harder to remove that and keep the date, then it is just to leave both there, otherwise i probably would
Date : 18-03-2006 @ 21:51:10
Buffoon am I...
incidentally, did you know that to give the right number of heart compressions in CPR (15) you just sing along to Nelly The Elephant while you give them...
Date : 18-03-2006 @ 20:18:00
I've just been looking at Hardrockin goes to Europe. that was fun wasn't it.
I wander what Richard is doing right now......
Date : 18-03-2006 @ 16:54:11
mr caspartt
i agree with peter the date is quite good but the time is anal, not really that needed icon
Date : 18-03-2006 @ 15:51:27
Date : 17-03-2006 @ 21:41:03
So there is a use to the date thing, but it is still distracting. The boat party sounds great, but i will be back in the middle of nowhere, sorry I mean Leicester, by then. I give blood in just over an hour's time.
Date : 16-03-2006 @ 12:08:04
only a goth club could play Muse on their designated Cheese night.
Any way, if anyone is free and wants to go to a boat party in southampton on May 11th, let me know. See you all saturday week when I'm back in London.
See, the date is useful. now you can work out when I'm back in London instead of me, I've had a few by this point on a thursday morning.
Date : 16-03-2006 @ 02:06:04
I think the date is a good thing as caspar used to complain that people did not include dates on there comments. the time being measure to the secon seems a bit anal though.
Any way, I ve had a good week.I found out officially that i passed the unit i didn't turn up to the exam in and got made president of the archaeological society. I'm thinking about getting a pewter tankard with El Presidente engraved on it put behind the bar at the local pub.
Date : 15-03-2006 @ 15:04:52
About the date thing... I want to leave it on for a while. its only distracting because you aren't used to it! and its good to know when the last person posted, it makes more sence out of messages that start with: Today i did....
Date : 15-03-2006 @ 10:36:55
wow simultanoeous post!
Date : 15-03-2006 @ 01:52:04
I'm going to give, blood.
Date : 15-03-2006 @ 01:51:44
Messages of support here please: it's essay time again...
Monday.. essay due
Thursday..essay due
I'm so busy and I'm feeling it... please message me and say hi!
And who wants to get together when i get back on the 30th?
Date : 15-03-2006 @ 01:50:45
Yes the date thing is very annoying, please remove it Tom. I am to give blood (finally) on Thursday. That night my bar is having a St Paddy's day thing (wrong day I know), so I can replace blood with alcohol.
Date : 14-03-2006 @ 14:45:43
What! what! damn her! she's saving fifty quid. I could do that. I got my first aid certificate in year seven from doctor goradia. I'm ready for anything. Though i think i'd more likely be injured than to treat the injured.

I too, recently embarassed myself playing worms farrar, so don't worry about it.
And my photo's in. It's me as a toddler, eating sand. Does that count?

Oh and what's with the date? Does anyone else agree it's a bit distracting??
Date : 13-03-2006 @ 15:22:20
mr caspartt
fwaaaaaa you will be pleased to hear that i am a bit pissed off today. i found out that because my sister has trained as a st. john's ambulance volunteer she gets to go to the foo fighter and queens gig for FREE! icon
Date : 13-03-2006 @ 14:27:05
I was meant to mock Caspar. I had had a terrible day, and hearing about Caspar's great onw did not help. I don't feel ashamed about being a history student. I laugh! The only person who does less work than me is the last year sociology student.

The baby photos are a great idea. I look forward to that.

I can't play games. I didn't have to internet in my room and i feel funny about playing games in the library.

Played Worms last night. As not the best gamer in the world, i got my worms stuck behind a tree, and then they got killed.

My house has become very loved up. Two guys got girlfriends this week and breakfast this morning was a bit much. Couples making breakfast and being nice to each other, it's disgusting!
Date : 12-03-2006 @ 15:23:51
I always loved lemmings
Date : 11-03-2006 @ 16:07:01

i dont think i need say more...
Date : 11-03-2006 @ 12:48:01
Tom (Admin)
Hey Guys! and friendly and imformative post. Firstly, its 3 in the morning and im doing a project that was supposed to be in 3 hours ago. But luckily, they won't start checking them till 9 in the morning at the earliest, so i have some time left!

Anyway, Anna came up with an idea. A Competition if you will. Her idea was for a baby award, split up in to different categories (Like: Cutest, Ugliest, Biggest, etc) and we would vote everyones baby pictures into categories and get winners!

So I need you all to email me your pictures of your childhood greatness. You can submit 3 maximum. I understand that some people aren't at home or don't have instant access to baby photos, so im setting the closing date for entires for the 20th of April. Email your photos to photos@hardrockin.net and good luck!
icon icon
Date : 11-03-2006 @ 03:06:02
11:30: I'm reading a chapter for my essay called "the rationality of parties" - I don't need someone to tell me that parties are a rationally good idea!
Date : 10-03-2006 @ 23:32:52
Don't do yourself down Leo... you're more than that - so much more: YOU do INTELLECTUAL history. tee hee...

Right, just to give you all some dates.
I'm back in London for Easter 28th March to 17th April!
Looking forward to meeting up again
icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon
Date : 10-03-2006 @ 19:59:43
Leo F Allen
i think you're being gently mocking farrar, yet like you, i hold the secret shame of being a history student. Work is something we never do. I had six hours contact time this week and still missed three of them. The shame icon
Date : 10-03-2006 @ 16:42:02
Oh Yeah! i see. A clever rouse Leo, or SHould I say Ken. Glad you had a good day. And people say art college is a piece of piss!
Date : 10-03-2006 @ 11:35:00
mr caspartt
had a fucking brilliant day today. i had to do a play as part of my course so my group did springer wars. (we had the skywalker family go on jerry springer) it was wicked. we then found out that we got a extension on the other work we had to do so we went to the student bar and got my friend who has never go tdrunk totally pissed. fucking brillant. icon
Date : 09-03-2006 @ 23:08:39
another great little video http://youtube.com/watch?v=49IDp76kjPw
Date : 09-03-2006 @ 16:59:05
oh and i'm definitely up for re-forming 4% scrotum briefly at some point. We could write a song using lines from this here message board
Date : 09-03-2006 @ 02:46:04
the ever elusive ken
Hope you didn't take the whole duel thing too seriously, just trying to get some "tomtributions" (geddit?) cos noramlly what you do have to say is pretty funny. Anyway, enough compliments, of course it's me they want. And there's enough semi-naked leo pictures i think, so lets leave it at that.

Is there a wsay of getting visitors to post? I want to hear what they think of the site. And us. It must seem kinda weird from the outside
Date : 09-03-2006 @ 02:44:35
Type 'ken' into a phone usingp redictive text and you may find your answer...
Date : 08-03-2006 @ 08:04:47
There tom, nice and short. Who is Ken? Do we have an intruder? Leo naked? Nothing new.
Date : 07-03-2006 @ 15:20:43
That's my favourite song now. 4% scrotum should cover it!
Date : 07-03-2006 @ 00:57:02
mr caspartt
this is a web site my sister found it is wicked
Date : 06-03-2006 @ 10:04:04
mr caspartt
you do have the naked gabriel pictures you could put back on the site. on second thoughts that probably would make less people vist.
Date : 05-03-2006 @ 19:43:05
Admitidly i dont post alot, because i dont have much to say. What i spent most of my time doing is shortening farrar's name because he screws up the homepage by making it too long. So for now, thats the main bulk of my job, except working on an idea Anna had (im keeping it secret for now) and seeing if i can get help getting some sort of online top trumps working.

Also, i would like to add that inculding my post, we have 607 comments on this page, and, last month, we averaged 1881 Visits (1225 Unique Visitors) So maybe my keeping in the dark is attracting more people, maybe they just want you Leo. Maybe we should start a naked Leo section?
Date : 05-03-2006 @ 15:37:44
limbo and joke are good ones too on that site. I really woudln't have been surprised if that site had been designed by gabriel and caspar.
Date : 04-03-2006 @ 19:17:19
The duel continues
A) this is my homepage, whenver i go online this comes up, so can't ask more than that

b) I paraphrase "all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to sit in the dark and do nothing". Though i'd agree to an objection you might raise that you're not a "good man" i think you can change. To paraphrase again "a message board of a thousand posts starts with a single comment". That's zen that is.
Date : 04-03-2006 @ 18:51:57
I laugh at your stupid ideas Leo! its you sire who never visits.... i just sit in the dark and watch you all....
Date : 04-03-2006 @ 04:38:57
Oh yeah. I see what you mean. A new hardrockin would shit though. Tom come back. You know it makes sense.
Date : 03-03-2006 @ 16:25:46
i think tom's abandoned us. He was obvioulsy only ever in it for the "buzz" of being the administrator. Now he's just a pleb like us he can't be bothered. I bet he's secretly administrating a new hardrockin, with all his kent friends. Tom! I challenge thee to a posting duel
Date : 02-03-2006 @ 20:35:16
And all in the name of art i bet.
Date : 28-02-2006 @ 16:36:50
mr caspartt
spent most of my lesson today messing on this site.

try typing in 'run' 'dance' 'die' 'drink' they are all quite funny. 'cleavage' 'arse' 'wet tshirt' are pretty good too.
Date : 27-02-2006 @ 17:21:03
mr caspartt
my uni is so crap the one day they do something good they screw it up. on thursday they had an animator from aardman came in to show us how to make armators but then they had a guy from corpse bride come in on the same day so we couldn't do both. it was alright in the end cos they both went into the same room in the afternoon and all the annoying people had gone, so we got to talk to them both until my tutor dragged them off to the pub cos they were old college friends of his (that is the only reason they manage to get them to come in)
Date : 24-02-2006 @ 19:04:56
mr caspartt
on monday at work we caught two shop-lifters. When the police arrived it turn out that one was wanted for carry a knife (which she had on her) and the other was wanted for avoiding court, not only that but she also had some meths wrapped up in a police warrent!
Date : 24-02-2006 @ 18:52:29
Hi everyone!
Date : 23-02-2006 @ 17:19:20
mr caspartt
just thought i would tell everyone that i got a new life drawing model this week. instead of the dirty old man we have had for weeks, it was a young attractive woman, who i think must work as a stripper cos some of her poses weren't kosher
Date : 16-02-2006 @ 22:59:58
that touched me.
In a good way
Date : 15-02-2006 @ 11:15:53
In cosmology, the anthropic principle in its most basic form states the truism that any valid theory of the universe must be consistent with our existence as carbon-based human beings at this particular time and place in the universe. In other words, "If something must be true for us, as humans, to exist, then it is true simply because we exist." Attempts to apply this principle to develop scientific explanations in cosmology have led to some confusion and much controversy.

Proponents of the anthropic principle suggest that we live in a fine-tuned universe, i.e. a universe that appears to be "fine-tuned" to allow the existence of life as we know it. If any of the fundamental physical constants were sufficiently different, then life as we know it would not be possible and no one would be around to contemplate this fine-tuned universe we live in. Papers have been written arguing that the anthropic principle would explain the physical constants such as the fine structure constant, the number of dimensions in the universe, and the cosmological constant.

The three primary versions of the principle, as stated by John D. Barrow and Frank J. Tipler (1986), are:

Weak anthropic principle (WAP): "The observed values of all physical and cosmological quantities are not equally probable but they take on values restricted by the requirement that there exist sites where carbon-based life can evolve and by the requirements that the Universe be old enough for it to have already done so."
Strong anthropic principle (SAP): "The Universe must have those properties which allow life to develop within it at some stage in its history."
Final anthropic principle (FAP): "Intelligent information-processing must come into existence in the Universe, and, once it comes into existence, it will never die out."
Date : 14-02-2006 @ 17:30:12
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

As I'm currently in the middle of seemingly endless shaggage I can't stop to type for too long. I will say tho, that shouts to the whole cru are due. From banging brighton to loved up leicster. all the way down to the ghetto (ravensbourne). Hope you all live it up in a way that would make St. V proud!

***Gets shot***

Gabe xxxx
Date : 14-02-2006 @ 16:44:16
some questions about hardrockin to completely break the flow of conversation:

1) did anyone know that you can't actually request removal? The button doesn't work...

2) what if i want to remove myself?

3) Why did you win the caption competition Farrar? It's terrible and doesn't really make sense unless invisible tits are also inverted.

4) What is the anthropic principle. What lessons might it suggest about cosmic fine tuning?

For that last one, I'd really like some answers around about 5am on Thursday morning. Preferably in a 1000 word doccument with references...
Date : 13-02-2006 @ 23:28:06
Stewart Lee is in Leicester tonight! i am going to skip the 2nd half of my German lessons to go. Bad, but I know I won't regret it once i have had a good laugh. Leo, I wish I could listen to Ricky Gervais, but some of us still have I-pod (shock!). plus I don't find him all that funny. Oh, the sacrilege!
Date : 13-02-2006 @ 12:41:04
I thought brighton was...
Great news i downloaded a cd of stewart lee doing stand up, and yes, it has the ang lee joke. Finally i can just play people that rather than make a fool of myself. There's a great joke about making german maths students do the questions and then work out their "final solution". You can imagine.
Oh and in case anyone STILL hasn't worked out that the best comedy going right now is available free, go to guardian.co.uk/rickygervais, dowload the old ones and sign up for the podcast using i-tunes. You won't be disappointed
Date : 12-02-2006 @ 18:05:32
Well I am on the Bone Marrow register. The blood people are coming to us in March, so i'll give bllod then. Good Caspar though. Leo, I love the way you didn't realise you were going to Prague, brill. We haave the Leicester comedy festival next week, 2nd biggest after Edinburgh. Stewart Lee (as well as others) is coming. Don't make me Ang Lee, you wouldn't like me when I'm Ang Lee. (doesn't work on the page does it)
Date : 09-02-2006 @ 15:40:04
Just found out i'm going hitchhiking with some friends over easter to prague. Pretty cool huh? But at the same time kinda quaint and scary in this modern age
Date : 08-02-2006 @ 23:56:43
mr caspartt
my karma is good at the moment as i finally gave blood on tuesday. i am going to save millions of lives ...well maybe i will save one life ... or get used in some weird test ... it might just get old and they will throw it away ... i hope they give it to a vampire
Date : 08-02-2006 @ 23:41:43
Fwaaaaaaaaaaa at Dave's
I refute your retutal. Freedom of Speech!!!!!
Date : 05-02-2006 @ 17:41:42
farrar i refuted. You can't be accused following a refute. it's the rules
Date : 03-02-2006 @ 23:25:54
mr caspartt
stupid people you need to put proper dates peteski saying this weekend is just crap. fwaaa you did better i guess you mean 25th-26th of feburary right?
Date : 03-02-2006 @ 13:55:41
Fwaaaaaaa in the land of Engelbert
Engelbert Humperdinck is a poor man's Tom Jones. And unfortunatly it is not his real name. I am back in London for the weekend of the 25-26th. Oh yeah, silly Peter and pervy Leo.
Date : 03-02-2006 @ 11:42:59
I almost forgot. In back in london this weekend so if anyone is a bout and wants to do anything give me a call.
Date : 01-02-2006 @ 10:08:44
In answer to caspars question: it was an Itroduction to archaeology exam and I missed it because I wrote the finish time rather than the start time on my calendar for some reason. My coursework was pretty good though so I passed the unit by 1% without the exam icon
Date : 01-02-2006 @ 10:04:37
Yes i am. Netball is a technically demanding and physical game with an intense mental side that makes the difference between winning and losing.

Okay it's a girl's game. But i refute all rumours i'm only playing it for the short skirts (not mine, the girls'...oh never mind)
Date : 01-02-2006 @ 02:23:32
mr caspartt
i don't look on hardrockin for two weeks and nothing happens i leave it for two days and everyone leaves a comment. so many questions i would like to be answered:
peter: what exam did you miss and why?
leo: are you bragging about winning netball?
fwaaaaaaa: should i know who Engelbert Humperdinck is or did you mention him cos he has a funny name?
replies would be nice thanking yow! icon
Date : 31-01-2006 @ 18:37:24
Great Alumnus, Great Name. Did you hear that one Boris Johnson is running for Edinburgh University (er)Rector. Oh, and just cos it was funny I'm going to quote my lecturer, reffereing to the enormous complexity of an issue:

"You have to take it all into account - the whole Kershwozzle"
not a touch of irony or hesitation in his voice...
Love it

and love everyone back home
and love myself (obviously)
Date : 31-01-2006 @ 14:53:37
Engelbert Humperdinck has been given an Honorary degree in music from my Uni. If Engelbert can get a degree here so can I!
Date : 31-01-2006 @ 14:32:28
We won 36-3. Scored about 15. Yes, i'm bragging
Date : 30-01-2006 @ 16:10:51
just saw a confusing film with steve coogan in called "cock and bull story". a post-post-modern film. Other than that on the campaign trail for my flat mate, who's looking to be elected the education rep next year. Love the christian union netball team, we're in fact geting our own team (mixed) back on the run. Looking to consolidate last year's third.
Date : 29-01-2006 @ 20:49:48
Ive just found out that there is a Christian Union Netball Team at Southampton. What a great acronym. they've even got poloshirts that say Jesus loves The Chrisitian Union Netball Team. even on aa bad day its posible to find something to laugh about.
Date : 28-01-2006 @ 16:08:24
I just misted an exam
Date : 28-01-2006 @ 10:29:20
Well, I'm alright and my timetable is pretty sweet too. I just dropped maths so I get Wednesday and Friday afternoons off (after 11am). Lots of time for lying in Bed philosophising, or otherwise..
Date : 26-01-2006 @ 22:47:41
mr caspartt
i feel bad i haven't been on hardrockin in ages. looking at the comments page makes me feel less bad cos one two people have commented since my last comment. any hows how is everyone doing at uni i have got a great week this term only one full day and three half days one of which has been cancelled everyweek so far so i have had four day weekends! icon
Date : 26-01-2006 @ 00:54:12
Date : 21-01-2006 @ 02:40:40
remember this?

leo was a stupid lad
he didn't know that drink was bad
drunk too much red wine
went over the line
he was sick not once though take your pick
three days it has been
which is quite mean

genius. it shouldn't work yet it does. Good times icon
Date : 20-01-2006 @ 01:44:45
mr caspartt
icon the picture of leo with otts and anna on the last page is one the best hardrockin pictures ever! icon
Date : 09-01-2006 @ 15:09:07
ace new pictures!
Date : 08-01-2006 @ 18:14:45
Pictures from the New Years bash in Brighton are up! Brighton New Year!
Date : 08-01-2006 @ 17:26:51
has anyone thought of setting up a hardrockin cafe? it would be awesome. We could have memorabilia from our adventures on the walls: The stone that joe bought, a Farrar's cake replica, Leo's Hair (and tash) samples. Diners could be served by people dressed as us on roller-skates. And, if i'm right in thinking that the Hardrock cafe has a crashed car in the side of its exterior, then we could go one better and have Tom's bike!
Date : 05-01-2006 @ 17:32:31
mr caspartt
fucking sainsburys
after all the crap of whether i could come to brighton or not and then getting only 3 hours sleep and telling basically everyone to fuck off. i go to work only to be told that they need to cut back hours and that i can go home if i want to!
i apologise to everyone i told to fuck off but incase you haven't guessed i need my beauty sleep. sorry leo i didn't help clear stuff up an stopped you sleeping in your room.
happy new year everyone!
Date : 01-01-2006 @ 13:37:30
happy xmas everyone
Date : 26-12-2005 @ 16:24:59
Firstly.... Merry Christmas Everyone!
Secondly... Im coming to brighton! I don't have my laptop anymore, but i have my mp3 player so ill bring that! I don't know about farrars! Someone confirm!
Date : 24-12-2005 @ 23:33:47
As we speak I am working on something awesome music wise...
You can hear it whether or not I come down to Brighton... I hear Farrar may not be partying on the 30th. Is this true?
Date : 24-12-2005 @ 20:33:01
Alright! icon So who's in? How many people are coming down? Is anyone gonna bring any music down? Could tom bring his laptop.
Date : 24-12-2005 @ 20:24:18
mr caspartt
i have manage to talk sainsburys in letting me start at 1 rather then 11 so i think brighton is a go!
Date : 24-12-2005 @ 14:15:11
das Gabe
Greetings from Germany Y'all!
Hope everyone is well. I'm ill but this trip is awesome. and yes, that is the right word. I am filled with awe. and some of it.

Right, I've got to gehen and do some stadt bummeling!
Date : 21-12-2005 @ 10:17:46
What have i become? I even misspelt christmas. Isn't that a sin?
Date : 15-12-2005 @ 20:39:28
jesus christ. I almost entered into a dissing match with gabriel. How sad is that? I'd discuss it with his mum, but her brothel's closed for chirstmas
Date : 15-12-2005 @ 20:39:04
come on caspar. Bunk it. Who the fuck goest to sainsbury's on new years day
Date : 15-12-2005 @ 20:36:03
just to make it clear that is not a down paymetn for sexual acts
Date : 15-12-2005 @ 18:51:12
mr caspartt
i am bored i will give money to the first person to come round to my house
Date : 15-12-2005 @ 18:49:42
The question is:
how late do you work?
Date : 14-12-2005 @ 16:50:54
cycle from brighton at 3 in the morning - dare you!
Date : 14-12-2005 @ 13:52:08
mr caspartt
leo don't know if you read the reply i left on your forum thingy but if you are doing something in brighton on new years i won't be able to make it because i have to work on new years day so i am going to have to be in london if i am going to try and get to work with or without a hangover icon
Date : 14-12-2005 @ 01:12:11
mom your mum.
Date : 13-12-2005 @ 19:18:59
yes, yes Dave. Very nice. We get to see you on saturday (Mail me to ask where we're meeting up. Use facebook to message me if neccessary). More Importantly,

RE Leo's post: Your mom is hotting up here. I'm thinking of spreading her over two, maybe three houses if everyone comes - which is likely...

I know where my priorities lie.
On top of your mom.
Date : 13-12-2005 @ 18:57:46
wooo, hey guys! I've just been on a huge procrastination binge and remembered about hardrockin! I'm glad it's still here icon sorry I've never posted, didn't really know this board existed... neway, hope you happy dudes are having fun. I'm coming down from cambridge on saturday (17th), don't know what time, but post plans somewhere and I'll come along if I can make it. Lots of loving, davx
Date : 13-12-2005 @ 18:12:37
Guys. New year's hotting up here. We're thinking of spreading it over two maybe three houses if everyone comes down which is looking likely. Put it like this, if it was a house party in south london we'd be there. But how much further is brighton really? An extar half hour or hour by train. Not much. Saying that if there IS something better on i'm fully prepared to stay in london. I know where my priorities lie
Date : 13-12-2005 @ 03:47:55
I'm a compliant. Your mum.
Date : 13-12-2005 @ 03:45:24
Gabe's Attorney
Gabe apologises for the trashy sentiment of the last comment. He would like to retract the statement about Mr Caspartt's mother and offer apologies. Gabe's comments do not reflect the opinions or policy of Gabe Inc, Gabe merely felt they were appropriate at the time. In hindsight my client realised he was mistaken and that the comment went agains the spirit of Xmas. Any compliants, please call 020 9627 626
Date : 13-12-2005 @ 00:08:40
maybe your mum likes pokemon
Date : 12-12-2005 @ 19:51:06
mr caspartt
i don't know mabye you like pokemon and signed up to it i don't get it
Date : 11-12-2005 @ 18:50:53
oh oh oh! Listen to this guys! I just got the best e-mail ever! I can't believe the stuff I just read - fascinating!


Why, caspar, am I receiving the nintendo pokemon newsletter? Please enlighten me
Date : 11-12-2005 @ 11:39:41
here, here
Date : 10-12-2005 @ 15:49:42
you sir. are a bum

anyword on new year?
Date : 10-12-2005 @ 12:07:48
mr caspartt
ooooh i don't know if i can make it i have some important lazing around to do like well i need to sleep and then have a itch maybe eat something. maybe if it was a bit closer to home i might be able to make it there
Date : 09-12-2005 @ 23:51:08
It even rhymes!
Leo you are a lyrical legend!
Date : 08-12-2005 @ 21:14:03
don't know when
but i'll be back
by then

Date : 08-12-2005 @ 18:18:34
I am back on 16th so see you all at the Clockhouse on Saturday night!
Date : 08-12-2005 @ 15:24:45
Im back on the 17th, so im well up for that aswell!
Date : 06-12-2005 @ 22:13:59
The time has come:
Dates people please.
When are all you psuedo-londoners coming back to the capital?
I'm back on Fri 16th. As the clockhouse now opens late, I propose a night there on Saturday 17th so we can catch up until the wee small hours. I'm dead exited about the new liscencing laws in England! Get back to me!
Date : 06-12-2005 @ 20:52:03
some things never change... :-)
Date : 06-12-2005 @ 16:12:07
Yeah anna posts! By the way, is that "met" in the biblical sense? Are you only inviting ex-lovers (one night stands excluded)?
Date : 06-12-2005 @ 00:31:10
Well, your idea is an ok one, about the cards i mean. But im afraid the voters have spoken!
Date : 05-12-2005 @ 22:18:55
Thought for the day :S
Why does London Bridge Station not have a platform 7?
Date : 05-12-2005 @ 16:46:28
mr caspartt
ok fwaaaaa it is christmas now i got a advent calander for 10p we are selling christmas trees at sainsburys and i saw the coke cola ad on telly. Also i have finished uni for christmas now!
Date : 05-12-2005 @ 16:45:11
The creative genius behind Top Trumps...
I realise we made a most unfortunate mistake. Tom's photo should have been the one of him looking up at the camera from the paris diaries. Sorrys. icon icon
Date : 05-12-2005 @ 13:51:17
Me too!
Date : 03-12-2005 @ 15:42:28
Yes i can make it. see you soooooon
Date : 03-12-2005 @ 00:08:15
Hey everybody, I'm thinking of making you all go for a meal with me on the 30th December as an early celebration for my birthday. Can you please email me if you're able to make it, and also give some suggestions about where we could go? You're all invited as long as I have met you at least...twice. Thanks sweeties! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date : 02-12-2005 @ 11:40:39
yo moma so fat that when she got on the scales the display said "to be continued"
Date : 02-12-2005 @ 01:58:38
Just a congratulations to everyone. Last Month we had 1108 Visits to the Site! That was from 509 Different people (2.17 visits/visitor)!

Most Popular Pages:
1. Main Page
2. Parties
3. Comments Page
4. Hardrockin goes to Europe
5. TV Guide
Date : 01-12-2005 @ 18:34:21
Its too close to christmas already, i really need to think about buying stuff for people now! Grrrrr
Date : 01-12-2005 @ 18:30:18
Well it is nearly christmas. i finish on the 16th, and for me that is the start of christmas. And that is soon. So there
Date : 01-12-2005 @ 17:32:03
mr caspartt
shut up fwaaaaa you are lucky that it is december so you are aloud to mention christmas now but it is not nearly christmas yet icon
Date : 01-12-2005 @ 17:27:35
Is it??? I didn't noticed by all the crappy adverts and shops full of christmas sales. I suppose im used to it though, seeing as it starts in September...
Date : 30-11-2005 @ 15:16:33
It is nearly Christmas!
Date : 30-11-2005 @ 10:57:22
mr caspartt
mario has appeared in two EA games basketball and Sking i don't have these though cos i think they are crap
Date : 28-11-2005 @ 12:12:10
Consider it done! Google Should pick up the change within a week or so!
Date : 27-11-2005 @ 14:21:39
People who fail to get a TV licence are pointing the finger of blame at pets in outlandish bids to avoid punishment, TV Licensing has said.
Recent excuses include the dog eating the document, and that it was lost when being used to line a snake's cage.

Officers have also been told the TV was "for the dog", and its owners refused to pay.

A TV Licensing spokeswoman said "some people will always try to bluff their way out" of trouble after being caught.
Date : 25-11-2005 @ 20:22:18
He must have every mario game under the sun
Date : 25-11-2005 @ 17:36:47
So how many mario sport games do you have now? Tennis, Gof, Football, Baseball. What next Mario Badminton, Mario Curling? Actually Mario Sking would fun!
Date : 25-11-2005 @ 14:49:08
mr caspartt
oh yeah i got the new mario kart for the DS today it is sooooooooooo cool. pity you guys don't have a DS cos multi player is wicked.
oh another game i got recently that you can play cos it is on the gamecube is mario football just trust me leo it is way better then pro evolution scoccer!
Date : 25-11-2005 @ 14:16:47
Tom is there any way of getting everyone else more involved in this forum. Has anna ever contributed, for example? Maybe we should do an email and get everyone to make it their home page
Date : 23-11-2005 @ 18:20:01
I'm glad you're with me on this farrar. It goes from bad to worse. We had a lecture where she said "so quotes the famous historian of sex richard cocks". Now i know that it's probably spelt cox but that's how she pronounced it and i got a silent fit of giggles again. And then i burst out loud when she started talking about this woman who had sexual fantasies involving naked snooker and steve davis. No one else laughed! No one! if you don't know who he is go to the wikipedia and you'll see.
Date : 23-11-2005 @ 18:18:58
Leo you are allowed to laugh out load at that. i would have. Sounds like your course is much more fun than mine wink wink
Date : 21-11-2005 @ 13:39:52
Everyone! Do it now!
Date : 18-11-2005 @ 18:17:49
I've put a pst on the hardrockin forum under "party announcements". Go check it out and post replies. We need to sort out new years eve people! (Tom, could you put a link to it here)? icon
Date : 18-11-2005 @ 13:20:34
Oh dear. I can't grow up. Got the giggles in my sexual revolution seminar when the teacher sugggested we read up on gay oral history. Come on, how was i supposed to keep a straight face to that? I'm just relieved caspar wasn't there or i'd have been gone. Oh and her research topic is currnetly dogging in great britain. Quite amusing. I wonder how she does her research?

Date : 18-11-2005 @ 13:08:53
Luch? I meant lunch and u knew that right?
Date : 17-11-2005 @ 13:38:37
Hey peeps xxx how r u all? I'm just on my lunch break at work and I'm a little bored. Ok, very bored! Anyways I'd like to see some replies so that I can be amused during lunch breaks when I'm not out to luch with the finance people! icon
Date : 17-11-2005 @ 13:38:03
Das Gabes
Ich gehe ins Berlin fur vier tage um mit merlin zu stadtbummel gehen. JAJAJA! Ich kann fur dezember nicht warten!
Date : 16-11-2005 @ 21:48:20
mr caspartt
i have a bowler hat so there
Date : 15-11-2005 @ 20:00:54
Hello! The time has come! I finally have a test/beta version of the Scrap Book up and running. Ok its effectivly a forum that you can post pictures on, but its the same kind of thing. I would like people to try and use it and tell me what they think, ill be making a feedback forum so you can all post there and tell me what you like or dont like.
Scrap Book

Also, i would like people to try and get into using the forums more, and dragging people along. I can make people (that i trust, and are computer literate, and have helped before, caspar, gabes, leo etc etc) Administrators or moderators on the forums so we can start to expand them. Drag your "other friends" along, and make new and exciting topics for people.

Only problem is, you will all need to re-register for the forum. It is not the same as the Hardrockin login, and if you registered for the forum before, then your login will be gone because of some hacking b$%.....

Admin icon
Date : 14-11-2005 @ 01:08:39
Sorry i couldn't have been there! But i will see you at christmas!
Date : 13-11-2005 @ 12:30:11
Great to see people this weekend. Will see you st Christmans, unless you want to visit...
Date : 13-11-2005 @ 10:01:53
Even though no one uses it, i thought i would let everyone know that the forum will be down untill further notice. This is because some F&%*ing twat, who i will say nothing more about, decided to hack it and put some crap up in its place. I should have it back on in the next few weeks.
Date : 12-11-2005 @ 11:20:22
Paranoid is my middle name... If you change the letters in Daniel...... (which is my actual middle name)
Date : 11-11-2005 @ 13:28:00
Really? That is very clever. And just a little paranoid
Date : 11-11-2005 @ 10:24:12
And for your info caspar, i have a thing on the site that does it automatically every 2 days for new comments that aren't from the admin! So no one tries anything!
Date : 10-11-2005 @ 21:25:31
That was for free my lovelies xxx
Date : 10-11-2005 @ 17:55:39
Monkey fell outta the tree, scratched a melon which then fell on top of a bear which then knocked over the tree that the monkey fell outta which then went on to squish the monkey. Moral of the story: Don't fall outta the tree. icon
Date : 10-11-2005 @ 17:54:47
Calling yourself Admin was a bit cheeky. Not surprized Tom changed it. Back in London tomorrow see you then!!!!!!!!!
Date : 10-11-2005 @ 16:21:09
Date : 10-11-2005 @ 01:40:57
mr caspartt
why you change the name tom it just looks stupid now you are a fool.
Date : 09-11-2005 @ 16:07:21
mr caspartt
hello this is your new admin the creative genius behind hardrockin's last masterpiece aka the one the only mr caspartt.
i require some help for my next amazement from you lovely people. i would like to make an advent calander on hardrockin with (you will never guess) hardrockin photos behind the doors! i would like you to suggest some photos that you think are christmas related or can be turned into by ue of a stupid hat or something similar. if you can think of any please email me (caspartt@hotmail.com) with the name of the party, the page number, and a little description of the photo so i can find it.
thanking yow. icon
Date : 08-11-2005 @ 23:37:16
The question re; mr jetha is as per his physics lessons in gravity:
did he fall downwards or dis the gap come up to meet him?
anna i dont know if you check this, but yes, I'm coming home! Leave a message if you visit the site!
Date : 08-11-2005 @ 23:29:58
Yes. Yes it is wrong.
I wholeheartedly dissaprove of your childish sense of humor.
Date : 08-11-2005 @ 23:28:10
is it wrong to find caspar's mishap funny? I'm sure he's seen the comic side. I think it'd be easier to find the image of mr jetha disappearing into the gap as funny.
Date : 08-11-2005 @ 18:29:46
urghghh - just one of those 6.20 mornings when you wake up on your bed fully clothed not really knowing why your head feels like a dog kennel...
Date : 06-11-2005 @ 06:19:48
Thats silly, thats what they mean by mind the gap....
Date : 06-11-2005 @ 01:28:19
mr caspartt
hello just thought i would let everyone know that in my drunkness/triedness last night i did a mr jetha and fell between the train and the platform i didn't fall all the way like i aways imagined mr jetha did but i do have a nasty cut on my leg icon
Date : 05-11-2005 @ 17:31:41
Leo get with the times. It is not Gabriel with Leather trousers that is the most explicate this on Hardrockin now. All I need to say is Top Trumps.
Date : 03-11-2005 @ 17:45:06
I love it. three people searched for gabriel arafa. I suspect daniel dronsfield on a lonely night in (sorry, bit of an injoke). Needless to say, i'm sure the photos of gabe in leather trousers didn't disappoint icon
Date : 03-11-2005 @ 16:20:27
Oh and by the way, all the weird results normally get you to the paris diaries icon
Date : 01-11-2005 @ 13:50:43
Just thought people would be interested to see how most random people find this site! here are the top search results:

Search Keyphrases
Full list
41 different keyphrases
"sex" 39 28.8 %
"sex chair" 12 8.8 %
"dirty sex" 10 7.4 %
"pictures of parties" 7 5.1 %
"hardrockin" 7 5.1 %
"lymerics" 5 3.7 %
"gabriel arafa" 3 2.2 %
"montmatre" 2 1.4 %
"sex anna" 2 1.4 %
Other phrases 41 30.3 %

Date : 01-11-2005 @ 13:49:54
mr caspartt
haooy halloween every one!
Date : 31-10-2005 @ 12:15:50
mr caspartt
i don't hate the library really i got monster inc. out of mine over the weekend which was quite nice and i am in the library now using the computer to look at hardrockin so it ain't all bad
Date : 31-10-2005 @ 12:15:21
mr caspartt
tom is that offer as open ended as the last one?
Date : 31-10-2005 @ 12:13:33
Hello people! Just to inform you that i shall be back in ye olde londinium from Friday the 4th untill wednesday the 10th of November, so if anyone wants to do anything, then im in!
Date : 30-10-2005 @ 15:21:30
I hate the library. There's always people interupting you when you're in the middle of something romantic in the renaissance history section...
Date : 29-10-2005 @ 18:57:03
I hate the library. They never, NEVER have the books you want. I especially hate it on a Saturday evening!
Date : 29-10-2005 @ 17:57:08
i hate the library. It's sole function is to fine your arse into pieces. icon
Date : 28-10-2005 @ 18:30:41
i hate the library. It's sole function is to fine your arse into pieces. icon
Date : 28-10-2005 @ 18:30:40
I am coming home the weekend of the 12th-13th. So fun for everyone
Date : 28-10-2005 @ 16:16:15
and dudette, I'm not sure... I may be staying up here for new year. I still havent seen a hogmanay.. Thanks for the offer though and if I'm in town of course I'll be there!
Date : 27-10-2005 @ 23:56:57
Pete you are a classic drunk... Very funny! I can say that the only pub crawl I've ever done is in London round the monopoly board! I can't actually believe that... I was very close to going out on one with mathsoc, but, you know, I'm cool.

I know the deadline feeling cas. I find that they are much better ignored. I have a huge one for next tuesday. I'm not even going to attempt this maths project (it has to be written up like an essay for ducks sake) until after this weekend...

Oh I'm having a party tomorrow night. Would anyone like to come? icon :
Date : 27-10-2005 @ 23:55:55
mr caspartt
icon arrrrrrgh! icon i have two deadlines tomorrow why haven't i done more work. oh well some things never change
Date : 27-10-2005 @ 19:10:48
the ramblings of a drunk in Southanpton
I have finally found people who appreciate cheesey dancing. they are at the sub aqua club and there is one guy who I know only as Blue who has earned the honourary title of dance sensei.
PS. Ive only just got back from a pub crawl as I write this and I am properly drunk - one guy was practically Josephed. icon
Date : 27-10-2005 @ 03:07:34
mr caspartt
hell yeah boy!
Date : 25-10-2005 @ 22:36:51
I tell ya wot, by that time I should have somewhere to live, who's up 4 a party at mine at new years? icon
Date : 25-10-2005 @ 19:46:04
Yeah Caspar is right, all you fools better come back so we can have a real good party. I think I'm actually in the country for xmas and New Year so around that time would be excellent
Date : 25-10-2005 @ 19:45:19
Score! I'm on broadband! Coming to msn near you! What's people's livejournal/myplace codes. I'm curious. And i love that after making that comment about how predictable the names on the board were some different names popped up. Oh and glad that everyone's unis are going well.
Date : 25-10-2005 @ 13:12:18
Well i personally think that it should be between Christmas and New Year or maybe even on new year itself! Look into that!
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 23:06:33
Good idea,
Let the planning commence for the Hardrockin Reuinion!
I'll look into my exam dates to find out when I'm actually coming home!
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 19:22:44
mr caspartt
grrrrrr icon leonie why you mae me look at the pictures again. all you fuckers better be back soon so we can have another party.
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 16:57:00
Those Party Photos were all done by semi-constenting semi-adults. I can't imagine anyone else I have met doing half the things we did. Nice though they are they are not the same as yoyu guys. But that is a good thing. Caspar is enough
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 15:01:48
I have, why did y'all use the scabby blow up doll impression photo of me?
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 13:32:04
Welcome back leez!
check out the top trumps! icon icon
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 13:13:06
I've added some comments on the latest party pictures. Look and laugh!
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 13:10:35
Poor caspar working in sainsburys. I'm workin in kingston at the mo. I have only been in for an induction and im gettin paid full wage for a whole week, I tell ya it beats jobseekers any day. Ahhh I'm so happy to be back on this site! Hugs 4 all... icon
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 12:24:09
Wow u know this site has come along way since I used to be content manager lol, I've missed sooo much! Did u all miss me? Can we have a devil emoticon please? icon
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 12:22:21
Guess who's back, back again, Leez is back tell some friends!!! icon
Date : 24-10-2005 @ 12:20:48
I've just been looking at old party photos - good times before we knew better, or worse.
before we knew anything in fact.
which we still dont.
Date : 23-10-2005 @ 18:35:06
mr caspartt
you heard anything to say otherwise?
Date : 22-10-2005 @ 13:20:42
Cas the man - are you still working at sainsburys?
Date : 21-10-2005 @ 17:16:59
mr caspartt
no i only have hoilday on the 30th
Date : 21-10-2005 @ 11:40:16
Well actually the 29th is not so good now. I have checked my work schedule and I have to work on Saturady. My Mum is coming Sunday/Monday and she has kind of pulled rank. Possibly another weekend, the two after that perhaps? The 5-6th or 12-13th?
Date : 19-10-2005 @ 10:43:23
mr caspartt asks
why do firemen promote fire safety, because if no fires happened they would be out of a job.
Date : 18-10-2005 @ 20:12:18
mr caspartt
ha i am going to see that one before you i am going to see corpse bride on friday icon
yeah i will be around on the 28th not like it is that hard for me to get to london
fwaaa is anna going to go see you on the weekend of sat 29th? because i have hoilday that weekend so i might be able to make it
Date : 18-10-2005 @ 20:09:16
I am off to corspe brideon saturday as I have a fan in my block. We won our sunday night pub quiz! We got 40 out of 45 the next team got 34. We whopped there arses. Last week we came third, only one point less then the university challenge team. (My aim for next year). I won't be coming back on 28th as my mum is coming the following monday. All is well as uni, work starts in earnest this week. I have been practicing pool, and am actually not too bad now. I play well enough to make it fun. Anna said she might come in two weekends time, if Caspar you want to come too, then you are more than welcome.
Date : 17-10-2005 @ 15:27:16
I meant to mention that I'll be back in london on friday 28th october if anyone's around
Date : 17-10-2005 @ 15:18:12
uni's cool. i've just been accepted into the sub aqua club and im going paintballing with some archaeologists
Date : 17-10-2005 @ 15:14:45
mr caspartt
wow i saw wallace and gromit today farrar is right it is amazing even though this twat ruined the ending by explaining it to his kid when i arrived. i can't wait for next week when i get to see corpse bride
Date : 14-10-2005 @ 21:46:24
I went to see Wallace and Gromit on Sunday. The best film I have seen for ages. Great puns and visual gags.
Date : 13-10-2005 @ 16:12:25
Well the scrap book is nearly ready. You are free to put pictures of whatever you want on there, there are of course limits only on how many pictures you can post and file sizes for each picutre (about 1mb per picture max)
Date : 13-10-2005 @ 13:47:44
That photo of gabriel is brilliant. But i'm ashamed. I should have rigged the voting. So you see me as a woman rather than an air guitaring god. FIne icon
Date : 13-10-2005 @ 12:58:46
Oh man. I let evewryone down. i missed the voting and everything. I forgot who my real friends are. And how weird we all are. Caspar you truly are one of a kind kicking off a debate about drains. I miss that. And i mean the parties never match up. They never descend into drunken orgies, spontaneous nakedness or mass air guiutaring. Though i am delighted to announce that i have finally unleashed "leo dancing" on an unsuspecting brighton, much to the amusement of my friends. I was doing it last night to eighties music dressed as screech from saved by the bell. And the worrying thing is, i know that none of you will find that difficult to imagine.
I can't belive igi busted down to edinburhg for only a 16 hours. He's shown me up for the incompetent sham i am. I'll make it there one day gabe i promise. anyone else want to join forces and go decemberf/january? I'm particurlarly aiming that at anyone prepared to play marathon games of shithead to pass the time (which means anyone i guess). Good to see i was wrong, hardrockin is live and well. Oh and tom can i use the scrapbook to put up uni pictures for people down here as well? Or is that a shameless abuse? I mean it'd boost traffic, and i'd tell people to click on the ads. See you all soon
Date : 13-10-2005 @ 12:55:24
Had a shit night guys... where is the love?

lend me some sugar, I am your neighbour
Date : 13-10-2005 @ 00:09:58
mr caspartt
please a drunk cyclist on a main road being able to count drains on one side was hard enough n way i could hve managed both sides icon
Date : 12-10-2005 @ 23:05:25
Was that on both sides of the road, or just one? If its just the one, could you count the other side please, so we can get an overall figure
Date : 12-10-2005 @ 10:39:57
mr caspartt
i went out and met up with my friends from last year matt, jodie, and geoffrey it is good to be able to go and get drunk with some poeple that haven't left me in london
by the way did you know that there is 83 drains between tesco on the old kent road and new cross i thought that was quite a lot
Date : 12-10-2005 @ 00:38:34
btw. guess what?
Igi just left this morning (6.50 train - arghgh!!) after a record short stay of about 16 hours including sleep. He suprised called me in a phil tutorial yesterday and said he was an hour away. Had great night of bar hopping, fajita wraps, fallaffel wraps, Louise's party-going, Family guy watching and HUGE sandwich eating. Not even the closure of the mosque could dent our spirits. Fab.
Date : 08-10-2005 @ 17:18:13
I thought I would let everybody know that I rock.
I spent 14 today in stores, fueling the corporate-driven wheels that power the capitalist machine we call society. This was spent at Tesco.

I spent 60+ at charity shops. This basically means that I can't afford to come home this year. Or eat anything other than porridge and lentils and...

no thats it. porridge and lentils.
But homeless people in scotland and desparate and starving people somewhere in the world will benifit. This is why I rock.
Date : 08-10-2005 @ 17:13:12
mr caspartt
how is you going to see wallace and gromit it isn't out untill next week
Date : 07-10-2005 @ 17:48:31
Hello all form Leicester. Freshers week is coming to an end. Went out with my Housemates the first three nights. Great fun. Found some guys how also like dancing, not as much as you guys obviously! Played a lot of pool, by the end of the year I'll be not too bad. Going to see Wallace and Gormit tonight, then get drunk at the flat. I won't be able to come and visit you yet as I have to wait for the student railcard to come. If you want to come and see me try the first weekend in November, I'll only a hour or so away. Miss you guys icon, but I am happy so icon
Date : 07-10-2005 @ 11:20:07
Date : 07-10-2005 @ 11:15:29
mr caspartt
started uni woo! it is werid beingin a room full of people where there is people with greater game additions then me!
Date : 04-10-2005 @ 20:13:16
Bye all! Played Top Trumps last night, it's a very impressive set. We goodbye and see you all at Christmas. Not sure how much computer access i will get, but will do my best to email next week
Date : 02-10-2005 @ 10:48:54
mr caspartt
yeah we played the first game of top trumps with a full pack on friday. i won (suprise suprise, seeing as i know most of the card by heart) there shall be more playing tonight as we say bye bye to farrar and peter
Date : 01-10-2005 @ 11:10:16
Top Trumps Voting is Now Closed!

The results have now been posted on the Top Trumps page. Go there and click on the link to see the results.
Date : 29-09-2005 @ 13:16:09
mr caspartt
everyone tell people that haven't voted or if you want to fake votes to get a picture you want on your card do so soon. i will be getting the results and stopping the vote when i get back from edinburgh on monday
hopefully me and tom (mostly tom) can work out a way of playing top trumps online soon! icon
Date : 23-09-2005 @ 12:00:11
We went to a new quiz at the Rye. It was a bingo quiz. I got a full house! Won 28!!! We then all had tequilla. Great fun icon
Date : 23-09-2005 @ 11:02:47
Well done guys! Who went to Sundays quiz? Were the questions hard? Trust you lot to win when i'm not there! Pah!
Date : 21-09-2005 @ 16:53:46
mr caspartt
forgot to say that we won the bean quiz! woo! we got 32 so we could get champagne. it will probably be the last bean quiz we do as a group.
we are going to the clockhouse today so hopefully we will get three in a row. icon
Date : 20-09-2005 @ 17:09:04
Jeez time flies!
Glad to hear things are positive so far. Life's good here too, and cas just said he's coming up thursday! oh yeah!

when can we put our pictures on this scrapbook thing? Feel the pressure tom? dont stress about it, just wondering if its still coming... have fun!

later everyone!
Date : 19-09-2005 @ 19:51:55
Hello everyone!

Im sitting at a PC in the Library at Uni. They still haven't actived my room connection, have to wait for Tuesday for that!

Im settling in very well and have already met loads of new people here, some nice, some just plain weird. (Not that they could get much weirder than you guys :P ) Hopefully ill have more to say and more time to say it when i get my net up and running!

Untill then, peace out!
Date : 19-09-2005 @ 17:45:59
good work guys! im just gonna do my duty.

love to all!
Date : 16-09-2005 @ 15:39:27
All vote! I have, but dont vote for me, i want a big hardrockin logo
Date : 15-09-2005 @ 17:44:12
mr caspartt
everyone go do you duty
tell everyone i didn't email! icon
Date : 15-09-2005 @ 17:41:05
mr caspartt
wooooooo we won the clockhouse quiz ... well we came third but that is as good as winning (you get a prize) third place when we only had four people (tom, igi, me oh and farrar) ok so farrar answered most of the question but there were some question he wouldn't have got with out the rest of us. for the first time there was a question that only i knew the answer (that is without peter saying "you know the guy from red dwarf")
any whos happy happy we won! icon
Date : 14-09-2005 @ 00:00:55
Touchy (touche, surely?). Yesterday was first day of coming up weekend. Took about 100 freshers out on the town with us. I think they had quite a good time. I got on a mic at one point, did a lot of running about and ending up loaning my deckchair to a flat downstairs. mmm. now its 7.30 and I have to do it all over!
Date : 11-09-2005 @ 07:31:37
mr caspartt
what are you talking about gabriel it was your mum and dad and LEO who won the quiz you just spent your time chatting up those scottish ladies icon
Date : 10-09-2005 @ 17:47:05
Cheers Tom, shame that your all thick as two short planks without me (and my parents). Sorry about the msn cutting out
it only seems to happen with you. I get one word out and you either dont reply or all my IMs come back unsent. I apologise. Training is sweet by the way, So many cool folk its hard to count!
Date : 10-09-2005 @ 00:59:20
Pah no! Not even third! Its alot harder than the other quiz, but it was a great night! Loads of people there! Missed you though!
Date : 09-09-2005 @ 20:32:11
How did the pub quiz go then guys? victory?
Date : 08-09-2005 @ 22:09:05
mr caspartt
thanks gabriel but i don't think sherman ever comes to hardrockin
Date : 06-09-2005 @ 09:38:11
Height: 3"1
Partied: 0 cos he's lame
Cheesed: He is a cheese
Hurled: He is a hurl, no wait; he's a poo (I forgot)
Handspan: pathetically tiny

Sherman: thou art a poo
consider yourself told by everybody that matters icon
Date : 06-09-2005 @ 00:42:21
mr caspartt
everyone tell sherman that he is a poo cos he wouln't give me details for the top trumps icon
Date : 05-09-2005 @ 22:43:51
Nice One Gabes, good luck with it all, i'm sure you'll be great!

Are you chairing the Sexual Awareness Speech? icon

Date : 05-09-2005 @ 17:16:26
I love all this debate about whether hardrockin is dead or not! Very entertaining. I just got set up online here at darroch court (just down the road from where I was last year) and thought I'd say hello.

This year is looking very promising. Had a great weekend with my folks showing them around. There wasnt too much hankywaving at the trainstation when I said goodbye either - which makes a change icon. So far in the flat it's just been me and Ben, who's been here for 2 years already. The place just got painted and it's looking pretty good for 1st year digs. I wish I'd been this lucky last year. I start training tomorrow at 9. I think the timetable is something like this:
a.m. Introduction and welcome speech
p.m. first aid and emergency procedures

a.m. Contraception and sexual awareness
p.m. Persuassion and seduction

Thursday is a special seminar given by doctor Knowingwink from the universty of Bangher entitled "how to make friends and inseminate people.

I think we get a goody bag with a certificate, RA badge that allows for "room-inpection" and a custom notchmaker (it's very good on posts).

Ok, with that entry and Igi's beutiful bunting on my wall I'm going to very quickly develop an unenviable reputation so I think its time for me to be going

Love to everyone who made my summer really fun and good luck with everything you're up to!

Don't all rush to stay at once...
gabe xxx
Date : 05-09-2005 @ 15:08:52
Caspar and Tom are right it is not the end, just a change. To be honest not as much a change as you seem to think. The lives of those of us who stayed in London last year were not really recorded in party photos. There weren't any parties. Now we are all off to pastures new, Hardrockin will have to change. And change it will. As Tom has planned we can record are activities at Uni and look back at past parties. But when we come back at Christmas and Summer we can still party. It might not be the same again, but then is was not same since Gabriel and Leo went to Uni last year.
Date : 03-09-2005 @ 18:38:03
mr caspartt
i am not going to give a goodbye speech because tom is right it is not over you lazy buggers who want to give it up can go and duck off icon
now we shall see hardrockin morph into hardrockin reunited icon
Date : 01-09-2005 @ 23:04:55
Thanks everyone, you guys rock. But don't give up so easily, its not over. Yes its the end of an era, but so not over. Hardrockin will still be here, doing its stuff. I know ill come back every now and then just for the pictures, but also once the diary and scrapbook are all running, then personally im going to try and post on that as much as i can. And i hope you guys will too!

Anyway all this has made me sad because it does feel like an end. But its not. Think of it more as a new beginning, where Hardrockin changes from a site that holds all our Party memories, to a site which helps us keep each other updated about our distant lives and makes sure that none of us are ever out of touch.

Cheers for all the help guys and girls.

Tom icon icon
Date : 01-09-2005 @ 08:51:05
Shed a tear for knowing that it'll never be the same again.
Let a smile spread across your face for how much fun it's been.

Hardrockin.net is not dead!
Hardrockin Forever!

Now, to pack - I'm leaving on friday!
TO TOM icon TO Cheese icon
Date : 01-09-2005 @ 00:32:43
I just read the home page again. It's so sad. Don't you just want to give tom a big hug?
Date : 31-08-2005 @ 23:42:06
To Tom icon
Date : 31-08-2005 @ 23:29:57
And i expect all regular sites to do qually fitting memorials. Best memories from it, etc.
Date : 31-08-2005 @ 23:29:35
#and so this message board for a week passes with no mention of one of the saddest, and eventually possibly momentous (warning: there is a lot more hyperbole to come)occasion in our young llives. Our cyber mother, our community of good times, the knowing smiling winking reminder of good times that is hard rockin will slowly be taken out of service, left as, and i quote, nothing but "a memory". This is it guys. R.I.P. what must be, in my opinion, the greatest living website, a hilarious reminder of how stupid we look. Enough hyperbole. I'm sad. We need some sort of memorial. Maybe i've given up the ghost too soon. But we can't force Tom to do this for ever. Let's face it, this is as good as time as ever to say to tom "thanks, thanks and thanks again" and let him get on with his life. We should do one last party, where the only one in the pictures is tom and we somehow find ways to back all the service he's done for us. In memory of hardrockin.net, gone (in the "regularly updated by tom" sense) but neve forgotten. Amen.
Date : 31-08-2005 @ 23:28:07
mr caspartt
notting hill was fun i will list some of my favorite moments they are not in any intentional order
1) anna saying "black people have more fun then white people"
2) a guy offered me some weed and when i said no thanks he offered me jamaican weed intead
3) leo saying that there must have been alot of weed in the air because his shirt smelt of it when we where on the bus home. we then realise that it was only his shirt that smelt.
Date : 29-08-2005 @ 22:00:34
mr caspartt
just thought i would let everyone know that on the 25th of August 2005, i (that caspar) beat gabriel on Bowser's castle on Mario kart 64.
many of you will not understand the greatness of this i think leo might and gabriel says that igi should understand too, for the rest of you just know that gabriel is a loser icon
Date : 26-08-2005 @ 01:13:47
That was quick! Blimey. Some classic ones on there. It's good to have some pics of me at home without my leathers on...
Thanks for coming guys and I hope you had fun!
Date : 22-08-2005 @ 00:23:57
Party pictures ready!: Gabriel's Party Pictures Enjoy!
Date : 21-08-2005 @ 16:29:39
Have i missed something?
Date : 17-08-2005 @ 19:23:50
Looking forward to the Hardrockin Top Trumps. ( Mushroom?) Oh Mushroom! icon
Date : 17-08-2005 @ 16:50:37

Date : 17-08-2005 @ 01:30:09
We are doing top tr
Date : 17-08-2005 @ 01:27:38
Consider it done icon
Date : 15-08-2005 @ 00:52:14
Hey all, I'm trying to get in touch with Anna and Leez. Could someone please give them my new e-mail address. It's eaves@rider.edu . I know this is a really bizarre way of getting in touch, but I'm 3000 miles away and out of ideas. icon
Date : 14-08-2005 @ 04:15:17
Gabe and mr caspartt
Hello Farrar! We just saw a twat called rupert that looked like percy buying property in slovenia. he was a twat because he was young and rich. we wanted to be him. or something. Thanks for poasting. it means a lot to us here at hardrockin. Non-denominational forces bless you on your travels. Don't think of lost when you fly home!
Date : 11-08-2005 @ 20:46:16
Hello from Slovenia. I wish I could have gone to the House of Ellie. I sounds like fun. Slovenia is great and will be back in Blighty on Saturaday, and then ready for the partry of Peter on Tursdazy. Sorry Anna i lost your address so no postcard icon
Date : 11-08-2005 @ 18:17:44
amen to that. I haven't been that gone in a long time
Date : 10-08-2005 @ 17:05:21
mr caspartt
wow i got drunk at ellie's house icon really drunk
Date : 10-08-2005 @ 10:16:58
mr caspartt
i like poker icon we should play more
Date : 05-08-2005 @ 03:15:09
Thanks guys, glad you had a good time. The house was not really too bad this morning, I say morning i mean afternoon. I go away on Saturday and my week is looking pretty busy, so I probadly won't see you all till Peter's party on the 16th. Or is it the 17th? Whenever it is. Tons of photos Tom. Some quite good ones.
Date : 02-08-2005 @ 23:24:07
Farrar's Party 02/08 New Party Pictures!!!!
Date : 02-08-2005 @ 17:59:02
5! you were lucky, it was 5:30 before i even found my front door... Pictures up later tonight guys! (Tuesday 02/08) icon
Date : 02-08-2005 @ 15:00:53
Good party Farrar.
You know its good when its 5am when you get back. mmmmm.
Date : 02-08-2005 @ 04:43:33
You're mum' so fat that when she sunbathes on the beach she gets rolled over and thrown back into the ocean by greenpeace.
Date : 02-08-2005 @ 04:42:38
mr caspartt
what is up with people there hasn't been a new comment in ages.
oh and tom what with this going to other parties when did we say that you could have other friends?
Date : 29-07-2005 @ 13:17:39
well its just in my nature. I didn't try, I just stole the show naturally. it's called charisma, flair, or - when I'm really on fire -
panache. Thanks for noticing. :-)

what's that you say? you weren't talking about me? oh ... ok
big brother is good isnt it?
Date : 17-07-2005 @ 18:39:20
Well i heard Peter's party was interesting! Can't leave some of you alone for 2 minutes!....
Date : 17-07-2005 @ 12:17:37
Date : 13-07-2005 @ 10:40:04
Honestly? im lazy, ill post here when i've added them to the party icon
Date : 12-07-2005 @ 13:53:06
which photos?
Date : 12-07-2005 @ 13:13:54
Mr caspartt
tom you have the photos now. why aren't they up yet?
Date : 12-07-2005 @ 12:07:14
Maybe thats because we know you dont go into central london! icon
Date : 10-07-2005 @ 16:48:34
mr caspartt
er hello i think you will find that i was the only person going into london on thursday no-one care much about me. okay so i was going to east london not central london and i was on my bike cos i had heard that the tube was fucked but still no-one asked howi was icon
Date : 09-07-2005 @ 17:58:09
Public service announcement
Gabe got back through it all OK. Farrar and Leo are alive too. I think thats all central londoners accounted for
Date : 07-07-2005 @ 19:07:18
goodbye. I am doing what Bob commanded. Edinburgh here I come. Tonight I sleep on a megabus...

make poverty history
Date : 05-07-2005 @ 21:03:55
Date : 01-07-2005 @ 10:22:38
My name is the gabriel
Date : 01-07-2005 @ 10:22:14
Date : 01-07-2005 @ 10:21:17
Date : 01-07-2005 @ 10:20:29
mr caspartt
i have made a poll too everybody go an vote

Caspar's Poll
Date : 27-06-2005 @ 15:47:53
I like the poll idea. So here it is! Great idea gabes!


You need to register to vote by clicking register on the forum. Please note, Hardrockin login and the forum login are different, you have to sign up for both to access them both. icon
Date : 22-06-2005 @ 15:48:17
poll time
Question: Sussex Pictures - the one with the university of sex in it. Will Caspar get any sex in that coat?

a) yes, lots. Red coats do it for me.
b) not much. I prefer suede.
c) I have a headache. Maybe tomorrow sweetie.
Date : 21-06-2005 @ 02:09:06
gabe and mr caspartt
yo my dudes. just another bull tin of what the bull and I have been doing. Cycling to Mile End (long way in this heat) to meet caspars mates. Geoffrey bought us a load of drinks and had a grand old chat with Matt and his gf Jodie. Caspar's friends rock. They are sound. Approved for sure. Then we drunkenly cycled home and ate chips, fought and caspar... wait for it..., whooped me at mario kart. 3 times.
Count it Gabriel. 3. That is more than you can count with 2 fingers.

I am humbled
eating pie as we speak.
Date : 21-06-2005 @ 02:03:06
To: Anyone who has a hardrockin email account

Please ignore and delete ANY emails claiming that you have something wrong with your email account. The site was attacked by a virus which attacked most of our addresses.

Hardrockin.net will never ask you for you password by email.

We are working to resolve the problem

Date : 20-06-2005 @ 00:03:37
mr caspartt
yeah like fwaaa dancing, leo sliding do the stairs, and now tom flying into the floor
Date : 15-06-2005 @ 00:11:20
How about a videos section Bob?
Date : 14-06-2005 @ 00:02:29
mr casspartt & gabe
just thought we would tell everyone that we spent four hour completing a puzzle of germany (trust gabriel to have a puzzle that is a map of germany) guess what when we final got to the end there was a piece missing. icon we also played shithead with a pack of cards that had six aces that was fun, icon
for those of you who don't know which is probably all of you cos i haven't told many people i got an unconditional offer from ravensbourne! icon you hear that unconditional that mean i can burn all my qualificaions and still get in, i could run down the street naked and still get in, i can sleep untill 12 every morning and still get in, i don't have to worry about dropping out of school any more, i don't have to work in sainsburys anymore (i probably will for a bit long but i don't have to) i don't have to do shit and i get in. sorry to all you people that worked hard to get grades to go to the uni you wanted to got to but i risked everything and quit and it has final payed off
i think gabriel is asleep now so i should probably stop writing and go to sleep seeing as it is ten to four but i don't have to sleep because i already got in ha!
Date : 11-06-2005 @ 03:51:22
Tom is zany
Date : 05-06-2005 @ 19:53:59
mr caspartt
for those of you who don't know tom is completly mad icon
Date : 05-06-2005 @ 18:32:43
hate to be the butt munch, but Leo.. What is up with your spellig huh? their? yuo shurley ment too say there. No? Wnet to Bellas exhibition today. There ws some really good stuff there, including a wollen phallus that speaks to you when you squeeze it! "can we get closer to each other". Weird
Date : 03-06-2005 @ 22:50:10
Yeah get in their caspar! Fuck a-levels! Get drunk! Yeah!
Date : 02-06-2005 @ 15:14:36
Well done to Mr Caspartt. The feeling of getting an acceptance is great.
Date : 01-06-2005 @ 22:39:25
mr caspartt
i knew i should feel good (do de do de do) cos i got a offer from westminster today icon(woooo!) in your face stupid people saying i need A levels. i hope i get a letter from ravensbourne soon cos i think i want to go there more icon
Date : 01-06-2005 @ 00:06:28
Peter took a photo of the cake at his house, but he has never showed it to me. Visiting Hardrockin is like a mega heart pang. A period of life, never to re lived again. Sorry to be so meloncauliflower but I have had a bottle of wine. I am bit dispointed, as the new intern how started at work is ugly and tall. I had high hopes icon. Missing everyone, I've had an extremly responsable spring (even by my standards) so I want a reckless summer, why not most diseases can be treated.
Date : 31-05-2005 @ 20:52:33
how dare you insult the might of those pictures? I tried to take A photo of the infamous cake but my camera failed. SOmeone has a pic though i'm sure. Ahhh a second a go i was really pissed off but now i'm happy, i've just found my essay notes i thought i lost, i'm listening to queens' first album for the first time in ages, the sun's on my back, and my internet's working. And i found a drummer who can play no one knows, and understands the genius of joey. Yes friends, life is sweet.
Date : 31-05-2005 @ 15:48:53
mr caspartt
i was looking through the photos and i realised that there wasn't a picture of the cake. you all know which cake i mean. (if you don't then you are worthy of reading this). i am taking about the cake. fwaaa's cake. surely someone got a photo of it and if not why not damn it. we have tons of photos of dave topless, leo "laughing", peter inhis drink pose, fwaaa being drunk and gay, gabriel in leather trousers i am quite happy to see some of these clasic photos go if someone has a picture of the cake. someone ... anyone ... there has to be a photo ... please?
Date : 30-05-2005 @ 21:52:31
mr caspartt
woooo i had been a bit stressed lately cos of having interviews for uni but i think both went quite well so i feel good (do de do de do) like i know that should (do de do de do)...
Date : 27-05-2005 @ 20:36:52
Hey i like all that mario party stuff! We've got it here now and the fight goes on. Oh and we found the most amazing video of a cheap super mario bros cartoon. It's hilarious. See you guys soon (i think, still working out when).
P.S. Gabriel you rock to.
P.P.S. I agree on both fronts of the "not rocking" field too.

Date : 12-05-2005 @ 22:13:15
Hey i like all that mario party stuff! We've got it here now and the fight goes on. Oh and we found the most amazing video of a cheap super mario bros cartoon. It's hilarious. See you guys soon (i think, still working out when).
P.S. Gabriel you rock to.
P.P.S. I agree on both fronts of the "not rocking" field too.

Date : 12-05-2005 @ 22:13:14
actually no. just crazed with fear and panic about my exams!
Date : 09-05-2005 @ 11:08:50
mr caspartt
gabriel were you drunk when you left those last comments? icon
Date : 09-05-2005 @ 10:00:30
Be cause I love you too much ba ay ay bee
Date : 29-04-2005 @ 19:14:28
The King
I can't hold on
Date : 29-04-2005 @ 19:13:54
We're caught in a trap
Date : 29-04-2005 @ 19:13:37
*with the following exceptions
- N*ra,
- James (small annoying-faced pal of Georgia and Lucy)
- Did I say Nora?
Date : 29-04-2005 @ 19:09:35
Correction and clarification
The following people also rock:
Igi, Peter, Tom (for rockinhard), Leeroy, Anna. Ollie and Leonie roll and pretty much everyone that has ever been to one of these parties and is in the photos rocks too.*
Date : 29-04-2005 @ 19:06:08
Leo, you rock.
Oh and also, when Leo was drinking the rum and said we should salute the captain (a gay samuel pepys), caspar in his navy jacket looks at him with bafflement and says "but I'm the captain"...
Caspar rocks too
Date : 29-04-2005 @ 19:03:49
just thought it was funny. I dont think I've ever seen Leo as smug and victory drenched as when he sneered att he 64; "well mr L, look at you now. LOOK AT YOU NOW. you like that dont you bitch" [this continued for some time, culminating in cackling and a statement of Leo's intention to "fuck you up", the subject of the fucking not completely clear..,. icon
Date : 29-04-2005 @ 19:00:07
mr caspartt
why you put mr L then?
Date : 29-04-2005 @ 00:39:16
oh ho oh
Date : 25-04-2005 @ 00:28:58
Cas it was me not Leo. Foolish one
Date : 20-04-2005 @ 01:06:44
mr caspartt
leo are you ashamed to put your name to mario party party till five in the morning (okay that does sound quite bad) just so people know we did other things as well icon
Date : 19-04-2005 @ 19:49:42
Mr L
See that what home is all about. Playing Mario Party till sun-up. Drinking rum all the way! Take care of yourselves. Come visit. Gabe
Date : 15-04-2005 @ 11:54:48
There is a God. There is not a God. I don't care because I dont have to prove it either way in a stupid pass-or-die end of year exam for philosophy. I got an exemption. Just found out now and its going to be the best night of sleep I've had in along time!

Hi to anna and tom and yo to everyone else! icon
Date : 14-04-2005 @ 00:37:13
Tom & Anna
Just a quick one from Byron Bay, no picutre this time. The picture is one we took in Dubai, cos we stopped over there for 2 nights and did a desert tour, so we were near those camels!
Hope everyone isn't missing us too much, we'll email you all soon hopefully
Date : 13-04-2005 @ 06:11:44
Great to see you guys are having a good time in the land of oz. I've just found out i've got one more cousin out there now, born yesterday (yes for one day he can't say "it's not like i was born yesterday") so the allen contingent gets stronger. I like the random camels (can we have a shot of some pyramids next?). Hopefully you (and everyone else) will come down to brighton in the summer. Oh and caspar i'm leaving in a week so best get snappy (geddit?) if you want another photo shoot.
Date : 11-04-2005 @ 23:37:41
Tom & Anna
Hi everyone, it's Australia here! We're having a really fun time, been doing loads and we'll put the pics on when we get back! We miss you all loads, Anna loves you all, Tom just likes you.(Sometimes, when you buy him stuff) See you all soon (except those going back to uni icon. We shall have to wait untill summer to see you people. Love from us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Some camels!
Date : 08-04-2005 @ 02:18:42
Ott's other half
I second that! icon
Date : 05-04-2005 @ 20:29:34
Bon Voyage to Anna and Tom! Have a good time guys. Don't get crook!
Date : 02-04-2005 @ 16:48:08
mr caspartt
just to let people know i got the air guitar photos back and although some could be good i didn't really have enough light i may want people to come back for another photo shoot with a flash.
Date : 30-03-2005 @ 14:28:37
mr caspartt
sorry tom no one had a camera at leo's icon
Date : 28-03-2005 @ 11:09:11
I'm back on Saturday. I bought the new Qotsa album and its pretty cool. Looking forward to a night at Leo's to cheer me up when I get back.
Date : 24-03-2005 @ 20:20:16
mr caspartt
tom you need a air guitar or rock symbol
Date : 24-03-2005 @ 17:59:57
mr caspartt
i am glad to say that my hardrockin photo shoot went quite well the photo will be developed by monday so we will know if it really good by then
thank you to my air band of peter, sherman, joseph and leo icon
Date : 24-03-2005 @ 17:59:18
As usual it appears ill miss most of the fun this Easter, Unless we have a house party on the 2nd, or 3rd. Which is doubtful! Make sure someone takes some snaps of everything that happens. icon
Date : 22-03-2005 @ 20:58:31
I hate beer. i hate dvds. i hate being a lazy slob for making me waste all this time not doing an essay on determinism and freewill. icon not really! I just finished it! (it is VERY shit) icon
Date : 22-03-2005 @ 01:13:19
I hate free will. I hate determinism. I hate philosophy for making me think more about mind than beer and dvds. icon not really - it's quite fun really!
Date : 21-03-2005 @ 13:46:00
Damn ill miss another party! i'm going away on Saturday icon Make sure someone takes some pictures though
Date : 21-03-2005 @ 13:39:11
I wont be able to make it as i am away! But ill force everyone else i know icon
Date : 17-03-2005 @ 21:30:28
shoot again
just to say, Tuesday week, the 29th of March. Shoot
Date : 17-03-2005 @ 19:06:29
mr caspartt
i will need you all to retune your air guitars after this party as i need the core of the hardrockin crew for the first official hardrockin photo shot. that right no more disposable cameras this time i need you and your air guitars for my personal project i am due to start next term. i am able to get access to my class's photo studio from monday to thursday next week i want to get as many photos as i can so hopefully we can make it a whole day thing. please contact me if you have any preferance over which day to do it (i am guessing gabriel won't want us to do on monday) i will have to go to work on wednesday so it is a choice of tuesday or thursday let me know
caspartt@hotmail.com icon
Date : 17-03-2005 @ 18:13:32
SHOOOOOOT! That sucks! I'm not home till tuesday! Bugger.
Date : 17-03-2005 @ 17:17:22
So there i am in an indie club when what should come on but no one knows. what do my so-called friends do? go to the bar! aaaaaah. I missed home very much at the point. i need to air guitar. Therefore trhis is official. Lets put hardrockin back on the map. Next weekend (almost certainly saaturday unless peeps can't make it then friday) there will DEFINITLEY be a party. So lets make it good. Loads of booze, bring all the classics that ewveryone loves, bring your friends (ok they're coming anyway but you know what i mean) and lets party like no one ever went away. Anyone who's been to a previous hardrockin party (which is everyone) should come along and get very drunk. I propose lots of tequila. See you next weekend (though i'm back on saturday so hopefully some of you sooner).
P.S> bring your air guitar icon
Date : 17-03-2005 @ 17:05:12
No they wont be able to yet. But im going away in 2 weeks and it WILL be working before that point so i can use it when im away!
Date : 16-03-2005 @ 09:37:40
mr caspartt
scrap that last question i just put diary thing in can other people see it?
Date : 15-03-2005 @ 11:37:15
mr caspartt
tom how long before you get the hardrockin diary's working? icon
Date : 15-03-2005 @ 11:33:44
Hi Y'all, haven't been on here in ages and spied gabriels request for people to do livejournal. Well someone some of you might know has one at livejournal.com/users/ginger_toast/
Date : 13-03-2005 @ 19:21:21
Hey Leo, missing london-people contact too. Free house at yours sounds pretty cool. I'm down for definate on Tuesday 29th March, late, so im up for anything from wednesday on. I def want to do a few gatherings or at least a trip to the union! Also to caspar, I'm in some serious need of something to look forward to other than a summer of work so hows about we plan the ireland trip over a donkey konga when I get back?

2 more weeks of work and I'm sorted. Wish me luck!

Take care all
Date : 09-03-2005 @ 21:12:50
thought i'd break the caspar-gabriel-tom cycle by saying 'hi'. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 3 weeks, been ages since i saw/spoke/smelled anyone. Distinct possibilty of free house at mine over easter, so keep things peeled

P.S. Looked at gabriels 'cupid' entry, thought i'd type "16" pizza eh?" and found caspar had already done so. Brilliant. They don't do innuendo like that in brighton (though they do have a gay vlub called club revenge, which brings to mind handbags at ten paces..)
Date : 03-03-2005 @ 01:18:04
mr caspartt
Gabriel two things.
can't you do a voice msn on msn (that is if it starts working again)?
also it is better if you phone cos it cost me money to be on the internet whereas if you phon me it wouldn't cost me anything
Date : 24-02-2005 @ 18:17:25
mr caspartt
16" pizza eh? icon
Date : 24-02-2005 @ 18:14:07
Re: Journal System at Hardrockin

Hello to you all, just a quick update.

The journal system is about 65% complete, i hope to find time this week to get some more work done. Anyone who has registered will be informed via email when the system is ready for use, so register now so you can use it as soon as its ready!
Date : 22-02-2005 @ 13:18:13
does anyone wanna:
a) do a livejournal or something so I can hear what you're all up to?
b) get SkyPE. It's a free online telephone thing that lets you talk through your mike to others who use it. Like a voice msn.

Missing ppl and it would be nice to not worry about my phone credit while I catch up.

Hope your all OK

(oh, and yeah, as Detective Caspar cleverly deduced, cupid was me... had a great day btw. board games, kaluha and table football from Louise. Plus a 16 inch pizza in bed that was brilliant) icon
Date : 20-02-2005 @ 21:17:05
mr caspartt
gabriel put your name to that stupid cupid message it is clearly you. tom y haven't you put up the first page of my paris diary. i did have something happy to say but i can't remember what it was so you will have to live with my moanings
Date : 17-02-2005 @ 20:20:54
Happy valentines to all of you people in the capital of love - London!!! Angelic shouts also to my homies on the coast, in the slums (Birmingham) and all around the UK as we prepare to party the night away in honor of St V...

*gets shot*

have a nice day everyone!
Date : 13-02-2005 @ 23:13:26
mr caspartt
stop your moaning gabriel i am sending tom the second picture for day 1 now so he should be able to put up day 1 shortly icon
Date : 12-02-2005 @ 23:36:17
Hello Hardrocker's, small bit or news.

You may find that in the next 3 days hardrockin may not be accessable from all computers. This is because i am having the website moved to an English server to speed it up a bit. So bare with it! icon
Date : 11-02-2005 @ 14:30:19
He's had enough time Tom. Put the pictures up. I need to see them. Hope everones ok. I'm writing an essay at the moment listening to cat stevens.

just so i dont forget, fight song by dlaming lips sounds like it was ripped off from 'father and son' by CS. icon icon
Date : 08-02-2005 @ 15:46:04
mr caspartt
tom i have started to write my own diary to go with the pictures i have draw so don't put them up yet
Date : 02-02-2005 @ 08:48:23
mr caspartt
she got caught on a bendy bus without a ticket but sherman was on the same bus with her and got caught too but nothing happened to him. weird no? icon
Date : 02-02-2005 @ 07:26:42
I'm personally guessing its something to do with London Transport?
Date : 31-01-2005 @ 11:10:23
Why did rachel get taken to court?? WHat?
Date : 31-01-2005 @ 09:58:12
mr caspartt
that should say 'however they' not 'how they' sorry icon
Date : 29-01-2005 @ 12:27:09
mr caspartt
just thought i would tell everyone that i am not mad at london transport as much anymore as they sent me a new oyster card very quickly (i reported it lost on tuesday and got a new one on thursday!) how they still took rachel to court so they are still a bit shitty!
Date : 29-01-2005 @ 12:25:46
Thanks caspar, i didn't realise i accidentally uploaded the wrong thing to the wrong folder, what a fool i am sometimes... icon
Date : 26-01-2005 @ 12:39:40
mr caspartt
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! tom i tried to calm down by looking at hardrockin goes to europe and the link doesn't work. i goes to the home page but doesn't load properly
Date : 25-01-2005 @ 18:14:11
mr caspartt
hey everyone, i lost my oyster card today and i thought i would grumble about it to everyone. i had to pay 5.15 on travel today because i lost my card. two buses and then i had bought a return to charing cross on my young persons railcard which was lost as well cos they were together so i had to get a single back. icon grrrrr. to make it worse when i tried to report my card lost just now on the web site they were asking me to register my card before i reported it lost by entering 12 numbers that appear on the back of the card! how am i meant to do that if i have lost it! arrrrrrrrrrrgh! icon you can have more of me ranting if you start that online diary thing tom.
Date : 25-01-2005 @ 18:09:13
mr caspartt
who ever came up with the likes and dislike for tom i think it is brilliant! icon
Date : 14-01-2005 @ 12:43:26
mr caspartt
hell yeah, you people know you want to go to Barcelona icon
Date : 14-01-2005 @ 06:05:14
Wow. A master work. That was awesome! Well edited and brilliantly written. Thanx for the memories icon

Roll on hardrocking goes to Barca?
Date : 11-01-2005 @ 20:09:42
Hardrockin Goes to Europe Released on the World!!

Finally got it finshed (Bit late i know) But anyways, enjoy! icon

Hardrockin Goes to Europe
Date : 11-01-2005 @ 14:22:20
Goodbye Everybody! Had a fun couple of weeks and will miss London a lot. I'm leaving this afternoon so I won't get a chance to go to Alexander, Ice-skating or anything else. Take care and keep the site afloat. I'll be glad to do an online journal for hardrockin, esp. if others do one too. We could make it a weekly update of what ppl have been doing.

See you all at Easter
Gabe xxx icon
Date : 06-01-2005 @ 07:50:40
Thats a great idea actually, i will look into that, as long as you are the first person to sign up for one! icon
Date : 05-01-2005 @ 14:08:57
mr caspartt
tom you know them online diary thingys that people do how hard would it be to set one up cos people would go to the site lots if they were doing one of them! icon
Date : 05-01-2005 @ 08:47:18
mr caspartt
tom i will do anything thing to help keep hardrockin rockin (apart from things that dave and farrar like doing). i don't really have any free time but i never do what i am sposed to be doing so i may as well be doing something worth while! icon
Date : 05-01-2005 @ 08:40:41
Happy New Year to Everyone that reads this. Here's to 2000 and 5 being another great year!
Everyone in Brighton: I'll see you in a few hours.
To absent friends: our thoughts are with you (and beer)

Have a good one everybody!!!
x icon
Date : 31-12-2004 @ 10:02:19
Surely the main attraction of hard rockin is the party pic's right? Once we get the new year's stuff up then i'm sure the visitors will flood back in.
Date : 30-12-2004 @ 15:51:57
First of all, Happy Christmas and New year all!

Now for some happy, but also some possibly sad news.

On the 10th of Jan, I hope to have Hardrockin Goes to Europe finished! (For those of you who do not know, then wait, it will be worth it). Also, if all goes to plan (which is never does) i should have the new hardrockin shop running. What is this you ask? Well its a shop, on hardrockin. Offering everything from music CD's, to games and DVD's.

Now for the sad part. Due to lack of support from anyone, and the fact that i just don't have as much free time anymore, and other personal stuff, Hardrockin may be coming down in the next few months. This isn't def, but unless we start getting more visitors and i can get people on board to help with new ideas, then i don't see much point in keeping the site running. So I'm going to give it a few months, do some promotion, add some new things and appeal for more help. But if i don't get anywhere, then im afraid it will have to happen. I will be posting Access statistics in the next few weeks so you can all see what i mean about the site losing visitors.

Thanks to all the people who have helped in the past, you helped make it all possible!

Untill next time folks, all have a Great New Year!

Tom (Hardrockin Admin) icon
Date : 28-12-2004 @ 17:07:06
mr caspartt
happy halloween everyone! icon
Date : 25-12-2004 @ 06:18:35
stoner boy
yeah i'll go to your party thing
Date : 17-12-2004 @ 06:49:29
Hey everyone i'm back. Just a post to see first if anyone wants to see the oncredibles as i haven't seen it yey and secondly another message about new year. Obviously if it is going to happen at sussex it'll take a little more preparation than before. A lot of people seem interested but i need NAMES damn it. Clearly gabriel's in, but can you post your name/ or email me if you wanna come. Bear in mind there'll be lots of other people from uni there, so it should be a really good party. icon
Date : 15-12-2004 @ 09:35:08
Well Congratulations to Farrar! Why you ask? Well for winning the caption competition thats why!
Go to the caption page to find out what he said! icon
Date : 13-12-2004 @ 07:30:50
I'll go icon it'll be cool to meet your mates and see your digs.
Date : 12-12-2004 @ 18:30:14
Oh and and open invite to everyone. I have tenancy of my uni house over new years and all my uni friends are bringing people down to party, so i'm also gonna. Basically, anyone who wants to come down to the uni campus for a new years eve party is welcome, two warnings: my house isn't huge, but we can always wander round campus or into brighton or just let the party spill on the roof, and my room isn't huge, so there won't be much sleeping space. however, i'm sure we can squeeze you all in, and who really wants to sleep over new years eve?? Any comments/ideas about this welcome. See y'all soon icon
Date : 06-12-2004 @ 14:17:00
Hey caspar realised this is as good as way as any to contact you and to say thanks for the boris/bruce pictures. They are soon to take pride of place on our boris/bruce appreciation fridge. didn't he do well?
Date : 06-12-2004 @ 14:12:29
Actually, i forgot to put up that it has been extended to the 10th of December, due to lack of entries. Ill post a comment here for the winner and email them. icon
Date : 05-12-2004 @ 16:08:33
mr caspartt
tom i just entered the caption and it said it ended on the 20th of november who won?
Date : 05-12-2004 @ 13:04:57
Hey Mike, why do they call you Iron Mike? icon
Date : 01-12-2004 @ 14:33:46
hey mike, why do they call you Iron Mike? icon
Date : 01-12-2004 @ 14:31:48
New party pictures added from Farrar's Party: 20/11/2004. Look at them here icon icon
Date : 24-11-2004 @ 13:39:31
I don't remember removing them, but im sure if i did, that i had a good reason (possibly my live was in danger) icon
Date : 11-11-2004 @ 14:20:04
monk who has taken vow of silence
i am back on my vow of ... of shit icon
Date : 10-11-2004 @ 09:20:42
mr caspartt
tom why have you removed the comments on the photo of yoanna from laurens party i believe the comments where about germans and gabriel?
Date : 10-11-2004 @ 09:14:07
Dr Bob
Yes Gabriel/Leo, you are houses, Houses of LOVE!! icon icon icon
Date : 03-11-2004 @ 09:55:15
Maybe... depends if i can get credit card payments set up! icon I suppose i need permission from her, but im sure she wouldn't mind at all.

Admin Turns Hardrockin into a Seedy porn site... icon icon
Date : 03-11-2004 @ 09:52:34
mr caspartt
tom when you say other pictures like the special picture do you mean the one of anna at the top of the eiffel tower?
Date : 03-11-2004 @ 09:30:15
mr caspartt
iam guess that gone to uni is leo or gabriel and yes when i want to have a hallween party you are just a house icon
Date : 03-11-2004 @ 09:26:18
gone to uni
i see mr caspartt i'm just a house now, am i? icon *goes off in huff*
Date : 02-11-2004 @ 09:40:05
Dr Bob
Well you could have a comma if you asked the Admin for one, but i suppose you learn from your mistakes icon
Date : 01-11-2004 @ 09:49:37
iam sorry Dr bob can i have a comma after casper is right,,, it was ment to b a diffrent sentance but on the same lines....sorry if i confused you so.
Date : 30-10-2004 @ 18:38:59
Yes don't worry about that. I am finding a new home on the site for that picture (and hopefully for others like it) icon icon icon
Date : 27-10-2004 @ 17:43:21
mr caspartt
tom i just noticed that you don't have the special picture from peters house on the new site
Date : 27-10-2004 @ 09:55:40
Dr Bob
Haha stupid icon Battery Man, I didn't read Mr Caspartt saying that, only you! (Dr Bob hands Battery a how to read teacher) icon
Date : 26-10-2004 @ 17:19:17
yeah casper is right hard rockin isnt quiet rockin with out the parties........
Date : 26-10-2004 @ 16:05:32
mr caspartt
grrr people going to uni so we can't use their houses for parties
Date : 23-10-2004 @ 11:37:58
Date : 18-10-2004 @ 04:27:33
site looks cool
now bring on the part'as
Date : 18-10-2004 @ 04:02:33
Bravo mate,

Site is looking class icon
Date : 17-10-2004 @ 15:48:58
Welcome all, to Hardrockin V2.0!!!!

Yes finally its here, the site has been updated. Hopefully you will find a few new features on the site (some still to come), and everything should load alot faster and be alot easier to use!

I would like to thank everyone who has given their support to the site over the last year and a half. (We have been running since 05/05/2003) Also i want to thank all the partiers, who keep HardRockin, Rocking!

Lastly, i would like to take a moment to remember the people who have gone away to uni, they were great at our parties, and we miss them. But roll on the New Year Party!

Hope you like the new site, any problems can be posted on the forum or sent to support@hardrockin.net

Thanks! and have fun! icon
Date : 17-10-2004 @ 11:59:37
Oh and if anyone's interested fresher's week was fun. I've quite possibly been put in the best flat on campus people-wise everyone is great. Everyone plays guitar and we've already worked out some songs like "hit me baby one moe time" in welsh and an acoustic-jewish version of gangsta's paradise. I might be doing an open mic soon with my next door nieghbour who's an amazing blues guitarist and hell even the work's pretty good. My course sounds really intersting and I'm combining it with philosophy at the moment so I'll be ready when I come back for long stone philisophical chats. Definitely agree with gabriel though, the think I like least is dancing as I'm too scared to "leo dance" or air guitar and it's just not the same (though i have introduced amputee dancing to a friend), plus there's only been one good dj so far who finished on "sweet child o mine" and will smith's "boom shake the room". Sweet... How y'all?
Date : 04-10-2004 @ 06:45:09
Yeah that blow up thing was mine and farrar's idea. farrar got the doll i did the mask. And I think it was definitely to do with the black absinthe that everyone was making fool's of themselves ( apart from me, I merely lost my top and fell on the floor accidentally a couple of times). But like gabriel I'm haviing to view the photos in a public place too which is almost impossible. I'm just hoping my uni friends don't find out about this site...
Date : 04-10-2004 @ 06:39:52
New Comments Test icon
Date : 03-10-2004 @ 17:05:42
mr caspartt
i was making you piss not blowing you from behind
Date : 01-10-2004 @ 12:48:29
and thank you thank you thank you...
whoever got that buff replica of me made up! bit disturbing to see caspar blowing me from behind, but in general it was amazing! Hope everyone is still enjoying themselves. Will be back to post when I finally get more permanent net access. Take care Gx
Date : 27-09-2004 @ 10:44:29
I just saw the farrar farewell pictures. I'm in a public place so I don't think I can look at them again. That party looked crazy. Was that because of the black Absynthe or just cos I wasn't there?
Date : 27-09-2004 @ 10:41:41
Oh my God
Oh my God
Date : 27-09-2004 @ 10:40:27
I know it's going on now, and I know I should be partying too, but heh, Im in front of a computer so I just thought I'd say hi and hope Leo's went well when you get a chance to read this. Edinburgh is really great and I feel really at home already. I am going to have a few wee stories to tell at new year that's for sure. Thanks you to everyone who has got in touch with me and apologies for the lack of replies. Im using a friends laptop now, My internet comes on early next week....

I also wanted to say, loets not have so much negativity and lack of activity on this board. Hardrockin never has been boring and its a bonny resource for staying in touch with people. So lets have a few people posting telling us (OK me) what they've been up to. How does that sound?

In anycase, I am missing everyone hugely, and the regular no one knows hoe-downs even more (they dont seem to have kicked off in scotland yet. When I get internet access, write to my hardrockin account. I'll give y'all details when I'm ready to use it. Oh and big shoutas out to the Kong Kru (and notice I didnt say kong massive, as that might have gotten confused with massive kong). See I havent changed!

Till then, take care
Gabriel x icon
Date : 24-09-2004 @ 17:57:28
mr caspartt
tom just out of interest who is boring because they are a bit of a prick and it would be nice to make sure they aren't invited to anything
Date : 24-09-2004 @ 07:25:59
1. I know what im doing
2. I do have a life you know, with other things to do. If you knew the complexity of the site you would know that moving it over to our new look site with new features (http://www.hardrockin.net/hardrockin2/) isn't something that i can just pull out of my arse.
3. Its all well and good saying i should be coming up with all the ideas, but no good sites are ever run by just one person. I have appealed many times for help, but no one ever came forward. A community site only works if people from the community want it to work. And help it work.

You saying all this stuff is all well and good, but its not something i haven't heard before. Also, you should know about the "little get together" happening this week. If you haven't been invited, thats not my fault. To be honest, i don't think advertising parties on a site that has over 700 visitors a month, most aren't even from london, is a good idea, do you?

Admin icon
Date : 16-09-2004 @ 04:08:30
dude if u know who i am then u know im goin uni out of london
what im trying to do is get stuff workin man i mean the site is out dated
now people are moving on and you gotta maybe try and set up little get togethers before people finally leave
people are gonna still want to leave messeges and chat to others but this site isnt appealing anymore maybe you should put info up instead of waiting for others to do it
Date : 15-09-2004 @ 17:47:39
To, Boring.

Dear Boring,

If this site sucks so much, and you think its not going to go anywhere, then why do you keep coming back to post comments? You don't think i know who posts what comments? I know how long you have been coming here. Such a negative attitude deserves a ban from the site. But i am not that evil, so i live happily in the knowledge that stuff is happening behind the scenes, stuff that your tiny brain couldn't even begin to understand.

So to round it off, Boring, you are obviously bored, because you come back to post comments. So bugger off, or come up with some great ideas of your own. icon
Date : 15-09-2004 @ 08:26:14
http://www.fr****bs.com/*******/ << Link removed
Reason: Do not use this site to promote your badly made site with no content. Piggy Backing on other this sites popularity is only allowed with express permission, or by purchasing advertising space.

Date : 14-09-2004 @ 18:28:37
ok i will but i mean u r paying to keep the site running aint u so if ur not gonna do anything to it then dont waste money man drop the site
Date : 13-09-2004 @ 16:53:49
How about you make a site, build up a community and do it your self ?

Some of do have lives, and some of do have higher priorities like work?
Date : 11-09-2004 @ 12:57:48
dam man do summin to the site theres nuffin happening here anymore
this sucks man
Date : 10-09-2004 @ 19:27:39
Ok, quick, you go in the toilets and get me some condoms and meet me back here in five minutes... In the meantime I'll go and get you some breath mints...
Date : 02-09-2004 @ 20:58:56
You're so fine, I'd suck your daddy's dick just to get some of where that came from
Date : 02-09-2004 @ 20:53:46
the masked midget
hello once again my little onces. yessss hello. well here we are face to face once again my little fluff bunny's. i know you have all been missing me but dont worry, have no fear because i am here. my real name is sherman and im stupid. thankyou
Date : 28-08-2004 @ 03:54:58
hey admin ca we get sum local band demos adn such cack upp on da site?
Date : 26-08-2004 @ 16:41:00
Monkey Boy
Date : 25-08-2004 @ 20:47:45
hmmm icon
Date : 25-08-2004 @ 06:16:46
stoner boy
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo! icon
Date : 20-08-2004 @ 14:02:09
All notifications will happen in the Hardrockin Forum, see there for details on new parties! icon
Date : 10-08-2004 @ 16:57:24
Well the trip to france certainly was fun! icon

As for the Pictures, everyones will go up in a seperate section, and i shall make a feature page with Leos Diary, some of the best pictures, and anything else that people would like to see.

To submit your ideas, diaries and comments, click on the link below and click on Hardrockin Goes to Europe. Hardrockin Forums

Thats it for now, ill give more updates when im back from Germany. Peace out. icon
Date : 04-08-2004 @ 03:28:02
hey everyone back from france and finally got to see Caspar's photos (did anyone else notice peter's brother dressed as a village person?). The rest of France was pretty uneventful for anyone who's interested, except for finding out about an abbey built by a guy called Baron Simon Georges Joseph Pfaff Von Pfaffhaussen which for some reason seems to me to be quite a good alternative name for Gabriel if he ever became a baron...
Oh and when is hard rockin goes to europe coming up? Will it have tom's photos or everyone's??
Date : 30-07-2004 @ 11:23:04
settle down beavis
Date : 30-07-2004 @ 05:33:41
mr caspartt
waaaaaagh nobody has left any comments or anything for aaaaaages. where has everyone gone?
somebody needs to have a party then people will come back. yeay. i not have a party though someone else has to do it i don't want my house getting messed up there is to much crap in it already. woah look at me i am not really going to get anyone to have a party if i tell them that their house will get trashed. oh never mind i am sure everyone knows that by now. i think i will just stop talking now, well i am not really talking am i, i am writing ... k
Date : 27-07-2004 @ 16:57:03
Coming to a computer near you ...
Hardrockin' Goes to Europe!
Date : 18-07-2004 @ 13:22:33
p.s. ow u doin.....? icon
Date : 09-07-2004 @ 19:40:19
mrs x
you cant make comments directly under the pics!!! the pics im talking about r the 'special pictures' from peters...grrr!! I want to start up a petition, that the UNCENSORED picture be put up on the site!! hmm..doubt ne1 will see this comment as it is on this werid board away from the pics..*baffles the mind*..ooh, better stop rambling! i demand proper naked pictures!
Date : 07-07-2004 @ 14:48:05
mr caspartt
hello everyone just to make sure i have embarrassed leo enough this week i found these photo from my sisters party in 2000. hope you enjoy them.
Click here to see them!
Date : 06-07-2004 @ 17:44:53
not a comment about the site as such but someone left a leather jacket at my house on friday... perhpas arthur or ollie... who knows...
Date : 04-07-2004 @ 07:28:11
tee sid3
i happenned to stumble across this website, and i have to say chaps (because i assume and hope that you all are teenage boys) that you are frightfully weird... enough for now...
Date : 28-06-2004 @ 15:17:15
Dj Admin
Lets not forget Hardrockin Radio icon 24/7 rock/punk/metal and new age music... just the way it should be!

Coming to a site near you.. watch this space!
Date : 19-06-2004 @ 06:06:01
Hello everyone! Exams nearly over for us A-Level peoples, and that means things on hardrockin are starting to move along. You may not have noticed any change, except new pictures, but we are busy making Hardrockin2, which will replace the current design. You can have a look at it here. If you have any comments or suggestions post them here. icon

We hope to have the new site up (not fully complete, but better then this) In about 2 weeks, so watch out for the change!

Peace out icon
Date : 17-06-2004 @ 18:00:39
im free!
no more learning for another summer icon
just wish i had something better to do icon
Date : 17-06-2004 @ 17:07:58
Sid says
nah man - theres bare squirells boppin in the bread 'ass
Date : 16-06-2004 @ 08:05:11
simone parle
les treebunnies sont a la backeree - il ya beacoup d raskaltude
Date : 16-06-2004 @ 08:03:58
simon sagt
Eichonchen werden verruckt in die Bwokoreiii
Date : 16-06-2004 @ 08:02:19
simon says
squirrels go mad in the bakery
Date : 16-06-2004 @ 08:01:24
mr caspartt
sorry ignore the last message we did have a gig lined up but my band don't talk to each other properly and it turns out lina can't do it so we won't be playing
sorry icon
Date : 13-06-2004 @ 12:45:21
MootRebel are playing at the paradise bar on wednesday 16th june. this is a bit late notice but we only just got it confirmed. pleasse can everyone come and suppport them (i don't care if you have exam)
mr caspartt
Date : 13-06-2004 @ 04:33:03
Thanks Tom!!!!
The new photos are great - well worth the wait. Haven't finished looking at them cos I was laughing so hard. Praise has to go to:
- caspar for his cheesy tash and pirate grin
- dave for getting it all off and looking so damn disco about it
- and leo... wow! hail the luminous phallus. he can strum it, he can eat it, he gets it out at a moments notice - obviously makes him very happy... icon

keep hardrockin rockin
Date : 03-06-2004 @ 14:22:05
Will be putting them up soon, but having trouble with the site at them moment, so bare with me icon
Date : 01-06-2004 @ 15:04:26
mr caspartt
tom you should have picture's from my party and from rachel's you going to put them on the web site
Date : 01-06-2004 @ 11:23:03
ooh ahh
get your thumb outta there
Date : 28-05-2004 @ 19:08:01
Date : 28-05-2004 @ 16:33:01
Spank me im horny!
Date : 21-05-2004 @ 17:56:05
Pizza The Hut
LINK REMOVED | Reason: Violating Advertising Rules. To purchase advertising space email sales@hardrockin.net | Only amusing or important links may be posted without permission.
Date : 20-05-2004 @ 18:14:38
Dj admin
im Toby.. simple as that....
Date : 12-05-2004 @ 03:54:26
Lost and Found
Hello, this is the first post of the lost and found bot...

2 Item found at Lucys party

1. Black Cow Boy Type hat
2. Black and silver Calvin Hill Belt

email: lostandfound@hardrockin.net to arrange getting these items back.
Date : 10-05-2004 @ 16:50:38
the masked midget
helllllo this is the masked midget.well my ducklings its a joy to chit chat too you all once again. i have completed my charity work for pants for amsertdam. now im just being a bit of a bum. icon well there is a point to this msg. so here goes a fatastic band i met are playing at the paradise bar on tuesday 11th of may and again on 21st at some pub in crystal palace. the are called THE DOMINOES! I WANT THEM U WANT THEM WE ALL WANT THEM! SO BE THERE! P.S I'LL BE THE ONE DANCING IN A CAPE. so nite nite my pumpkin heads. x x much love ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Date : 09-05-2004 @ 17:32:22
who is everyone? it time 2let everyone know who you are!
Date : 08-05-2004 @ 09:05:54
yea man laurens party rocked
i worship the ground you walk on
Date : 02-05-2004 @ 17:07:36
moot rebel play at 8pm
free before 8pm
Date : 02-05-2004 @ 16:59:34
Pictures from William's 18th Birthday Party have been added icon

icon || here || icon
Date : 02-05-2004 @ 04:39:23
dj admin2
a time would help :P
Date : 30-04-2004 @ 10:01:42
playing at the Paradise Bar
Date : 26-04-2004 @ 17:22:12
yes leonie im ed i thought the name sorta gave it away lol
Date : 16-04-2004 @ 17:04:18
Gabriel is right, there should be more photos and more work for me to do! :S So if anyone has any good photos they would like to submit, then email me at admin@hardrockin.net icon

Now here is a bit about the new site!

There will be lots of new features which will hopefully pull the site up from 5 visitors a day, to... well alot more.

Bands page: We at hardrockin will make you band a webpage (within the hardrockin layout) and give you space to have 2 demos up for people to download. You will be able to change these demos at anytime and edit your own pages. Also your band will recieve some free email forwarding addresses. For example:

Band Name: dude
Email: dude@hardrockin.net (unless already taken)
Then unlimited: whatever@dude.hardrockin.net
Forwarding email addresses work like this:

Anything sent to > dude@hardrockin.net can be diverted to any other address, or multiple addresses. So dude@hardrockin.net > dude@hotmail.com and dude@lycos.co.uk. Same goes with the whatever@dude.hardrockin.net

Will give more info about this nearer the time.

Caption Competition has been requested by many people, so we shall do it. The prize shall be an email address! Yes we are that cheap that we only give away free things! So if u win u can get a free forwarding email address. But if you win 3 times, you will get a free email with actual space (not forwarding) which you check via hardrockin. You will get 10mb (5 times more then normal hotmail) for free!

Profiles shall be added, so people can read the profile of who added what comment, etc. And when you login, the system will reserve you nickname for the comments pages so no one else can you it. Also there will be a Hardrockin Messaging System and trading board. Where you can sent messages to people with a profile, and they have it forwarded to them via email or can have it picked up. Also Hardrockin Groups will mean people with profiles can be invited to groups. These groups will have their own comments page where they can talk about anythign they like.

Hardrockin News Letter
Some else will have to write this... I dont have the time. So anyone who is interested email me!

Music Reviews and News
Same as above, anyone with a passion for music or news should also email in!

Thats about it right now. Hope to get some good feedback on this message!

(admin@hardrockin.net) :)
Date : 00-00-0000 @ 00:00:00
does anyone know when the next party is?
i need to get wasted!
yea baby woooo
hay dudette keep guessing
Date : 14-04-2004 @ 17:33:03
everytime i check i'm hungry for more, but i think i see the problem;

more exams = fewer parties = fewer photos

x icon = more parties
Date : 13-04-2004 @ 18:49:29
Well... Would the name Leez help? icon
Date : 08-04-2004 @ 14:08:39
Whos angelic person?
Date : 05-04-2004 @ 19:36:23
Angelic person
hmmmm....silly kisses iconiconicon
Date : 31-03-2004 @ 04:45:34
Angelic person
I'm such an angel, I'm so innocent and good icon icon you should all take a leaf outta my book and be nice and kind and good 4 a change! Lecture over, bye ducklings! (k)(k)(k)
Date : 31-03-2004 @ 04:44:36
Err...I think my brother has lost the woods photos...not my fault... who is Mr E? Is it Ed? Eh Dude or admin whoever the weebl thing is soooooooooooooooooo funny, me likey!
Date : 31-03-2004 @ 04:42:52
mr caspartt
leonie have you given tom the photos yet? icon
Date : 30-03-2004 @ 14:36:53
mr caspartt
i am so clever icon
Date : 30-03-2004 @ 14:28:47
Here is a Picture that caspar has given me for the site.. Enjoy! icon

icon Picture icon
Date : 26-03-2004 @ 13:32:49
Admin (Dude)
Thats a brilliant idea, we shall have that on the new site! icon

Information about the new site will be posted soon, containing info on all the new features we shall be adding, how you can contribute your ideas and content, and also new services we shall be offering. So watch this space! icon
Date : 18-03-2004 @ 12:15:44
DUDE can we have a section for ppl to submit there lyrics and stuff?
Date : 17-03-2004 @ 19:33:29
BOB y need astrong graphic identity for the new redesign plus a new logo!! peace out pplicon
Date : 14-03-2004 @ 21:39:11
New site under Design

Click here to see the new site being developed icon icon icon
Date : 13-03-2004 @ 11:45:19
mr caspartt
what kind of mask do you have oh masked midget?
Date : 09-03-2004 @ 09:35:22
stoner boy
what are you riding mr masked midget?
Date : 23-02-2004 @ 04:05:08

(sorry i just wanid my name on da big world wide web ty ppl)
Date : 09-02-2004 @ 11:16:01
Date : 05-02-2004 @ 07:27:56
Mr E?
who is dude ??????????????
anyone know his real identity?????????/
Date : 04-02-2004 @ 17:08:47
Date : 04-02-2004 @ 17:05:30
monk who has ended vow of silence
that was quite difficult my children icon
Date : 03-02-2004 @ 09:41:17
stoner boy
icon what! i don't understand what is going on icon
Date : 03-02-2004 @ 09:38:36
mr caspartt
i have a new cd of photos there is tongue action, tits, squerting, and more bit lik a porn shoot but none of the pictures have girls in! icon
Date : 30-01-2004 @ 10:21:06
Erm...I dont come online for ages and u put up a skanky pic of me...?! How charming...bye for another month or so....muhahahahaha my pretties icon
Date : 22-01-2004 @ 10:30:26
Click here to see leonie looking... erm... great...
Date : 00-00-0000 @ 00:00:00
(heavy russian accent) Battery is not oliver iam JHON!!!
Date : 11-01-2004 @ 15:26:34
Date : 17-12-2003 @ 05:41:32
Hahahaha, no it isn't me (now be worried!) Beside u kno u want me lol icon icon
Date : 14-12-2003 @ 09:24:18
phwoar kinky big message bored group hug!! innocent you say? icon no no dudette wot r u doin?! ...ahhhhhhhhhh... is that ur hand on my butt? ahhh icon icon
Date : 11-12-2003 @ 12:10:21
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 16:22:26
lol u and ur kinkyness!!! Is that why u keep biting me? icon
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 13:49:30
icon KINKY!!
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 13:43:22
Lol, oh I so wud Boris! Hmm abducted eh, must have been Fred! U mongy dirrty biatch (loll only sed that coz u sed I was one!)
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 13:40:48
Dudette- u wouldnt dare...icon... maybe lev is a random person who got abducted by aliens and had to eat cheesey bread to survive!
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 13:33:54
Omg, Boris ur such a stone head man! U smeggy egg! If I c u 2moro I'm gonna bite u. and who is lev??? icon
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 13:16:28
*phwoar* lev has the best of taste!!
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 13:14:05
*phwoar* lev has the best of taste!!
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 12:50:51
motion seconded-cheesey bread is most certainly a munchies food.
Date : 08-12-2003 @ 03:51:53
cheesey bread is such a munchies food
Date : 29-11-2003 @ 10:12:40
mr caspartt
well done tom this much better u can accutally see everything i think that the new faces such look more like the old ones u have just niked them from msn icon
Date : 25-11-2003 @ 00:56:40
Busted...erm cough cough..waste of time comes to mind, busted suck in my eyes but those who don't agree, each to ur own and all that.icon iconhugs r groovy and free!
Date : 24-11-2003 @ 08:23:30
Hey Dudeete u wrote the article about good charlote rite?? saying they aint as bad as ppl think...well y dont u do that for BUSTED as they are basically da same!!!
Date : 24-11-2003 @ 04:08:21
can we have a ghetto emotiocon plz?
Date : 23-11-2003 @ 04:51:22
We have slightly changed the new message box to make it easier, and added some new icons! Like:
icon icon icon icon icon
If you can think of anymore you would like to see, then just say! icon
Date : 23-11-2003 @ 02:39:52
I mighta known it was Mongcheese pretendin to be me. Thanx Tom, anyways, Cameras r evil and I didn't do a good enuf job of evaiding the camera, I will do better next time icon
Date : 22-11-2003 @ 09:20:57
ok iam luving da phots every one go check them out now they is cool!!!!!!
Date : 22-11-2003 @ 07:04:37
mr caspartt
yey my photos are on the web site
Date : 22-11-2003 @ 04:58:42
By the way DUDETTE, it was Battery (AKA Oliver) who put up that comment using your name icon
I know i am a grass but i dont care icon
Date : 22-11-2003 @ 04:20:26
New party pictures added! click here icon

I will add a place for funny pictures very very soon, so anyone else who has any send them to funnypics@ott.nildram.co.uk icon

icon Thank You icon
Date : 21-11-2003 @ 18:06:06
Me again
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 07:17:51
Ate teeth*, ma bad soz
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 07:13:02
Who was the wise ass who pretended to me be and said i was an idiot who sold teeth? Oh and Oliver u better have goten rid of ur stupid mutated pic of me, coz if anyone sees it ur so dead I swear to god!
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 07:11:54
TOM hurry up and add the space for da funni pics ill give u sum more wen u get it up,,,, EVERYONE ELSE contribue funney pic to thomashe jam them up on tut web site
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 06:50:26
HEy ppl iam an idoit and i eat teeth
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 06:48:15
HEY tony montana is rite that girl is beautiful!!!
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 06:47:38
Michael jackass
CHamawns muvva f***ker iam on my skottay
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 06:43:42
HEy all who wants to c a picture of Leonie BALD thats rite bald? i have one if ne one wants to see reply on here.
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 06:42:31
No dont put the pics of me and Ollie bk on the site, iam sure if u ask him nicely he will let u make new ones and iam sure he has load of ideas for new funneyer stuff for da site taking the piss outa all of US lot as well as him self!!! for instance i would love a photo session with dudette icon can ne one arrange that for a poor kitty post reply on to this website as the dont let kittys sign up for email addresses...
Date : 19-11-2003 @ 06:40:20
mr caspartt
my photos from joseph and lina's thing will be ready on wednesday i sposei can give the cd to anna and she will give it to u tom icon
Date : 16-11-2003 @ 23:33:56
Put the pics of me molesting Oliver back up, he knows now so it don't matter! icon Caspar and his big gob.... icon
Date : 16-11-2003 @ 08:44:40
Hehehehehe I'm hiiiiiiiiiiiigh! lol, oh its cold.......but oh I'm hiiiiiiiiiiiigh hahaha!
Date : 16-11-2003 @ 08:43:00
Profiles were my idea.... icon Hey death, how do I die and when? Oh and I'm tall enough lol!
Date : 16-11-2003 @ 08:30:38
Yes I know I'm slackin, wot else do I ever do!? Apart from being mean of course! Might give the content some thought some time soon icon icon
Date : 16-11-2003 @ 08:28:29
icon We now nearly have the profiles section running! If you register a user you will be able to use more on the site, have a perminent NickName on the site, and can get updates via email when the system is running, as well as alot of other cool stuff we have planned! icon
Register here icon icon icon icon
Date : 14-11-2003 @ 07:20:09
mr caspartt
i give you pictures and soon i will have ones from joseph thingy at lina's house icon
Date : 14-11-2003 @ 05:42:06
You sould know that removing the buttons from every page is.. Long........ icon i dont mind getting them working, but i think what i really need is someone to help/do the actual content, and seeing as our CONTENT MANAGER IS SLACKING icon, i think we need more people to write articles, get pics, etc.. icon
Date : 10-11-2003 @ 22:12:58
Admin 2
easy, keep the site and remove the buttons that don't work, simple as ;)
Date : 10-11-2003 @ 02:44:49
But in another way it wouldn't be new icon, but it kinda would be icon but also not icon, but yes at the same time icon....
Date : 10-11-2003 @ 02:23:44
So in a way it would be new :d
Date : 10-11-2003 @ 02:23:01
As you know, i am very very very very odd icon, but i dont really want a completely new thing, just to add lots of new stuff to make it seem new :S
Date : 10-11-2003 @ 02:00:45
mr caspartt
i was just asking the question cause u are talking bout making a new site when the one u have isn't fully working yet just seemed bit odd. icon
Date : 09-11-2003 @ 22:27:30
Also you can all send in music reviews, short stories or anything funny and ill put them on the site for free, and if you ave a band i will also host music for people to download to help promote your band and you wll get a free page to help advertise your music and upcomming events. icon email: tom@kissmy.org.uk << also my msn address icon
Date : 09-11-2003 @ 02:46:30
The answer to that would be... No. Except we have 2 music reviews up and a quick boring game to play. icon Any ideas on what else you would like to see? HMMM? MR KNOW IT ALL!!! icon icon
Date : 09-11-2003 @ 02:37:28
mr caspartt
sorry but is there anything on this web site other then the comments page and the photos page that is working? icon
Date : 08-11-2003 @ 23:28:02
I am currently thinking about developing a new site for our pics and stuff, it will look roughly the same, but i need ideas on what should be on the new site, like features that you would like to see, etc... Any ideas post them here icon Thanks! icon
Date : 06-11-2003 @ 20:51:33
stoner boy
icon whoa now there is a monk icon
Date : 05-11-2003 @ 05:00:45
monk who has taken a vow of silence
Date : 05-11-2003 @ 00:53:14
mr caspartt
yey my pictures are on the site leonie you have to find yours now cos they look lonely on their own icon
Date : 05-11-2003 @ 00:51:43
stoner boy
like whoa there is a stalker man on this site icon
Date : 04-11-2003 @ 21:58:42
mr caspartt
tom, leonie says she has sent you my photos but but she can't find hers so i don't spose u should put them up till u have all the photos icon
Date : 04-11-2003 @ 06:08:22
stalker man
leave the emails to me icon
Date : 03-11-2003 @ 04:36:17
We kinda suffered a very lame person trying to "attack" the site, his email is who_am_i_40@hotmail.com , so feel free to sign up that address for everything on the net, and also to send rude emails :P icon icon
Date : 03-11-2003 @ 04:14:10
Sorry Casper, but Leonie hasn't told me about these photos never mind given them to me to put on the site! See what happens when you give stuff to her! icon She deserves a good whipping from you! icon
Date : 01-11-2003 @ 19:42:31
any1 here?
Date : 30-10-2003 @ 05:04:35
tony montana
whos the girl in tha 4th pic at leos party? shes beutiful!!!!!!
Date : 30-10-2003 @ 05:02:42
stoner boy
icon icon icon icon oh no icon icon icon icon
Date : 29-10-2003 @ 20:00:30
it is just death thank you no mr
Date : 29-10-2003 @ 19:56:07
mr caspartt
i agree with mr death u ain't tall leonie plus tom when are u going to put the photos i sent to loenie on the web site anna is away at the moment so u will have loads of free time
Date : 29-10-2003 @ 19:55:16
hummm since when have u been tall leonie robinson?
Date : 29-10-2003 @ 19:52:51
Muhahaha a daemon, Im not too bothered coz afterall its a MIDGET (supposedly) So I can tower over he/she like the extremly tall person I am icon
Date : 24-10-2003 @ 05:43:03
stone boy
icon are you sure you want to see what is under the mask? icon like it could be some crazy daemon that eats souls and makes coats out the the skins and nice little coat hanger with the bones and sells the teeth to false teeth makers so watch out if you have false teeth they are really yours icon
Date : 10-10-2003 @ 02:36:31
Hey masked midget, any chance of unmasking urself??? icon
Date : 09-10-2003 @ 23:32:20
the masked midget
well hello my little darlings. how ya all doin' hmmmmmmmm

love the site but there are no pics of me so it's not as pretty as it could be. but never fear my little fluff bunnys all in good time. he he he

catch ya later my poor lost babes.

the masked midgeticon
Date : 09-10-2003 @ 23:02:40
Yay I'm a Freak! I hear that from u everyday Boris and I never get tired of hearing it lol! icon
Date : 09-10-2003 @ 10:04:48
DUDETTE, soon to be Fred!
Lol.....argh! Its jabbing me in the eye!!!!
Date : 09-10-2003 @ 06:17:08
Hahahahaha....I've got a monkey on my shoulder!
Date : 09-10-2003 @ 05:54:22
leez is a freak! i have a grizzly bear in my bedroom! mwhaha
Date : 09-10-2003 @ 05:21:45
Hiya ALE! Hehehehe yes get lotsa Americans to see all the nutjobs u left behind! icon icon icon
Date : 09-10-2003 @ 05:12:31
Hey, some of you don't know me, I'm the one that moved to America...This site is totally awesome..and I'm gonna make ALL my friends here see it icon .....Love the pictures by the way....MOST of you look great!
Date : 02-10-2003 @ 09:01:20
Dont worry! We have reversed the order of the comments so the latest is at the top, this is so you dont have to go ALL the way down to see it icon Peace out icon
Date : 29-09-2003 @ 04:20:56
New Pictures from Leos have been added!!! iconiconicon and you can leave comments on them! Click here icon
Date : 28-09-2003 @ 21:10:31
the great el cheeseo
rockin, extreme dude, stonerboy is wack himself, o btw everyone stonerboy is really Jamie Stoner icon stoner_boyuk@hotmail.com so email him and dis him y'all icon..........!!!!

Great page anyway !! luvit icon
Date : 24-09-2003 @ 07:06:10
mrs tom
anna loves icon tom, she wants to marry him
Date : 22-09-2003 @ 02:28:51
Oh well at least I can grin as well as the next cheese! (I'm not a full time cheese, I'm only Aishling's cheese 4 the mo!)
Date : 19-09-2003 @ 07:02:56
Fuck it...I give up!
Date : 19-09-2003 @ 06:59:54
Hmmm ok....if at first u dont succeed, try and try again!
:) :( o:)
Date : 19-09-2003 @ 06:58:08
I will get the hang of these smilies! Test:
:-) icon (A) (L) :-( :@
Date : 19-09-2003 @ 06:54:21
Kirt Hammlet!? U playin on the omlette thing? Hahaha Santana! I'd like to c any of them turn out as good looking as Kirt Hammet! YES OLLIE JABAGE! (Don't hurt me....too much ;) )
Date : 19-09-2003 @ 06:52:06
is it me or is Kirk Hammlet lookin more and more like santana all da time? no ollie jabage
Date : 08-09-2003 @ 20:40:23
Erm...Oliver also will give u a good weah if u jab him hard enough in the ribs! Oh and gineus is meant to be Guinness people (and that probably aint spelled right, oh who cares its 4 drinkin not for writing!)PS: NO PICKING ON THE IRISH ONE!
Date : 08-09-2003 @ 08:16:46
WEAH,,,,NICH ZU FLY WEAH!!!!!!! (ps if u jab leez in da ribs she will give u goooooood WEAH try it).OK A GREEN IRISH THING?? U GIVE A LEEZ A DODGY GINEUS AND U TELL ME WAT COLOUR SHE TURNS icon
Date : 08-09-2003 @ 07:46:58
Lol Merer, I also have a word, well it's more of a noise to introduce to my fellows hardrockers. This noise is WEAH! Basically this noise normally means I am displeased and also comes about when I am being poked or tickled. Also it can be used when u dont wanna do sumthing. U get me ppls!? A noise of displeasure or used when u dont wanna do sumthing!
Date : 08-09-2003 @ 07:38:05
Good to have u back Bob missed ya tons! Hmm a name for the green Irish thing? Um...PaddyBob? Lol I need ideas, maybe we shud ask admin 2?
Date : 08-09-2003 @ 07:28:10
OK......have u eva had the feeling of displeasure or diapointment that just cant be put in to an understandable sentance? Well if that is u, iam here to help u exprees ur self to ur freinds and family...the word ur lookin for is quiet simply...Mer.... "mer" yes are yall following? "OH MY GOD HE HAS JUST BEEN SICK ALL OVA DA COUCH"..(wat to say in such a situation??)... well MER is ur awnser. A simple 3 letter word that is sed quicker than thought. So for ur future displeasuable noise needs look no furthur than mer icon i hope to hear it soon
Date : 08-09-2003 @ 06:38:12
Yes dudette, when i get back i shall try and make such a thing, but i shall leave it to someone else to come up with a name.

Oh and we Miss you AnR icon icon icon
Date : 28-08-2003 @ 22:04:21
Hmmm pics Caspar, send them to me plz! My contact address involviing the website is somewhere on the website lol! DUDETTE@HARDROCKIN.TK Hahaha Erm...Train Bob is dope! I love the whole "Get of muy laaand" thing. Can we have a animal that says "Get outte me pub"? Possibly a small green thing?
Date : 26-08-2003 @ 10:39:52
stoner boy
icon wow train bob is brilliant icon
Date : 26-08-2003 @ 03:05:59
Everyone must see BOB!!! Click here to see the wonderful BOB!! iconiconiconicon icon icon
Date : 24-08-2003 @ 21:12:37
mr caspartt
hey leonie i have already got some photos that you could have if you want icon
Date : 15-08-2003 @ 05:37:06
Ahhh I have been away for a while my pretties! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Do any of u wanna do sumthing silly so we can take photos and put them on the site for internet entertainment only!? Go on u know u wanna look like fools for entertainments sake!
Date : 14-08-2003 @ 04:36:55
Any musicians who are looking for free use of a studio contact me on toby@pc2001.fslife.co.uk, or add me on msn toby@holy-shit.com, Testing purposes mainly, Own instruments required (except drums) cheers y'all icon studio located in beckenham BTW
Date : 13-08-2003 @ 05:40:24
hay tom.
still as nuts as u were in school. only thing about the site tho. there are no pictures of freaks to take the piss out of and no one who everyones hates like busted to review, cya MORE FREAKS icon
Date : 12-08-2003 @ 02:31:59
Cream and Chocloate
WHERE can I get some poontang??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! tu tut tut
Date : 04-08-2003 @ 08:33:10
stoner boy
oh never mind icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon
Date : 26-07-2003 @ 21:52:54
stoner boy
icon sorry i am a bit slow on the up take who/what was that henry person? icon
Date : 23-07-2003 @ 19:26:04
Uncle Joe
Damn straight!
Date : 18-07-2003 @ 05:52:23
The Real Leon Trotsky
I'd like to point out to Dudette that she doesn't have a monopoly on leading astray the impressional.
Date : 18-07-2003 @ 05:51:39
The Real Leon Trotsky
That's it for me!
Date : 18-07-2003 @ 05:47:49
Hey thanx admin 2, ur rocks 2! Especially the pic! And thanx to Kell, we aim to please! xxx
Leez is in a happy mood so she is giving away free love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date : 15-07-2003 @ 05:35:39
Hey this site is bangin ppl keep up the good work like the party pics u lot boozing away!!!!
Date : 15-07-2003 @ 03:08:31
hahahaha, What makes me wonder is how "henry" ended up here in the first place.

Nice article leez (dudette)
My ones coming real soon
Date : 14-07-2003 @ 16:20:51
Also only I lead astray those who r impressionable, hence the reason I'm the bad influence MUHAHAHA! icon 0:-)
Date : 12-07-2003 @ 05:52:24
Thank you admin 2, erm...Henry....U SUCK PROVERBIAL LEMONS! HAHAHA! Or corperate lemons, whatever u feel tastes more bitter, MWAHAHAHAHA FOOL! (Good lord NOOOO, the second personality is taking...over....MWAHAHAHAHA Tis I! The EVILONE! HEHEHEHEHE NO ESCAPE FOR ANY OF U! Hey...who r u??? Oi, u in the white coat, go away...oi...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Date : 12-07-2003 @ 05:47:22
Ok... Report the site,
Lets try and work out what that will achieve shall we?
Firstly, The site won't be taken offline ever heard of consensus??

Secondly, I believe and most will also point out that it is the responsibility of a parent to prevent a child from going here.

Thirdly, I think that you should worry more about films that show graphic violence I mean when we show people heads being chopped of then maybe just maybe you might have an angle, But I doubt it.

and Finally who cares, no really who gives a shit?
Date : 12-07-2003 @ 03:40:34
he he bob what a site half the links go no-where and the others go to the same place now this is a site i could get used to :P
Date : 11-07-2003 @ 23:03:33
I am surprised at the way teenagers act, I thought this generation was a positive example for those of the future but it seems I was wrong. If this is what the youth of today are like then we can only pray that your children are born with a bit of sanity and hopefully some common sense- I think you should be ashamed of yourselves and I have a good mind to report this website as it could potentially have a very negative influence on impressionable minds
Date : 07-07-2003 @ 05:37:05
Yer, like urm.. nice page and stuff icon
I've been brutaly forced to leave a comment so..
Date : 07-07-2003 @ 02:38:32
My god i give up looking at the site for a week and it goes f00king mental! iconiconicon Great to see you are leaving comments! Keep it up PLEASEEEEEEE!!!! icon
Date : 04-07-2003 @ 02:21:03
i like coconuts
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 20:03:43
hahahahaha little fluffy bunnikins! icon
and omg mr sansome what is going on! icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 18:01:37
Iron Mike
Do you want me to tell them a few things about you then eh? icon
Like the state of your vagina ? the term wizards sleave wouldn't be out of place here.
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 18:01:06
Tracey Dohel
sorry have i upset my little fluffy bunnikins? icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:57:49
Iron Mike
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:56:59
The Real Leon Trotsky
Little eh?
Ha ha ha haaaaa icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:56:03
Tracey Dohel
mike what are you going on about no-one calls you that. i call you my little fluffy bunnikins icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:55:45
mr sansome? how did you find this web site? are you looking at my computer right now? shit i will have to get rid of that porn.
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:52:00
stoner boy
No they don't, they don't even call you mike, they call you michael!
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:50:41
Mike Sansome
Yes it is indeed, or as many call me Iron Mike
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:47:24
stoner boy
oh my god its mr Sansome icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:46:37
red square bottle
hi i am the red square bottle that lee is holding on to so proudly in the photos
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:43:57
Mike Sansome
Hi, I'm Mike Sansome - low grade teacher and full time cheese.
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:42:13
my friend stoner boy if you give me your real name i can tell you how long you have got left!
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:36:29
stoner boy
icon icon Dude that is so wack icon icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:35:23
don't worry my friend real leon trotsky if stoner boy continues the way he is i will free his body for him icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:31:12
The Real Leon Trotsky
Please people, free your mind and your body will follow.
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:29:15
i think stoner boy has the right idea iconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconicon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:27:33
stoner boy
icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:19:30
I can work my own smilies, honest icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:14:36
who let these freaks on to our web site? :_@
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:12:57
Now now, Tut Tut
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:10:43
ALFESTO is going to be just agroup of bands playing in a garden, its worth checking out.
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 17:04:59
Just so people know ALFESTO is Saturday 19th july if you want more information contact me at alfesto_2003@hotmail.com
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 16:58:45
The Real Leon Trotsky
Or vaguely clean, Cum teehee
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 16:52:06
The Real Leon Trotsky
Please people, lets keep the humour clean.
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 16:50:50
this web site is really good just thought that this coment page needed some thing i have just cum hehe
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 16:48:51
if you are in fact the real leon trotsky then i have in fact met you before nice to see you are up and about again icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 16:46:13
The Real Leon Trotsky
Owe stop it you old drama queen!
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 16:43:52
children, nice to see that you are all enjoying your selves do so while it lasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 16:42:39
helloo everyone don't i just look great in all the photos icon i am just sooo wonderful icon
Date : 02-07-2003 @ 16:39:19
Hey I forgot to smile! :) icon There I got smiling at the computer again, not a good sign! Help me PLEASE! MAHAHAHA!
Date : 20-06-2003 @ 21:19:09
Yo aint the site rockin! Just wait this aint all!
Date : 19-06-2003 @ 05:56:42
OOh so nice... Me like smilies icon

anyway speak soon peace out...

check me one time whitey icon
Date : 18-06-2003 @ 17:14:56
Fantastic! icon

Now I can grin all I want icon
Date : 17-06-2003 @ 21:42:51
Nice request! We now have a big grinny smile!
Date : 17-06-2003 @ 21:40:54
Hey, nice site! Just my thing - booze and music! icon

One suggestion: add a big grinning smilie: :D
Date : 17-06-2003 @ 21:24:52
Smilies Test
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Date : 17-06-2003 @ 19:49:29
Site Now Open for comments!
Date : 17-06-2003 @ 08:08:19

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