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Irish Dudette
I want a reunion too! icon Oh and hello again people. for some reason it always seems like I'm talking to myself. Omg the comments page echoed...oooh tumbleweed!
Date : 24-11-2008 @ 12:39:29
mr caspartt
wow some people commented. in fact three people comemented since i was last hear that almost matches the total number of people who posted here at its peek. while i am here i will shamelessly plug my site for those of you haven't seen it
www.caspartt.co.uk icon
Date : 03-11-2008 @ 16:57:20
creepy shit, a matter of hours. good work Tom!
Date : 23-10-2008 @ 17:11:13
Hi Gabes! Im still watching all of you... I like the idea of an actual reunion though
Date : 22-10-2008 @ 14:24:18
Hi all, feel as if at a reunion. Awesome. Im going to check back to see how quickly someone responds. And that doesn't count Tom who Im sure sees all the messages coming into the site! Hi Tom! icon icon
Date : 22-10-2008 @ 10:14:07
Irish Dudette
Why with the sad face Caspar? Don't worry, be happy, don't worry , be happy na na! icon icon
Date : 02-09-2008 @ 11:08:37
mr caspartt
Date : 31-07-2008 @ 19:38:39
Irish Dudette
Has everyone moved to milkybar land? Can anyone give me directions?
Date : 25-06-2008 @ 10:51:46
mr caspartt
sorry to say it has been ages since i looked at hardrockin but i am glad i did i intreged by the comment by Val who is this? icon
Date : 04-05-2008 @ 09:04:48
Heya guys, seems the hardrockin crew are diminishing lol Where has everyone gone? I only appear from time to time but I have an excuse... I'm Irish! icon icon
Date : 27-03-2008 @ 10:41:31
icon Here is to entering what appears to be The Boy's Club. It looks like there are only 4 of you who use this comment board. Are you guys Rock N' Rollers or tied to the Entertainment Industry in some other way?
Date : 16-03-2008 @ 02:22:35
So I've heard...
Date : 14-02-2008 @ 06:40:53
I still come all the time
Date : 11-02-2008 @ 12:44:46
Nope they don't icon I have a gadget on my google homepage which displays the latest comments, this is the first time it has changed in ages!
Date : 04-02-2008 @ 10:12:40
mr caspartt
leo was right no-one ever comes here anymore do they icon
Date : 03-02-2008 @ 12:10:35
mr caspartt
Fun fact: Space Invaders was so popular in Japan it caused a shortage of the 100 yen coin.

Date : 15-12-2007 @ 08:27:27
mr caspartt
too good not to share this. ipod add on watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOp3lkDaYOk
Date : 08-11-2007 @ 17:21:52
I'm in London on Friday and saturday nights if anyone wants to meet up for a drink let me know. I should be meeting a friend from uni for a drink in New cross on friday night. He's from southampton and has just started working in Brockley, how random is that?
Date : 05-11-2007 @ 17:15:20
mr caspartt
would be good if you can keep the pictures and act like you know game up some people aren't on facebook so it might be a good idea to leave th comments page too
Date : 09-10-2007 @ 19:47:26
Yo Guys! Been very quiet around here lately. Thinking of just downing the site to something abit more simple, where you can view the pics and nothing else! Seems like a waste having all these links and stuff on here, half of which doesn't work, or maybe integrating into facebook. What do people think?
Date : 08-10-2007 @ 13:20:08
Does anyone still use this? Off to france for a week but there's another pub quiz next sunday. Be cool to see people there if anyone's around...
Date : 05-10-2007 @ 19:50:12
Oh haven't seen farrar either but I think I'm seeing him tomorrow. You around tomorrow caspar?
Date : 17-09-2007 @ 18:12:44
I love bigging up supposedly everyone on here and then someone appears who hasn't been ehre for ages! Hey leonie (if that is you) hope things aer cool. Me, I'm back in london havnig graduated frmo uni. BLoody weird.

Talking of being back in London, I'm putting on a pub quiz this sunday in town. People fancy coming? And caspar, are you back yet? Still haven't seen you!
Date : 17-09-2007 @ 18:12:12
Yo niggas! guess who?! bringing you the madness from N.Ireland! What you all been at? icon icon
Date : 15-09-2007 @ 17:06:50
did i miss anyone out?
Date : 06-09-2007 @ 13:27:40
Going to lee's birthday thing instead, could've been fun notherwise if only for the potential of spending the night with mr skinner (the tall one obviusly, though I'd still like to slap the small one) and mr gerrard. No caspar, not in that way. Talking of caspar, the boozed-up tenerifian lad, I didn't have a party so you didn't miss anything just a little poker night. I can maybe have something at my house some time soon but rest assured you won't miss it. And it's jsut a vague idea to go to america, I haven't even looked at unis yet, so probably won't be for a year or two, if at all. Oh and peter, twas i, the caped crusader (obviously). While I'm at, god to see you for a bit gabriel, and hope to see you soon farrar, sorry haven't seen you yet. And tom, it was great spending the night with you on saturday icon.
Date : 06-09-2007 @ 13:27:09
I've just been told by my brother that the hatcham askeans thingy with free wine and food is on friday. Was anyone thinking of going to this?
Date : 05-09-2007 @ 07:19:59
mr caspartt
i had a blast from the past today. got on the train to go into London for a meeting and Georgia was on the train. we talked for a bit and she told me that Leo is gonna go to America to study. whats this all bout how come you haven't said anything about that to me? you owe me money and you is running of to America?
Date : 22-08-2007 @ 20:05:01
petski - another retaction
having re-read the email is see that there is infact a question to answer, oops. your deepest appologies
icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon icon
Date : 18-08-2007 @ 16:09:31
sorry I didn't respond to the email gabe (although technically speaking it contained no question to be answered), the 1st sounds good for me. As to this masked figure of the night known only as "the man who always has parties", I'm in and out of London until the end of september so have the pary when ever you feel like it, you caped crusader you.
Date : 18-08-2007 @ 16:05:24
you know what.. a response would be nice.. i sent out an email about my party to pretty much everyone (sat 1st september) and have not had one single response... I am most upset. I'm in town from 30th August to the 5th September, though I will be knackered that first night. As much as it pains me, I don't mind too much if you schedule your party outside that time, it would only be fair to the C.
Date : 16-08-2007 @ 19:14:39
mr caspartt
if you do while gabriel is here i will miss two parties he is having one when he is back at least let me go to one icon
Date : 16-08-2007 @ 19:05:34
the man who always has parties
yes it's that time of year again when my mum goes away and I have a party (if you can't guess who this is then you're an idiot). I want it to match up with gabriel and peter ideally, so what date would that be? Oh and farrar sorry didn't reply to your message was in london but wasn't sure if i was going to make it, then my phone died on me
Date : 16-08-2007 @ 14:57:50
Petski - with appologies to the fine people of egypt whom I never intended to offend and have found very friendly and helpful
I should be back in London on the 29th of August. I intend to go back to the excavation I did last year in hampshire during september (I want to get to the bottom of the hole I was digging last year) but will be flexible on dates and can always miss a couple of days
Date : 14-08-2007 @ 16:23:42
I agree on the party front. But Gabriel: how dare you insult my sophisticated sense of humour. I've always felt of all people would be aware of my sensitive and kindly nature, particurlarly when it comes to maters of humour. Now I'm going off to sulk and watch videos of disabled people falling out of their chairs...
Date : 08-08-2007 @ 11:52:58
mr caspartt
i will be away till the 6th of September but i don't have anything to do after that till October.
Date : 08-08-2007 @ 06:44:24
1st: don't insult my country and it's drivers.
2nd: car crashes aren't funny. except to leo. obviously.
3rd: are you and everyone else back at the begining of September?

I'm thinking of a homecoming party
Date : 05-08-2007 @ 13:13:00
I've been finding egyptian driving entertaining.
The current number of crashed vehicles (seen in under two weeks) stands at 7 cars, 4 trucks and 1 bus.
Date : 05-08-2007 @ 11:57:02
mr caspartt
nice to hear you are having fun some of those details gave me a good laugh icon
Date : 01-08-2007 @ 15:06:47
Far from Ice Cold in Alex (no reference to the doctor)
Greetings from alexandria. I just inished my first week of work on site and all is going pretty well, apart from having to take a day o bcause of heatstroke and half the sit being illegally bulldozed. Anywy, there is still tones of archaeology and another guy on the dig got heat stroke far worse than I did(he shat himself) icon.
You'll all be pleased to hear that on friday night I found myself drinking in the only gay bar Alex which was possibly the nicest drinking venue I've been to so far.
The old egyptian guy who drives us out to site in the mornings told me I look like king Faruq (last king of egypt for those who haven't bee reading up on their modern egyptian history) and I'm still tring to work out if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
I'll keep people posted of sny interesting developments.
Date : 01-08-2007 @ 14:15:31

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